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  1. A little of both though I do lean toward abilities. I gotta actually play the frame after all.
  2. I have to admit I was a little sad seeing my Deconstructor Prime build half empty post patch. I used it in a way that I assume you used it -- to reap the additional crit chance from the Gladiator Set installed in the Deconstructor Prime. The change hasn't affected my melee power in a substantial way, however. I hit less hard, but things still die fast, so it's not really all that noticeable. Though not seeing red crits as often as I used to might mean I'll have to change some builds. As for Helios it still has some use, though yes the one use case I had for it and the Deconstructor Prime is gone now. Every once in a while I'll see an un-scanned orange straggler waltz across my screen when I'm not even aware that it was an enemy that needed scanning in the first place, so helios takes care of that. It's a bit rare now, but it happens. Plus it's fun taking it out when new content unlocks, watching Helios scan happily at all the new stuff.
  3. It used to be that when you get too close to an eidolons legs that you might get staggered for a couple of seconds. Also the second eidolon (Gantulyst) has pushback waves when it slams the ground while its shields are still up, which knocks you down and pushes you away. However, that attack had an obvious tell, had a wind up towards the attack, and was easily avoidable. That was really all the stagger type mechanics that you had to watch out for pre-30.5 update. As it is right now it's probably a bug, because it's kinda ridiculous where nearly everything the Eidolons do to you knocks you straight down now and not just a stagger. The last time I did it the last phases of the Gantulyst fight had me stunlocked because the waves it sent out as it cries out for help each knocked me down causing a stunlock. Pretty much every attack from that point on had me on the ground.
  4. That is pretty much my situation, unfortunately. I've put Warframe playing on hold for now after the update until something is done to change the knockdown situation. I was just getting into the swing of Eidolon hunting once again and was my main focus recently. Then this update happens killing my interest in the game at the moment. Honestly I'm kinda thankful that I now have a reason to quit playing the game for now and focus on my other hobbies that I've neglected. So in truth it's all good. I'll just wait it out.
  5. There was a post on the Warframe subreddit on this very subject and Rebecca replied to it stating that they're aware of a bug from one of the Eidolon moves causing knockdown when it shouldn't be. Hopefully that means this is getting looked into and fixed promptly. I've put my Warframe play on hold for now because of it. I have been focusing on Eidolons to round out my arcane collection prior to the update and want to continue on that - without being knocked down every 2 seconds.
  6. It's not the amp stagger, but something else. Any sort of Eidolon damage and just the step it takes causes a full knockdown now. At the last stages when the Eidolon goes all out fighting with all its attacks leads to constant knockdowns to the point that you're stunlocked. This has started after SoP update just yesterday.
  7. Yes, I noticed this straight away. I had a good Eidolon hunt just before the update (red texts showing up during Hyrdolyst fight) and everything worked as expected. I even got an Arcane Energize from it. The next hunt I did was an hour or so after the patch and it was terrible. Every action the Eidolons take, be it stepping or shooting the tracking lazers, I was down on the ground. I noticed it at first in the Teralyst fight, but it wasn't too bad. With the Gantulyst it was frequent. Especially towards the end of the fight. I got knocked down so often that I was stun-locked for large portions of the fight before I could actually take it down, it was unbearable. It wasn't the Gantulyst wave stomp either. It was every action it took. I then decided to carry on and try to take on the Hydrolyst, but once again each stomp of the Hydrolyst caused a knockdown making taking his shields down ridiculous. Every flash of light, every thunderstrike - I was on the ground. By that point I just quit before finishing it. I solo Eidolons so it didn't harm anyone's run. However it's never been like this until this update hit.
  8. I am not sure if this is intentional, but I had just tried to do an Eidolon bounty. Nothing out of the ordinary.. or so I thought. It would seem every attack from the Eidolon for whatever reason puts me on the ground. With every step that the eidolons take fully knocks me off my feet making taking down the shields more of a nuisance than before. When I got to the end phases of Gantulyst I was essentially stunlocked as it threw everything at me. I was able to take it down but MUCH slower than usual due to all the knockdowns from every attack. Then Hydrolyst came out and I couldn't even attack at its shields because my operator was constantly put on the ground. Sure one can void mode, but it's making attacking it almost impossible without then being knocked completely down and getting stunlocked. I'm just wondering if this is intentional. I'd hate to change my builds to slot in knockdown immunity when I didn't even need it prior the update if it turned out to be unintentional. Even then I'm not sure what I can do about the Operator getting knocked down as well besides staying in void mode and not attacking the shields/vomvalysts.
  9. I don't know if it's underrated but for me it's the Dojo. I like the idea that one could build their own place even if it's sometimes a little awkward. A place that you can call your own that grows with your effort put into the game. I only wish there was a bit more to it, like allowing region chat while inside it among other things. It's a neat concept though imo.
