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  1. I have had multiple occasions since the new update where projectile-based weapons will clearly pass through enemies without interacting with them at all, even if those weapons have no punch-through, either innate or through modding. I have seen it with the Kuva Tonkor and the Daikyu with 100% certainty, but have sort of "felt" it with lots of other weapons. The Grineer dog enemies seem to be particularly affected by this, but I have also seen it with a few other of the Grineer enemies. I was using the Ivara one of the times I remember, and I was on Adaro.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a UI or graphics bug, but I just completed a solo Adaro while only using this weapon (Daikyu + Riven @ 99.9% status chance) and only had a grand total of 5 status effects applied to enemies for the entire mission (150 enemies). https://twitter.com/Gemanite55/status/1192335288275623936?s=20 EDIT: Also, I don't seem to be able to upload any photos to your forums, or link to them on other websites like imgur, so I just made a tweet about it and linked to the image that way.
  3. Liches who have been saved that spawn into a mission in progress often result in team wide host migrations.
  4. Frequently while fighting liches with invulnerability abilities, they will bug out, becoming completely immune to all damage with no duration making them functionally invincible.
  5. Three separate times during Mobile Defense missions the "football" despawns from the map if it's interacted with while a Lich is spawning. This completely prevents the mission from being completed at all. This has cost me quite a lot of time, and 1 Smoking Body ephemera. I can imagine someone being quite upset if they were looking for that one.
  6. I've done it twice and it didn't give me credit for either. First with Ivara stealth sleep arrow, then Equinox sleep. I'd assume it has something to do with the Kuva Lich sacrifice spawner people spawning in the mission even though I already have an active Kuva Lich.
  7. I love these changes. I am very excited to try them out! I do have one major gripe with all this though. Why even bother calling it a "Combo counter" at this point? What sort of 90's arcade dingleberry is a "combo counter" in a game like this anyway? Who's doing the counting? Me? My Warframe? Is there a hidden scoreboard out there somewhere I should know about? Sorry if I'm coming off as too snarky, I've been watching a lot of British television lately, but really. Just give it a cool Warframe-y resource name "Filtered void energy generation" and call it "F-Veg" or something.
  8. Flimbo frame when? Also, I'd like to know more about the future of the "farming vs efficency" as it relates to melee. I know [Maiming Strike] and spin macros are what bring melee up in line with other methods for mass killing and have solidly carved out that space, but i wonder if that was your intent and also how you feel about it?
  9. I opened a riven mod for the Velocitus archgun and it went into the gun automatically even though I don't have the capacity for it.
  10. The pets, moas, and sentinels are a great concept but on all fronts in modern Warframe they fall flat and leave me feeling disappointed nearly every time I try to engage with those systems in a meaningful way. I know it's probably beyond the scope of things currently, but I've heard mentioned several times a "pets v2.0" and was just wondering what the progress is (if any) towards that update? Thank you!
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