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  1. Given it's still happening as of today... gonna go with no, they haven't unfortunately.
  2. Year later, still relevant, still happening... that hard to exclude portal mobs from spy vault rooms?
  3. Went through the same process... but I'll just TL:DR it. I'm not happy with what feels to me like a frame rushed out the door with a generic kit bash of abilities for us to playtest and get fixed later. They put in a lot of effort via numerous reworks, but it's clear that they not only abandoned any unique inspiration for her, but the end result doesn't feel like it benefited from any of that effort. While her venari ability may be better than a basic kavat, it feels to me as though any improvement over a basic kavat was accidental at best while still suffering from problematic pet ai and path
  4. Suddenly glad I did not bother with this.... hate it for you, honest, but thanks very much for the info regarding it's currently broken status... lets pray it is in fact broken an not now working "as intended"
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