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  1. I was in a random squad we go to leave at wave 25, and it wouldn't let us leave it removed our huds and myself and SpAwNmAn87 were stuck watching the elevator go up and down between each mock round whilst hundreds of grineer flooded our screens, it was cool to see, but all that exp was lost b/c I had to force restart. In the image below you can only see a small portion of how many grineer were zerg rushing us
  2. its fixed now, but after I upgraded battle avionics it wasnt equipped and I had to leave dojo for it to update as not equipped; so if you do upgrade avionics be sure to un-equip them before doing so else you'll have to leave dojo and come back
  3. you have saved my sanity, I used a corrosive stropha since the backstabs count as heavy attacks
  4. I just did a link in chat for the mod that disappeared and it says I own it, so apparently you cant have it on the first slot of battle avionics, but I had to leave dojo and come back just to be able to see it.
  5. I upgraded my RJ mod Particle ram b/c I wanted to get more damage out of it, but when I did it removed itself entirely from my inventory.
  6. oh yes the damage; the damage for roar; the damage chosen especially by roar to deal damage; roar's damage.
  7. Ensnare can also put those invincible turrets to sleep in kuva defense, and you can cast multiple ensnares at the same time unlike larva which has the duration. and idk about tank hunter's experience, but thats not how ensnare's duration works.
  8. As title of topic says this is the third or fourth time i've experienced this bug recently i'll remove decor from my orbiter to see if thats what is causing it. Never the less it might need to be looked at because I have to close down the game just to be able to play again.
  9. Use a corrosive modded grattler and bring a wisp vapor specter, it takes 16 minutes just to kill stage two, stage one is simple enough.
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