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  1. I'd welcome any change that makes him more fun to play. He's strong, he's good at what he does but compared with newer frames, synergies and mechanics he just feels basic and dull. His theme is so good tho, there's so much you can do with it, really wish to see a true ice lord someday.
  2. Kuva Sobek please! 🙏 But also tenet: Ohma, Ferrox, Amprex, Arca Scisco.
  3. I'm still investing/wasting forma in this weapon because I totally love the concept, shame it was so poorly executed. I still have faith it will get a fix or something, I just refuse to believe this was QA approved unless they test with lvl 5 enemies.
  4. For me the key is "never farm for anything specific" I think I've got more prime sets just by cracking random relics in pubs to get forma than actually going for specific items.
  5. I have both but I find Rubico better for my taste. However lately I've been using a Buzlok with a riven and I'm quite impressed, turd gun ftw!
  6. In the current state of things I really hope archwings sit at the bottom of their backlog. There are just so many things to fix or improve that will bring way more value than archwings imo.
  7. I try to maintain a stock of 5 catalysts 5 reactors and 30 nitain, the rest goes to kuva.
  8. Hi, I have claimed items on twitch from last week but never got them in my inbox. What to do in this case? I did unlink, re-link and all. Hadn't have any problems with new drop system until now.
  9. Yep, all in check. Both mechs ready to roll, railjack pimped to the max, I'm swimming in intrinsics, got 3 Stugs fully built for my crew... can't think of anything else. Maybe I could convert a lich but it's kinda sad they can't pilot or anything. These days I just spend my time cracking relics and doing NW.
  10. Hi all, just wanted to share a couple ideas that I think could improve combat experience. It's mostly based on the concept of blade charger and primary charger arcanes, I think it'd be cool if these features were embedded in the combat mechanics with some tweaks instead of needing arcanes for it, like a melee gauge and a primary/secondary gauge that gets filled by doing damage or racking up kills. Melee gauge: Fills up by doing damage with primary and/or secondary. Headshots, bows and sniper rifles can fill the bar faster to make using these weapons more rewarding. Once the thing is full it applies a buff to melee attacks for X duration. Primary/secondary gauge: Fills up by doing damage with melee weapons, using different combos fills the bar faster. Once full it applies a buff to primary and secondary for X duration. Finisher gauge: Fills up by killing enemies with any weapon. Once full it opens enemies to a finisher with the parazon with guarantee kill and energy/health orb drop. This is just to give some more protagonism to the parazon and maybe add an energy generation method that is not tied to rng or a particular school/arcane/mod. The downside I see here is ppl spawning liches by accident left and righ, but I believe that's something that needs fixing anyways. I haven't thought of every detail and every use case but the overall idea is to make variety in combat more rewarding. You could still sit in a corner and spam a bramma or just go EEEEEE if u like but the more you switch it up the more u can get out of it.
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