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  1. a slow nova has strenght and makes explosions to nearby enemies and you deal double damage on the targets ... it could be slower but the enemies stuck together and its still easy to kill many of them faster then normal or without. thats not really trolling thats defensive play and slower aimspeed for enemies so more and better survival in some/needed cases. a speed nova doesnt effect or shorten waves because her ability doesnt lower the spawn time. a speed nova lets the enemies be around the whole map, a slow nova let them stuck more together near the spawns ;)
  2. i wrote "if you constantly have to call your backroll every 2-3 seconds because the volt is only trolling the team," ... i know that function ;) if you say something about the speedbuff and they should use it wisely or dont use it on defense missions, they are triggerd and you earn only S#&$storm about it. they join the missions to troll, so if you ask them, they have achieved what they wanted and activate this trollingfeature all the time till ya leave ... wisp cannot easily remote this plant ... she had to replace 6 new plants to remove it and most players dont know how
  3. thats same for me ... join mission, wait what volt does, if he activates speedbuffs in useless cases, insta leave ... same with wisp and this electric stunnig. defense missions take much longer and you have to run every edge to find the stunned enemy ...
  4. volt gains the max speed-multiplier by maxing out strenght. range doesnt effect this ability. the problem is, that volt activates this skill if *he* needs/wants it and the other players arent asked for it. its horrible to play with these trolls on defense, spy, intercept and so on. if you wear weapons like vectis or something that needs precise aim on walking/running/jumping you cant handle it and you clash from wall to wall during walk/run through narrow paths or smal areas.
  5. if they fix/change this, they change other things as well and xaku is the next trashframe ;( ...
  6. often you have a volt with you in a random multiplayer mission. they very often use this annoying speedbuff at maximum strength, whereby the handling and gameplay becomes extremely unplayable. if you constantly have to call your backroll every 2-3 seconds because the volt is only trolling the team, the mission is not playable. it would actually make even more sense to activate the speedbuff only on the caster and not on the whole team. as example, saryn`s speedbuff on molt is only on the caster and doesn't annoy the whole team with it. would it be possible to include a setting in opt
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