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  1. ITT Bad players thinks he's the hot S#&$ and blames game design on his obvious lack of skill. @-CdG-Zilchy Showed you a run with the world's biggest handicaps (He could've done it ~10-15 seconds faster as well if he doesn't miss as many shots as he did) and you're still blaming everything else besides your lack of skill. Get off your high horse, but be careful not to fall due to your lack of movement skills.
  2. If you didn't stab the Larvaling for 30 seconds when it had the weapon you want you deserve this.
  3. Valkyr. She's been my main since her release.
  4. Why would you make this thread in the first place?
  5. If players have the option to remove rooms with two button presses because the damage reaches the integer cap then they will choose that regardless of anything else.
  6. The salivating over Umbra Forma is unreal. I hope it won't happen. Otherwise all the thread in General would be about "OMG I PLAYED 50 ROUNDS OF X GAMEMODE AND DIDN'T GET AN UMBRA FORMA YET!!!! DE BUFF DROP RATEZ!!"
  7. Every community is toxic to some degree. There are not communities where everyone is sunshine and rainbows. However, there's considerably less toxic people playing Warframe due to it's Co-Op and non-competitive nature.
  8. >Farm parts and craft Warframe only to feed Helmith. I guess you can call that early retirement..
  9. Stalker hates the Tenno, the Orokin are dead. He allied with the Sentients to kill us because his revenge is all that matters now. Teshin is under the control of the Grineer Queens. Of course he's going to appear, especially in the final confrontation as it's his duty to protect them. Doesn't mean he can't go behind their backs and support as against the Sentients. This is explained. Did it occur to anyone that perhaps the Sentients consider every human an Orokin and want to kill them all? Or maybe that only the highest echelon of Orokin resembled Ballas and the others were more huma
  10. No. Founder items are Founder exclusive. They are founders for a reason. No, it won't be released no matter how much people cry. We've been here before every single year. Stop it. Get over it. You're not a Founder. You have no basis to obtain the Founder items.
  11. I don't get it either. Still, you should finish this model and try to apply. It's worth it.
  12. Maybe you could work for DE. I mean, this is a top-notch model. Sure, it needs some work, but the base is there. The additions that make it cool, unique and a pleasure to look at are there. I love the jagged, edgy parts, the golden decoration, etc. I'm not a modeller by any means. Never touched the subject, but I recognize good work when I see one.
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