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  1. Please fix the fortuna bounties failing due to broken consoles. Valentines was no fun.
  2. From my experience, allowing the enemy to hold one relay gives enough time to collect reactant. Still bad design don't get me wrong.
  3. Playtesters don't seem to do "gg", otherwise they would have noticed instantly.
  4. You found out but did not write what caused it??
  5. ...and that's how DE managed to turn the Valentines event into something quite infuriating. There's another bug report where it's being said that consoles that were once used, will then be broken until the squad returns to Fortuna.
  6. I don't think that would help much against the power creep. Not as long as melee is so dumb strong.
  7. You could afk it. They seems to not like that.
  8. It's unrelated but how about a fix for excavators not showing up in the GUI? That's annoying and probably not that hard to bandaid...
  9. Is the stahlta fully fixed rn btw?
  10. I see. Wiki has that wrong. Thanks!
  11. Hello. After not doing ESO for a while, I did some today, and was surprised to notice that my Saryn starts every round with 50 energy. However, the rules state that you are being reset to base energy which should either be 150 or 225 at rank 30. What am I missing? I can only imagine this being a bug...
  12. Have the same problem. Wasted a catalyst and one forma before realizing. Guandao Prime may be very good by itself, but using my riven would be worse than a rivenless hybrid build.
  13. He's talking about losing all affinity when mech died once
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