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  1. Hi, I have claimed items on twitch from last week but never got them in my inbox. What to do in this case? I did unlink, re-link and all. Hadn't have any problems with new drop system until now.
  2. Yep, all in check. Both mechs ready to roll, railjack pimped to the max, I'm swimming in intrinsics, got 3 Stugs fully built for my crew... can't think of anything else. Maybe I could convert a lich but it's kinda sad they can't pilot or anything. These days I just spend my time cracking relics and doing NW.
  3. Hi all, just wanted to share a couple ideas that I think could improve combat experience. It's mostly based on the concept of blade charger and primary charger arcanes, I think it'd be cool if these features were embedded in the combat mechanics with some tweaks instead of needing arcanes for it, like a melee gauge and a primary/secondary gauge that gets filled by doing damage or racking up kills. Melee gauge: Fills up by doing damage with primary and/or secondary. Headshots, bows and sniper rifles can fill the bar faster to make using these weapons more rewarding. Once the thing is full
  4. I would love a bow version of berserker and blood rush.
  5. By the time teshin comes back with umbra forma in 6-7 weeks u can have enough steel essence and max NW rank with only playing a few hours per week. That's 3 umbra forma right there.
  6. Lol, the silliness around syndicates and their missions. "...Thanks for helping us out in the grove the other day, here's a death squad..."
  7. Fix the mission exit waypoint Make the tutu on Ivara prime optional
  8. Nice! I was running low, thanks for the reminder bro.
  9. Lol, great work mate, this express my feelings a 100%. My orbiter looks like a bazar already and I have only placed like half my decorations.
  10. I did it solo last week with lavos. Just spam toxin and radiation everywhere, that worked for me.
  11. Nope, you have to jump out of it, cast and jump back on, it can get pretty annoying depending on the subsumed ability.
  12. Yes! that's even better!
  13. Just a QOL change. Let Ivara cast subsumed abilites while on ziplines.
  14. Tbh as a new player there was so much going on I would have never made that connection. U see guys with dogs, cats, robots, clones, clems, whatever... I could probably have somebody revive me with his/her operator and still wouldn't know what went.
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