  10. Warframe is what I play in between releases so to speak. It's kinda like watching a tv series that's lasted a very long time and still going, but then a short new series comes along and so you go watch it. However, once you're done with it you go back to the old series because you got nothing else to watch. That is how Warframe is like for me. Right now I don't really have much to play and I'm modding a couple of games on the side (Oblivion and Skyrim) which has taken more time than I would like. So, Warframe is filling in that space.
  11. I do on occasion, but I try to avoid build videos, how-tos, and click-bait drama. This basically includes build exclusive channels and channels ranting about DE themselves. The only Warframe content I'm subscribed to at the moment is the main PlayWarframe channel for news, like prime releases and update launches, for when I go on a hiatus - which I do frequently. Besides that, I usually watch a video on something specific to see a different perspective on a change or an update. I don't watch a video specifically for the "personality" so to speak - or lack of. However, lately I haven't watched much WF content. Sometimes an idea is posited that seems interesting. Brozime, for example, I only ever watch when the topic is stuff outside of the gameplay loop. Like his UI rants because some of his ideas were sound (too much white space, the lack of important information, and having to look stuff up through a wiki when it should be in-game) and I generally agreed with what he had to say. However, his build videos and tier lists I generally avoid. In addition, sometimes he can get carried away with his rants. That isn't to say stating one's opinion is bad, but it's a bit like salt. Sometimes there's such a thing as too much. The first time I ever seen his content was his reaction to Second Dream after I stumbled upon THAT scene and wanted to see how others reacted to it. His was one of the few that came up at the time. Shy is good for the abridged stuff when I don't have time to watch an hour or more of content. Even with a computerized voice (that so many warframe creators rely on for some reason) Shy still comes across as different than most despite it. Tactical Potato I've watched for similar reasons as Shy's content (abridged, patch notes, some information on updates). In addition it's a different perspective on Warframe that is more mature and laid back with some humor. Sometimes I'll watch joke videos that only players of Warframe would understand, usually via recommendation from Youtube. Shy fits in this category as well. Typically I don't watch third party streams or playthroughs of the game nor watch build guides as I feel like that spoils some of the fun. If a topic seems specifically drama infused and click-bait (Warframe is TRASH, it's dead! I'm LEAVING WF! etc etc) then I avoid it outright. I have plenty of real life stuff to worry about then to listen to some guy or gal ranting about their issues with a video game/game studio - starting with an annoying 30 second intro and having obnoxious music playing in the background as they rant.
  12. I kinda feel like the main reason some are upset about this change is that they've been farming SE in anticipation for the mods as soon as it was announced that they would be coming to Teshin's SP store. Now that the mods are going to come from arbitrations instead that effort is now forfeit. Of course, I don't mean to say that EVERYONE upset about this change were farming Essences - some probably genuinely dislike the mode, which is fair. There are modes I dislike as well, but I have to play to acquire goods that I want and honestly I think that's just fine. Either way, one has to farm for the mods in one way or another - it matters not in my case.
  13. It drops pretty often through railjack and if railjack isn't your forte then Baro has it in stock frequently enough. I've gotten a handful without much effort whatsoever and without noticing simply from the railjack rework and it's not like I play it 24/7 grinding hard for ignis wraiths. However, I think the best approach that can be taken on this matter is to simply stop the trading of it entirely. It's relatively easy to acquire now so the need to trade to get the ignis wraith is completely moot now. There are other items in warframe right now that are harder to acquire, yet they can't be traded. In addition, it's too easy for those that have the research at their dojo to basically print money at the flick of a button. Might as well just cut it at the neck and stop all trading with that item. The Ignis Wraith research will still have value - the clans that have it can boast and advertise about having an ignis wraith free without RNG to deal with for anyone that joins. The drama over the ignis wraith 50pl newbie trap will cease. It seems fairly straightforward.
  14. I never really thought of it in this context. I leave after most missions not because I didn't like the person or that they were too slow. It's almost never anything personal. It's simply a matter of trying to blitz through as much content as I possibly can due to the rng nature of the game. Often I'll be jumping between mission types to land at many different farming angles as I can within the time I have so that this way I'll progress somewhere if rng permits. So because of this I'll leave after a public mission since I'll likely be trying something else, be it a new loadout, build needing tweaks, a new mission altogether, or maybe I simply didn't like how the colors my new fashionframe looked out on the field. Rarely it has ever been as a result of the other player being annoying or bad. Although, I do stick around if there is a like-minded goal between myself and the random group. This usually happens if conversations occur and we all find out - hey, we all want the same thing why not stick together? I've had plenty of good mission runs with this occurring. So I guess in a way I can see where you're coming from. Once again though, it's not likely a personal thing - most of the time anyway.
  15. I've noticed that when this happens that the game kinda flashes for a second. Kinda like the resolution changes for a split second, which is then followed with the resolution being normal, but the chat window is pushed up to the middle. I've had to reset my chat window location three times so far in the past couple of days because of this.
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