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  1. Yes, very bizarre ad doesn't make much sense if you already have the weapon.
  2. It seems all the trophies for Deimos are locked. I think it is because they are not also in the PSN trophy list for some reason. Has not been fixed in any of the updates so far.
  3. I am not sure if these are a bug; but, I figure I will let someone know about it. It has only happened a couple of times and is very annoying. If someone in the squad dies during a vault mission or leaves, even if you get the code correct - the vault fails to open. I noticed the vault won't open until everyone is near the door (your milage may vary, not sure if this is the case but has seemed to work out that way). It was especially annoying the other night when we made it to the third vault and couldn't get the to open since one of our team died and another got booted to another instance
  4. I have had this issue myself several times. It has gotten much worse after the last two updates and hot fixes. Sometimes lose everything but most times end up all alone in a mission after a host migration. This is even if the team is all people I know and not randoms in a mission. Sometimes you will get kicked from a mission (shows host migration to you), you end up in a mission all by yourself while your other team mates are still in the original mission. You cannot rejoin them and sometimes you lose all the stuff you had accumulated. Have also had issues where there is a lot of host migratio
  5. Have had this happen a few times since last update hotfix. At some point the game will bog down very noticeably and everything moves in slow motion. It doesn't actually stop, but just slows down to the point you are moving in slow motion. I have experienced it in several different mission types; Deimos vaults, relic missions of various types, and normal mission types. It is like everything is too much for the PS4 and bogs it down. Never had this issue before the last hot fix. When it happens the whole team experiences it and has happened when solo playing.
  6. I hope I am not double dipping this topic; but, didn't see another post about this. This has been happening from time to time during a relic interception mission. Maybe a couple of months on and off. There is only one square with a letter, usually "A", and you cannot see any other square for the different pads in the HUD on the upper left of screen. On some of the pads there is no indicator other than the beam of light and the indicator on the mini map to the pad. On these pads there is also no percentage readout for capturing the pad. The mini map does show which ones are taken or open t
  7. I have had this happen several times. You can't go anywhere, you can't vote for a mission, you are basically stuck and have to restart game. Knowing form previous posts to go to Simaris from the syndicate console fixes is nice to know. It is annoying when it happens. It is only after returning from a mission. If with a group and they start another mission it fixes itself on return though. The was happening before the last updates and happened to me last night again.
  8. Has happened to me too on all three, most times if I switch to arching I can fly back up. One time I could not get back to map as every time I tried to I fell back through map. In that case I had to try to extract. That only happened once and on Deimos.
  9. Yep...experienced it myself in one vault run. It was also in the Formian run too, way too bright and could hardly see bad guys.
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