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  1. I legitimately had a 40 minute t4 solo run of vay hek screeching every ten seconds the same stupid line of dialogue. at the very least can we get the option to mute him like we can ordis (someone I actually like listening to)
  2. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: #1: performing bounties in the cambion drift, and swarm pods are not spawning enemies when they finish growing, and there are an overwhelming amount of jugulus found throughout the bounties. #2: when stepping into vome/fass zones the magnetic proc noise repeats constantly as if I the player have exited and re-entered the zone despite standing still VISUAL: #1's visual would be pointless to capture as the pods could be construed as being destroyed by the player, #2's is an audio bug REPRODUCTION: just go out into the cambion drift after selecting a bounty from mother (any bounty should do since I encountered both #1 and #2 during high and low tier bounties) EXPECTED RESULT: #1: the swarm pods should grow to maturity and pop spawning an infested unit. #2: the player should step onto the vome/fass zone, and hear the magnetic status effect noise once. OBSERVED RESULT: #1: the swarm pods grow to maturity, but nothing spawns visually ( I suspect the pods are spawning jugulus' but their flower is not appearing either). #2: the player steps into the zone of vome/fass residue and has the noise endlessly repeat with the start of the proc noise going for a second then repeating until the player exits the zone ( I could not focus on the enemies due to the proc noise being annoying unlike last week when it was fine). REPRODUCTION RATE: after entering the cambion drift via the necralisk (I used lavos and did not test with other frames) I would fairly frequently encounter both bugs over a set of 7-8 re-entering of the drift
  3. we become the Excalibur in the advertisements for only one enemy vehicle
  4. one time the mission bugged out and said I had to destroy 98 mining drills, b/c lotus decided it was an extermination mission after I broke all 4 in quick succession.
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