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  1. Interesting problem. I hope you find a solution. You could try a Wisp Specter to heal you and fight him, or maybe subsume some ability that does not work against you? Like Resonator? Maybe Gloom in order to slow the sister enough to prevent her from spawning the Spectralyst? edit: Sundering Dash comes to mind, as does Magus Lockdown.
  2. Rank 1 ONLY would be super strange. No, feel free to go above, it will speed up the Granum Void too.
  3. It means that you do not have the melee in your hands. In other words, as soon as you don't see the melee name in your HUD.
  4. Just chain simple tricks Fastest way to grind K-Drive points is by not grinding at all : Warframe
  5. Seriously, Xoris allows you to solo 75 kills no problem, no matter what frame, as long as it wont die.
  6. had the same but with added "while sliding" trick is to find the ones that are walking around, then lifting them up, then killing them. I used titanias 1.
  7. the race behind spaceport works throughout the quest .
  8. Please hurry with bugfixing projectile gun CO. Also give scattered justice on Kuva Hek. No discussion needed, just enable it. Everyone was so hyped. Lower base multishot if you really need to cap that gun.
  9. Oh and please look into that new Operator energy UI, it flickers when void dashing (tested with naramon)
  10. Could you please place the Yareli Comic with Boon so we don't have to jump to Orbiter and back to Fortuna repeatedly during the quest? Should be doable with a single visit on Venus.
  11. Cool, makes the vent kids grind (no pun intended) more bearable.
  12. And more importantly, Kuva Fortress Survival?!
  13. Until we get global regalia (rather, unless) this would be a nice little qol feature which should come at pretty low coding effort. As I've already stated in the original suggestion post over on reddit, the space in this box is even large enough to also put the syndicate's name there in written form. We have a ton of regalia to choose from, and unless one can memorize all the ones they use (I for sure cant) the icon alone might not give away the syndicate easily.
  14. Nice! Keep at it for RJ fixes. Like disappearing battle mods or dome charges for clients.
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