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  1. Yeah it happened to my wukong prime and frost too, which I had taken the ears off of both before hand. Just one of the many visual bugs, such as when you melee in the air with a nikana zaw it screws with the holster and makes it place at weird angles
  2. I know this is very late, but I focus heavily to her duration with a both of effeciency and range, leaving strength where it is. The reason for it is that it means you have default stats, which can be boosted both by her passive and the Hemlith strength ability. Duration is needed because 1) her dispensary spits more items out, so that's nice and 2) her 1 and 2 scale more. Effeciency is needed a bit for spam, but I don't care about it that much. Though it all depends on what abilities you focus on. I use her 2 and 3 a lot, and took off her 4 cause I find it useless. Just my thoughts
  3. Hope so honestly. Gonna be dumb if you get the glyph 3 times in a row. Waste of a drop honestly
  4. I mean why not spice it up with Octavia glyphs, a shawzin, something else honestly?
  5. I still fail to see what part of his passive helps his kit. Then again most frames of his era have passive that affect movement or stuff like that (zephyr, valkyr, nehza to name a few)
  6. Anything in regards to fixing key issues such as the Khora LoS bug, survival enemies not coming to you if you stand still (if it's patched and I'm out of the loop ignore that one please)? Also what about a proper nerf for khora and possible buffs for guns to make them keep up with melee?
  7. There's a few issues (mostly visual) that are still present, such as oculys sentinal with all the necraloids sentinal stuff stretching weird, nikana zaws having weird holsters (found it might be due to meleeing in aim glide after bullet jump, regardless if contagion is equipped or not), and railjacks with a Vidar mk3 reactor showing incorrect flux energy max capacity (oh and also sometimes ignoring the fact I forged dome charges/flux energy after a mission and go back to the dry dock)
  8. True, time the min maxers who complained at us using the bramma and fun weapons like that to understand xD
  9. Omg DE didn't nerf anything super important this time lol. That's a first To be fully honest, this is a good thing. I feel like dispos should just stay where they are/increased if needed UNLESS the weapon is stupidly OP *cough* kuva nukor *cough*. Since no one brought it up yet I will: if a weapon needs to have its dispo raised to be considered effective, what change does that really have? Cause if the Lecta was raised, how many people will use it more now?
  10. Ok as someone who has no experience in the process of designing stuff for tennogen, I will TRY to approach it from two angles: the player angle and creator angle Player angle: This is the person who benefits the most from this change. I can make plat for free through in game stuff and buy tennogen for free. Or I can wait for a discount, and say buy 1000 plat for 50% of it's cost and spend it on tennogen. Win scenario for me. The only negative I can see is that it becomes more accusable. I know I would buy some stuff from tennogen if it costs plat rather than real money. I feel that it would
  11. Well fair enough. I'm just saying it might not be super high on the list of priorities mate
  12. I am not trying to sound like a jerk by saying this but what impact would it have? I get it's gonna help those that use shawzins but how many people use them in missions or in general? I'm just saying it should be something that's looked into, but not the most critical thing as of right now.
  13. 100% assault rifles need some sort of buff. Hell any "single target" weapon does. Let's be fair, most of the new weapons have some sort of AoE to them right now. Bubonico has it's own alt-fire AoE, and unlimited ammo so you can fire forever (still gotta wait for the ammo to recharge, but you get what I mean). Trumna and spelcrum both have decent AoE's. Why should I handicap myself using something such as the baza when I can use a mass nuke weapon such as the nukor or bramma or even a rifle with AoE? Shotguns aren't much better. Aside from the god-tier ones such as corinth and cedo, I can't thi
  14. Legit what I said from the beginning. Why should everyone be punished for a very small percentage of PC users using bots? And before you say there could have been some console bot users, it is clearly easier to set up a macro on PC than say Xbox or switch. Considering Sony, microsoft and especially Nintendo hate people messing with their systems makes it clearer. I'm sure the bot users were banned, but the other issue is they a) messed up survival for everyone and b) messed up khora for everyone. Idk if the survival change that makes enemies not come to you if you stand still has been fixed, b
  15. Obviously everything should be lol. Then I can spend my money on "better things"
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