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  1. Thanks for sharing guys. I'll go ahead and sell it Cheers!
  2. Hi all, I just got the regular Brakk up to rank 30. I wasn't planning to keep it since the Kuva version exists but I've read many comments of ppl actually grinding for it since it's somewhat hard to get. Is it a bad idea to just toss it away? Should I keep it in case I get a good riven or will it still be subpar compared to it's kuva counterpart? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reminder friend! I wish they added teshin shop to the app
  4. This. I have a SanDisk Ultra 128gb, quite cheap and works fine.
  5. Ikr, what's going on? I've seen a lot of these lately. I even fell for one the other day
  6. Ash + Silence + Glaive prime built for heavy attack is working great for me. Cast silence while invisible and spam throw/detonate at them, they go down in 2 or 3 shots sometimes even in 1. I'm on console so I don't know if this got nerfed already.
  7. Lol yeah, that might be the reason 😂.
  8. Some that I haven't seen on the list: Warframes Healing flame (Ember augment mod) Mending splinters (Gara augment mod) Reave (Revenant skill) Blood altar (Garuda skill) Venari heal (Khora skill) Weapons Basmu Amalgam Daikyu target acquired (Daikyu's augment that grants lifesteal to nikanas) Companions Iatric mycelium (Vizier predasite mod)
  9. I'm currently doing OV bounties with my voidrig to rank it up and farm relics at the same time
  10. Ah yes! Nova + pillage is amazing too. I haven't tried a speedva build yet, I need an Aura forma, but yeah, a speedva build on SP mot sounds like it could be challenging.
  11. I cleared most of the SP with Ash, Oberon, Vauban. I still have a few nodes left tho. Now I use Khora whenever I want to farm riven slivers and steel essence. Forgot to add Gauss, he is great for steelpath too.
  12. I'd love this, and It would actually look like the corpus reacting to the sudden increase of mech activity in the area. Corpus henchman: "Sir, we gotta do something about these tenno dudes ranking up their mechs in our bases". Nef Anyo: "Release the kraken! I mean... the 3d orb!"
  13. Yep, I'm afraid this will happen too. Same here, got 2 formas on each mech already and 3 on the mausolon and Arquebex. But u're right, makes more sense to keep adding forma now that we have the bonus than farming mods.
  14. Aw S#&$, I thought we already had this. I Just went thru the dev notes 😔. Hope we get this update some days before the event at least.
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