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  1. I've solo built a dojo twice on different platforms. One thing that was super handy was a dojo planner (someone linked it above). That way you can plan out the general layout of what you want your Dojo to be. It's super valuable so you don't build blind. This way you can also have a rough estimate on what resources you need for the foundations (especially the number of forma you will need). While you set your plan, have your temporary plan as well. You don't want to be without certain rooms for too long, like the labs. I'd focus on getting the Tenno Lab done at least so you can start the
  2. Overall, I must say I quite like Octavia Prime's look. There's a lot of small details that catch my eye. The various motifs to different instruments throughout her design especially: like the obvious violin from head to toe even with bows as shins. Also the carbon microphone earloops, the xylophone ribcages, the trumpet valves, harp string visor, and plenty more that I'm probably missing. Some subtle details too like rivets on her thighs and the geometric pattern in her reflective material that when it hits the light in just the right way you'll notice them. Fantastic if I must say. Howev
  3. It's really quite simple: the game should offer the ability to solo it, but make it so that the trials would be difficult to pull off solo by the simple fact that it's team based oriented. Such a thing is already possible for the other content geared for team play, like Eidolons and Railjack, so why not? In another game entirely (Destiny 1) I solo ran a raid to get an achievement. It was possible to do, the game didn't even block me loading into the raid solo, but it certainly was no cakewalk. The game did not scale back because I was the only player. As far as the game was concerned I wa
  4. I'm fully aware that this topic has been posted repeatedly throughout the forums, but since this is still a problem it has to be repeated, I'm afraid - until this gets fixed. The bounties on Cetus are just too prone to breaking, in particular the spawning of the enemy npc. Most of the issues seem to be tied to the objective spawning enemies in the cave systems, outside the cave systems, in the outside of collision boundaries, or worse all of it combined. What should be a circle in an area actually becomes a cylinder where you have to run between the surface and the caves to clear out the baddi
  5. You put me on high alert with this post. I could have swore up and down that it was Thursday today and sure enough it is. Umbra Forma is on Friday's stream at 11am PST. I got a couple of unused umbra forma, but I don't mind a free drop and I don't wanna miss this one. The more umbra the merrier.
  6. I'm curious if enough players actually uses that search bar that it warrants pulling the cursor focus to it at that loading screen. It seems to me that most people would be typing their goodbyes or cheering on the prime drop that the team had been farming for or something of the like. Somehow I think it's very few that actually utilizes that search bar during load.
  7. In my opinion a veteran is someone with a well-rounded arsenal, but most importantly also has the knowledge on how to wield said arsenal efficiently. I might also point out that well-rounded doesn't necessarily require having a high MR. This is someone that knows that there is a time and place for certain frames, abilities, and weapons while at the same time be able to finish a mission anyway regardless of what they brought into the mission. For example, just because you can use all your abilities doesn't necessarily mean you should use them all under certain circumstances. Like using an
  8. A friend I play with on occasion on PSN Warframe made that connection too. In his case he felt that the dojo stuff reminded him of the clanhouse/personal spaces in Home by how it functions. Then there's the different chat hubs. I've had plenty of random talks in region chat akin to the ones I used to have on Home back in the day. There's even the occasional thirsty comments much like Home.
  9. I've been lucky with the last few sorties that have radiation. Everyone seemed to get it and either avoid the clouds or simply mitigate it outright (arcanes, rolling guard, etc). Since the current one is a mobile defense you don't even need to damage the enemy - just crowd control them in some way. Either it be slowing them to a crawl or stopping them completely in their tracks. Hell, if you're lucky you might end up with a team that all have CC. No danger of accidentally destroying the panel when you don't even have to shoot. Then again, with some people that was probably the idea. Some
  10. I mostly do mine solo. I'd dare say I've probably done somewhere around 97% of my spies solo. Spies are some of my go-to for affinity farming for a frame that's a bit on the weak side as it starts fresh and when I just want to be solo and not deal with Hydron/Helene or SO. It might not be the fastest but it gives me a peace of mind so I enjoy it. So I've got a fair amount of Spy experience now days because of this and rarely fail opening vaults. Having said that, spies are one of those weird missions where it's just flat out easier to solo unless you by chance have a solid team all experi
  11. I was just about to mention FFXV as an example of why I do not want ads in Warframe. It wasn't just the Coleman product show that we have to endure when camping either. There's also that one quest where one of the protagonists really wants some Nissin Ramen and talks about it how delicious it is like an ad commercial. Then all the Nissin Ramen ads plastered all over Eos. Then the American Express stickers on the store fronts and Visas. In a world not of Earth, where monsters roam supreme and magical demons about. It's just too jarring in a game like Final Fantasy and it pulls away from the wor
  12. Yep, I noticed this change as soon as the hotfix hit. I assumed that maybe DE was experimenting with some sort of global illumination trick or something like that. I mean, most of the colors I've chosen for my orbiter are cool toned or dark yet the warm color dominates over most of it because of the copper in tertiary. and just changing the tertiary by hovering over the colors vastly changes the overall tone and mood of the other colors by the tertiary alone.
  13. I recall there being talks about new netcode being tested and that there may be teething issues or some such as they roll out the new code. Perhaps this is the cause of some of the recent issues? As far as lag, I haven't really noticed anything too different from the norm. In other words, I've always had occasional lag depending on who is host. At the same time I have noticed more bugginess in general. Particularly at Cetus where enemies didn't spawn in a bounty and at the same time my escape button wasn't working, but I think that was a case of me just noticing it more as I forced myself to
  14. In theory, 4 people doing 3 spy vaults SHOULD be easier since the work should be split. The funny thing is that in reality, especially in sorties, I find it's the opposite and it's just flat out easier to solo it myself. Anytime I've failed a spy mission in my experience it has always been a case of playing it in public. Not all public games mind you, but any failure was because of a public match-made spy mission. It's just too easy for someone to fumble around, either by not being that good at the hacking or someone running in tripping all the alarms while someone else is already in the vault
  15. I would kinda dislike this to be honest, simply because I've utilized that clock piece in such a way that if it moved it would conflict with everything else surrounding it in my Dojo. However I do agree that it would be nice. I thought the same for the glowy orb thing from the same entrati set - it would be nice if it could rotate in place and have the glow ebb and flow.
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