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  1. You are correct. My brand new Alienware Aurora R12 has the exact same problem, where fish only spawn initially, and then very rarely thereafter. Although I must admit, my loading screens, especially on the open worlds, are much better now. I sure hope they fix the fishing. I much prefer fishing and hunting to bounties to gain Entrati rep. Also, I need some of the fish parts for ingredients in blueprints, and getting them now costs even more rep with all the wasted bait.
  2. I confirm this is still an issue on 05/02/2021. I just spent an hour in the Cambion Drift trying to summon rare fish. I've wasted so much bait. According to my Oxylus, I'm in the middle of 5 fishing hotspots, and traveling between them, I find about 1 fish every 5 minutes. Oddly enough, the most common way to get fish to spawn is to alt-tab over to my web browser. As I'm writing this post, fish started spawning. Not as many fish as I would expect from a hotspot in Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon, but at least a couple of fish appear. That is better than wandering aimlessly and h
  3. This issue appears to have been fixed by Hotfix 29.10.3. I haven't seen it occur since that hotfix was released.
  4. This happened again today to me, exactly as I described in the first post, at the end of the 2nd sortie mission.
  5. Twice this evening, after hotfix 29.10.2 (though the bug may pre-exist, I didn't play 29.10 before hotfix 2), when I'm in a public squad and not hosting, if the host leaves the squad before I get the mission complete screen, the mission complete screen is all I see forever. I can chat with my clan, and see my mission results, but I cannot exit the screen. The only way out is Alt-F4. I tried typing "unstuck", but I get the notice that I must be in the game to use that command. On the screen, the progress diamond in the top left is complete, but never disappears, and my profile never sho
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