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  1. So you have a 2/5 chance to win literal dirt, and I’m willing to bet that the odds are more in favor of that 2/5 chance and aren’t equal all around. Look when will you learn we don’t like gambling for stuff like this? Leave that to the game, keep it away from the streams
  2. What about the Cedo magazine clipping to the frames hand when reloading is interrupted? These types of issues might not be game breaking, but they are god awful to see and ruin our immersion. Please fix them
  3. Holy crap, this is actually pretty good. You got a 3/5 chance to get something useful, a 1/5 chance for a decent decoration, and a 1/5 chance for something almost worthless but still has some use. Overall, decent. I give it a 8/10
  4. Danm, these actually look decent. Much better than the grab bags last time, nice job
  5. Still no fix for the Cedo reload glitch? The mag sticks to the frames hand when the reload is interrupted in some way (often by bullet jumping I think). If possible, please look into this
  6. I actually thought the drops last week were decent, and a lot of people like drops that have decorations. However, this specific set of drops just aren’t worth it. And honestly, they make me not want to watch the stream since normally that’s the main reason people are there. Of course, some choose to go just to hang out (which is ok) and others go to donate to the QTCC (which is also fine). Just normally, without something like QTCC or such, many viewers go for the drops. Hence why there’s the outrage
  7. I agree, they need to be seasonal also DE, please fix cedo mag clipping to your hand when reloading is halted in some way. It’s super annoying and needs to be fixed.
  8. Annnnnd here we go….. 5 mother tokens is eh, but still better than 2 of the drops here (cough-ganglion and pustulite ). Also while we’re at it, you unironically can get 2 times of those resources within 5 minutes of hunting around the drift. The daughter tokens are ok, but the son tokens are where it’s at honestly. I gotta say, this is only slightly better than that resource bag you had that has 150 rubedo as a “prize”. 1/10 only for the son tokens. Shame they’re buried under a 2/5 chance to get trash, 1/5 chance to get something ok, and a 1/5 chance for mother tokens. It looks like the trick is on us for hoping for good drops this week.
  9. Well as someone who got the floof the same 3 times in a row, this will be nice for people to catch up and get what they missed. And as much as I hate grab bags, I’m confident that I hate cancer more so a fundraiser to help cure it plus returning drops that are pretty decent is a win-win. 9/10 DE, well done edit: ok apparently if you’ve claimed 5 of them you can’t get any more, which I think is kind of dumb. Why not offer one more incentive to get people to watch? Just my takes
  10. Weirdly, I don’t think any of these aside from the floof are available in game, so nice I think? Shame you still do grab bags, but it could be worse
  11. Now we only need to fix the same thing on the Cedo. It’s been that way since launch, and it’s so annoying
  12. Will there be any better reason to do Naberous other than cosmetics? And will there be any other way to acquire the new things besides mother tokens? Both star days and Naberous were horrible for a lot of people, as we could simply buy everything in 1 single go. There was no reason to do the bounties as most people had stockpiles of tokens piled up, and could simply buy what they didn’t have with them. As for the Plauge Star items, those were offered recently so it’s unlikely people will need them again. Will we see something else besides more of the Plauge Star stuff like last time?
  13. I mean you can farm them in game, but gotta give credit where it’s due: these are harder to get than floofs. They also are useful to all players, and each of the drops are good, not just 2 that are hidden behind arguably bad drops. also can I just say that it’s dumb how in the description for the drops, it says you can get unlimited drops but in reality you can only get 5? It would be much better for everyone if you fix that.
  14. It’s about time this event was brought back. Hopefully it keeps coming back yearly edit 2: this part was me being mad about the forma not being there, but it wasn’t in the post since DE forgot to edit it in. I apologize for this DE, thank you for fixing this.
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