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  1. Where should I begin, players time should be respected at all cost, well this post is more about bugs, so here's the list: Cetus: 1.Tricap:Shrine not activating for all or 1 of the members, this causes the entire squad 2 be very quick toxic if u r only 1 facing it. 2.Tricap:Propa dealing zero damage to tricap with or without stacks super annoying how all the preparation goes 2 waste. 3. Tricap: Vomes not summoning at all even with forced spawn or tricap summons. 4.Tricap: No animation bug, they stand still in one place and do everything without moving even their scream
  2. Um since last 2 days my clan mates and I have been having issues either joining or inviting others. Some are getting too much lag while today I started was forced out of all game sessions or couldn't join one please check the issue
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