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  1. The console shows your total point score, not your scarlet credits. If you haven't spent any then that's the total you have, plus whatever you got from bonuses b/c your flotilla drove all the murex away
  2. Makes sense. Based in your answers its just me being picky about something minor then.
  3. Weird thing that just kinda irritates me: So in the railjack demo we saw at tennocon 2019 we got a look at summoning our railjack into the dry Dock and it folds up to the "docked" position that's shown on the wiki. Yet when you load into the dry Dock after a mission only the top part folds, and if you go to the dojo to manage the railjack it's just sitting there already in the "flight" mode (also shown on the wiki). Just a weird thing that I wanted to have answered.
  4. Bruh I did it while MR8, it is easy af. My issue was the cold xD. Also hate to be a grammar police but it's sentients not sentiants
  5. Type: wrong scarlet spear emblem? Description: I got an inbox message from little duck on 3/26/20 at 18:30 giving me the murex I emblem and 4,440 scarlet credits. However, on 3/25/20 at 2:47 I had already gotten this emblem and 2,000 scarlet credits. Bear in mind I'm not sure if this is a bug or me just not reading the fine print correctly. Visual: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543140694223618092/692806521473728512/0326201444.jpg Reproduction: unsure, maybe bases off of points Expected result: should have gotten the Scarlet Spear Murex 2 emblem Observed result: the same emblem acquired but different levels of bonus credits Reproduction rate: N/A due to the few instances that I have heard this or seen this happen (only twice as of writing this)
  6. So for the new operation, I was wondering how the point system worked more of how many points do you get for each round you stay in a raid? Also how does the point system (aka the emblem ranks plus bonus points) work?
  7. This is 2 questions in 1 pretty much 1) how do I make my Nekros prime survive better, especially in the veil? 2) how does desecrate work, and how can I improve it?
  8. I know the shedu is kinda trash but I wanna get a build that works decently well and can deal great damage. I am going to forma this thing all the way as well as out a catalyst on it so all I need is the build
  9. I mean I have a Shraksun and haven't noticed any change in its performance before or after the update tbh
  10. Yeah, from what I hear it means that in the railjack part you need to do two things: 1) defend the satellite on the ship 2) defend the ship with your railjack to me, this means that players will pretty much need at least a squad, and while I know that is the intention, I think that it will still deny a lot of people the ability to play in this gamemode. Especially with the issues that railjack faces. the bugs, for one thing, are a huge part. Not to mention the grind that you need in order to do veil missions easily solo. That's just my take on it, so hopefully they choose to try and address this more and make both options in scarlet spear enjoyable.
  11. I have a bunch of useless riven I'm trying to get rid of. They are for stuff like the braton, gorgon, kunai, and balla. Should I just dissolve them or try to sell em?
  12. So recently (maybe near the beginning of warframe revised) I was looking at my reactors I had, and saw something weird. I saw that my Vidar mk3 reactor was missing its buff that all mk3 components had. For reference, the reactor's buff was that the ship got +100% damage immunity duration after a Major Breach is repaired. The zekti and laven reactors that I havent repaired have their buffs still though. Any tips on how to fix this?
  13. Looking for a general guide to a rank 40 paraclesis, based around damage, speed and crit. Ill also take any elemental damage builds too though
  14. Damage mods. Simple as that, just gotta build em right
  15. Danm it changed? Looks like I was one of the last people to get the quest via railjack lol. Hell, I bet I was the lowest MR to get a railjack (was MR8 at the time)
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