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  1. How you want to balance an abillity that is good/usable lategame and NOT super broken early game? It should work exactly like it is right now and every frame should have abillitys that scale with weapons so you have usefull stuff midgame too. No riven/statstick -> even with 200% Strength the abillity deal 8-10k dmg and is only good early game <level 40 mobs Riven/statstick -> alows the abillity to be usefull midgame <level 80 mobs (my gara wall make 70k dmg for example) [oneshotting any mob (except Nox/Sentinels) <level 50 and all squishi mobs < 90] as a gara main i have created a sheet to calculate the dmg: Current system with MY statstick/riven: ~70k DMG ult Your Suggestion without Riven: ~35k DMG ult You would struggle at mobs level 40... and cant even make some StarChart content... Your Suggestion without Statstick at all: 2,7k DMG ult... You cant even beat level 20 mobs.... Better vendor gara and play Saryn like 99% of community... Without Stat-sticks "Caster Frames" would be unplayable mid/lategame. And not everyone wants to play a Meele "E" spamm frame.... Some people like to use abilitys and even spam them. Goodluck killing level 60 enemys with Ember, Banshee, Volt Ult.... they dont have statsticks..... If you played Gara in a "no melee weapon sortie" you will understand what i am talkint about ... you cannot kill a single monster, 1,2,4 No dmg at all. So you can only survive (tank) but cant kill anything... So yeah, Gara would be DEAD without statstick.
  2. and i cant believe even with a Weekly Nightwave (that everyone should have) "Kuva Survival 30 minutes" i have to bless to even find a group that stay 15 mins.... And i am a good teamplayer, where other people in group can chill. (i spamm energy plates , perma [splinterstorm] 90% dmg reduction everyone... aka make them immortal)
  3. its not about difficulty its about BORING and STRESSFULL if u solo a mission. When i am solo in survival less mobs spawn i need to collect even more loot to stay alife... in team i still get 99% of dmg dealt but atleast the other 3 people work as "loot slaves".... i dont mind carryeng them but solo is the most boring stuff ever.
  4. what u want to kill 3 frames?? The Riven Statstick is the only reason those frames even playable mid/high level. Stop try to destroy Khora/Gara... they rarely see play anyways.
  5. its not free will. its active sabotageing/griefing other players game experience... i have to wait for next arbitration now. cause some lazy people ragequit/leave without a word. even if we did great in the mission...
  6. People join arbitration and leave wave 5 or ragequit if they die... even if we can easy revive them.... the worse thing is they dont even communicate why they leave... they just leave.... people leave any defence mission wave 10 4 years ago people went minimum wave 20 and even communicated with the team and they usualy stay until mobs are hardert people leave relict survivals after 5 or 10 minutes 4 years ago people went minimum 30 minutes and communciated too people leave index after one round dont people realise makeing 1 round and go in again is Worse then just makeing 2 or 3 rounds... guess people like paying the tax over and over again lol..
  7. rules/ideas are not "stone carved". If they realise that tons of players like the new mode, and people even coming back just to play Warframe again, they could change that "intended to be associated with the nebulous endgame topic" Rule and even build the Steelpatch further to get to an Endgame experience. Quick idea/brainstorming: "What if you could reset completed steelpath progress to add additional +100 Level and more drops/rewards? - aka finish steelpath, level +200, finish twice, + 300 , ..."
  8. the buyer and seller are happy cause mostly they make some sneaky TOS breaking trades behind the back... "paypal-service" ... etc.
  9. there is no platinum sink at all. you act like we have taxes on platin trades... sadly we dont...
  10. they should just make Riven's like Kuva Weapon that you can upgrade them and grind to Force for "max values" instead of RNG. So you would only need the stats and the weapon you want , but dont have to care about the roll/percentage, since u can max it with playtime.
  11. How about allowing people to get higher level enemys in the simulacrum. Currently the formula is 30 + (5 x MasteryRank) with the upcoming Steelpath it would be nice if each finished planet would increase the limit of the Simulacrum aswell. For Example: 30 + (5 x MasteryRank) + Completed Steelpath Planet x 50 If somebody cleared all 17 Planets on Steelpath Difficulty and is MasteryRank 29 the Maximum Simulacrum Spawn level would be: 30 + (5 x 29) + 17 x 50 = 1025
  12. i realy hope the rewards are nice. its a bit frustrating right now, even if u sit for Over an Hour in a game you still get less rewards then 5 minute index... 80 min survival should give 1,5 million credits atleast and not 150k. lol
  13. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  14. I would prefer a "Survive 120 minute in a survival mission" over the current mission.. i need to kill a guy, that i can't even try before Solaris rank 5... LOL... who designed this... Kill Profit-Taker .... So i have a dead weekly mission i never can complete.. so how can i delete the weekly and get another one...?
  15. for 50 waves defence or 90 min survival you dont need any guide... you know how those missions work cause of the story... This just takes time and a decent party that dont leave after 10 waves Saturn Helena... Meanwhile just to catch ANY fish. i need to first unlock the Open World Content. then figure out where to get fishing rod, then i need to make dailys to push faction just to get fish bait and then i still have to find the correct fish... And i am not even talking about the fact that i need like 3-5 tryes for each fish catch...
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