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  1. yep. welcome to EU. and upload-filters my friend. that actually is planned for Whatsapp and Facebook in germany...
  2. had same problem. even the old tricks with watch over discord, watch on nsfw youtube or watch in cache doesnt worked anymore. in germany they going nuts with the age verification. But yeah, get your passport make a photo (without flash) and send them to google. its automated process take like 10 sec and u are verified. (you can put some paper or stamp above your photo if u like. the only thing the google API needs to see is the full ID card (all 4 edges) the birthday and the duration/valid of the passport) [i just did it today thats why i know]
  3. Am i the only one who cant watch the video, cause out of a sudden youtube wants your passport id to watch "Age restricted" content... wtf is going on. Can you pls share that video on website or somewhere else...
  4. dont we have a mod already that if u kill an enemy an explosion accours dealing 500 dmg in an area? I think so. Then they just need to revamp the mod and make it scale with the weapon and not be a flat 500 dmg. Make it be 50% of the initial dmg.
  5. no . you cant fix that. or you get the next problem. either. Sniper is useless cause single target. or Sniper is op cause aoe dmg... u can better nerf melee then buffing guns..
  6. The problem like always is the meta build. If you run a weapon and just mod it casually. without combo counter, combo duration and attackspeed the melee weapons are fine.. But if you abuse combo counter and attack-speed the stuff scales to hard. This is a "MMO-Lobby-Shooter" not an "Assasins Creed- Rogue like Knive game." Its weird by design that a melee weapon can be better then a Primary in a Shooter!!! Just make melee weapon an utility tool, make melee weapons m,ain purpose finisher attacks and extreme high single target damage. A melee weapon should not be able to zoom through multiply enemies. that is the main problem. With your "Gun" Weapon u can only shoot 1 enemy unless u play something special or charge attacks. Pros of melee over "Gun"/Primary: aoe attacks faster attackspeed no ammo combo counter/multiplier dont need aim/super easy to hit Cons: need to be "close" to enemy aka melee Stahlta is a good example: i make 1 autohit/slide attack with a melee and 5 enemys are dead. Or i shoot 5 times and aim 5 times to kill the same enemys (assume we oneshot them). If you dont use the delayed Charge attack, the Stahlta is always not worth using compared to melee attack. So, how to fix melee? make all melee weapons only able to hit 1 target (if you dont use charged attack) so you need to click atleast 3 times if u want to kill 3 enemys make combo counter dmg bonus only work on finisher/stealth attacks. make an "pseudo ammo" for melee called stamina. if you attack to fast you have to rest a few seconds. (like more then 10 attack per 20 seconds u have to wait 10 seconds until u can use melee again)
  7. Is DE aware of the Bug/Glitch that Gara's Wall no matter how you dye her, it is always a solid opaque orange Wall on Sedna:Hydron, Saturn:Helena -> "Grinner Galleon Maps" Screenshot for Comparison:
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