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  1. Jokes on you, I use my phone to listen to SoundCloud lol. Problem solved xD
  2. I used to watch gaz ttv, and would if it’s a video Im interested in. Other than that I don’t watch any, simply because I find they go in one of three directions. Either they go constantly about Warframe, praising it and claiming they’re the one true god who knows all about the game, nag on the game way to much (which gaz can do sometimes to be fair), or branch out and sort of give up on warframe. Most who keep warframe as the main part of their channel tend to do the former sadly, though some do go the latter route. Simply put, I don’t have the time or patience to listen to some guy with 48 viewers nag on me about how his reaper prime build is superior to my basic build for the same weapon, and go point by point explaining why my builds garbage. I’ll play the way I want, and I don’t want to hear some random guy explain why I’m not playing the right way. While everyone, including myself, has said something like that there’s a difference between some guy in the in game chat vs a WF content creator. Plus, they always seem like they’re paid to promote the game. Simply put, I have a lack of interest in those people.
  3. I’m with this guy, but I want to add something different here. For those who look at the reply’s of the livestream posts, you’ll notice sometimes I’m one of the people arguing about grab bags. I wholeheartedly believe they harm their streamer base, but the issue extends to DE as a whole and their streaming culture. If you notice they almost always end their streams as soon as possible, especially when it comes to these basic community streams. I understand people like grab bags for some reason or another, but what I don’t understand is the whole “don’t like it? Don’t watch!” arguments people make. I think it’s stupid, and as I mentioned in a post a while back, a really dumb argument. No duh, guess what I did when I got what I wanted this week? I didn’t watch the streams. However, my other issue is that most of the drops are things people consider really easy to get in game. What happened to the basic decorations that cost plat only? My orbiter is full of decorations I either farmed or were gifted due to the streams. Those are some examples of good rewards. Why not put them in the grab bags? If they want to stick with them, make them useful. Or how about mods? People always need mods. While I am against RNG in any form in the streams, I can’t argue about them without acknowledging the lack of enthusiasm DE seems to have with their streams. For those who like the streams, you should have notice this by now. Posts being made pretty late (5:30-6, possibly 7 in the evening) when they used to be posted around noon last summer. If you want to talk about grab bags, you need to talk about DE’s lack of enthusiasm about their own streams.
  4. That’s my point. It’s not like your taking those to a sortie and clearing it in 10 minutes. It’s ok if it’s for a single, isolated mission, but not for a whole danm week or even a single day.
  5. Oh my god, your kidding me. First of all, may I ask who enjoys the random buff to a specific weapon or frame that arbitrations have? While no one takes advantage of that (unless it’s specific abilities) that’s ok because well, it’s only for a mission. You are talking about a WEEKLY BUFF that makes playing that frame good for that week. While I don’t see a bunch of casuals like myself, how about new events with competitive leaderboard. How am I gonna compete with a an excal who kills things in 1 second with my Lavos? There’s power creep everywhere, but this is BS. You are talking about a weekly buff, that makes playing any other frame actively hurt you. While yeah, limbo is better at mobile defense than say khora, at least if I bring khora I’m not handicapping myself because they’re both good at that mission type. That is what this new system does. You could have handled it so much better, and don’t be surprised when you have to nerf it in the future.
  6. Don’t make us do random PoI’s to do a literal basic mission thing Make more stuff into railjack (kuva liches, assasinations, etc) The big one could be railjack missions in sorties. Hear me out boys- it would be a good idea because it could offer more gameplay with unique modifiers. Also everyone has an arch wing so it would be accessible to those that can do sorties. While I can hear people argue “but no one does pub railjacks” it would encourage more to get a railjack, thus unlocking that content for themselves. It might require more to get there, but with the addition of more missions into railjack such as spy or survival, I think it could be done. By having a single mission be a railjack one, it could open up a ton more possibilities. Also it won’t mean the sorties would always have a railjack mission- only once in a while maybe to start.
  7. Doesn’t mean you won’t change stuff in the process. Just saying
  8. So to me, 90% of the time I see melee being used a ton. I truly support a WELL THOUGHT OUT nerf to melee, but simply nerfing it isnt the end solution. One thing I think also needs to be addressed is the heavy attacks and how they work, especially with glaives that are capable of nuking rooms. It sucks as a guy who enjoys the cedo to set up a pack of enemies, then loose the chance to do something because a brain dead player pressed e after launching a glaive prime into that same pile of enemies. While I like the idea of having a system of evolution attributes in guns, it would seem hard to add then say some mods. That being said, if it’s explored more it would be a good idea. Overall well written post, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s a shame many posts that talk about situations like this are either “Nerf bad” or “Nerf harder”. Having a calm collected post like this really helps explain the main issues, well done mate.
  9. Does this mean you won’t post them to the forums anymore edit: nvm I just read it doesn’t change, my bad
  10. It’s a nice thing you’ve done with this charity event. Keep doing them, you have and will continue to change many lives for the better
  11. So what happened to the “we listen to our community” thing? A floof is ok, but you couldn’t have made it dedicated per day? And honestly the whole excuse of “oh what about the people who can’t make it to one” kinda falls apart because of time zones. Grab bags don’t work for anyone DE. How long until you realize that we don’t want grab bags? They waste our time, and most likely waste yours since you decide what goes in them. For gods sake please just listen to the people on this one. WE. DONT. LIKE. GRAB BAGS.
  12. Thank god for no grab bags. While some may not be interested in multiple noggles, I'm glad you are giving everyone the chance to get at least 1 copy of the noggle. Also thanks for posting this so early compared to the last few weeks.
  13. The question you should be answering is when will you address and discuss possible solutions to the grab bags on the twitch streams? Hell, you have one for the dev stream and while they have their uses (ex random Requium mod) many in the community are dissapointed in you guys for this. I would appreciate it if you go over this please
  14. By that logic, grab bags should have been looked at already. Because unless you mean something else, there is a whole lot of unified and persistent feedback about grab bags as twitch drops
  15. See this is the logic that really hurts any discussion. You know what, I can not watch the stream and guess what? I and many others will be as well, because we think the grabbags are trash. And you can say "don't watch the stream" all you want, but honestly give me a reason to watch other than the drop. Most people are there to get the drop in the first place. And while it's good for new players, what about the rest of us who would appreciate set in stone drops? Here's the thing: I dont need to be paid to watch the stream, but not everyone is there just to hang out and chat. In fact, I'm willing to bet (as I've said earlier) most of the people are there for the drop. Telling someone to just, not watch, is about as useful as saying "hey you don't like politics? Don't watch the news!" It's not helpful in the slightest, and in my opinion only serves to reinforce the problem.
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