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  1. Honestly I get why people are complaining, but let me present my BS lazy advice: stop complaining and be happy we at least got something. Is it what you wanted? No? Well at least it's here and you can do it. Don't like it? Ok so don't do it. You know I'm not the biggest fan of the bounties now since they're getting repedative but at least it's mother tokens rather than some thing like son or grandma tokens. TL,DR: stop complaining and be glad you have the event(I'm calling it an event cause it's just simple and arguably easy to understand) at least.
  2. As far as I know, build for duration and strength. You'll build for his 2 and 4 anyways, so duration and strength helps
  3. Really? Bad enough with the changes in deadlock protocol, now this? Really?? I mean come on the riven disposition is justified for a nerf somewhat but this is beating a dead horse (or however the saying goes)
  4. This is great and all, and there's issues that need to be addressed. But let's take a step back to the forums. Mobile is still bugged, and so far it seems only a few people have seem and reported it myself included. It hinders players ability to communicate with the devs (you guys) and honestly while desktop forums are an option Im not willing to let that he a crutch for this issue. Please fix it
  5. As nice as this story is, I'd still be wary of other players. Not all of em are as nice as that guy, and to be honest it can seem like 90% of them aren't nice. But stay kind, and eventually someone else will be kind to you
  6. Sorties give 100K each day, veil proximal can give up to 150K, double via daily login bonus. Gian point is a normal railjack mission so go there
  7. Alternativly use an AoE weapon to kill as many of the borders as possible. I like to use the bramma or tonkor to kill enemies asap
  8. Limbo is a quest which is pretty easy, Nekros is just farming lephatis which is time consuming, Loki is stupid fast cause of the hyena pack. They are easy enough if you know what your doing. Revenant is the hardest out of them imo, due to the quest, resource cost, and getting his parts. Ash is eh, you need to farm maniacs which can be difficult but its easier than Revenant just more time consuming.
  9. So apparantly mirage eclpise may or may not be nerfed due to the new lighting, any hopes on looking into that? Also please PLEASE FIX mobile forums. There are some post with screen shots about how awful it is. It needs a massive fix soon.
  10. They stopped showing up after the 17th one. Its been a few days since I subsumed the 18th frame, so Idk where they are.
  11. Right so by the count on my Hemlith I have 24 abilities unlocked, all 5 that are unique to Hemlith and the rest are from frames. I do have another frame subsuming now, and it's close to being done. By that count I should have 20 flowers showing in my garden but I count only 17 that are showing. The last two frames I subsumed were rhino and ember, with valkyr subsuming now. Any way to get the flowers to show up?
  12. So you don't get anything by being in the relay? Eh oh well, will be cool I guess
  13. I never said dont run without a relic during squads, only solo. Its easier, and lets be fair you can open those at any time
  14. Void relics ans granum void CAN give void traces, but run any capture fissures with no relic (or 1 with a squad and hope they pick your item) with a speed nuke item (kuva nukor is amazing) and smeeta for the most.
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