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  1. So anything about adding a warning when your pet is in statis and you try to start a mission?
  2. I had this experience, it's bad but not too often tbh. Though I would want them to remove automatic blocking but keep manual blocking while airborne.
  3. Not really necessary if u look at your formas as an investment. By the time you get prime for wisp you would have potentially earned more formas/reactors with wisp than you spent.
  4. Some more abilities: Excalibur: 3 radial javelin? Its super bad ability that doesn't fit the play style of Excalibur, does no damage and has no synergy I think limbo is fine. If he is able to banish from rift then he would be too op. And he op now
  5. Explain how to dodge when 5 lvl150 bombards fire 15 homing missiles at you that how AOE. Even if they manage to miss(which is almost impossible) warframes simply would stagger or knockdown because of blast proc of explosion. Plus you cant dodge and fire weapons or do melee together. Some people here reach lvl 250 on their own by dodging. Interesting!
  6. Exactly warframe has the dumbest AI. For enemies and spectres alike. There is no player skill involved.
  7. I recommend you do some target practice and then try to hit enemy weak points. Assault rifle handling in this game takes some skill but not a lot like other games
  8. Hello friend, I will try my best to give you some tips to enhance your warframe experience 1. Since you mentioned that you bought platinum, I would highly suggest that you invest it wisely into permanent things eg warframe slots, weapon slots etc or even skins. DO NOT use platinum to rush items in fondary or anywhere else. It's better to grind resources and mods rather than buying them upright from market or other players. 2. Do not sell your warframes or weapons. Buy new slots to store new things. But if you get primed version eg. You have limbo so you can delete him once you get limbo prime. But donot sell it until then. 3. You can always "pay to win" warframe but best experience is with "play to win". 4. Do not rush for higher level stuff you will get it once you are there. You will most likely get frauded for platinum if you try to get higher level stuff. 5. You must always strive towards understanding the mechanics of this game and not just following tips and builds on the internet. If you do the later you will end up like most of the warframe community which has no understanding of how the game mechanics works and all they do is yell at DE when a slight change in mechanics is done because the meta they were following is no more a meta now and they suck at the game until someone posts a new meta on the internet. 6. You should try and complete your quests till "The Sacrifice" solo. This quest requires you to unlock Mot which is the last mission of the star chart and is very difficult at low levels. If you are able to do that and the quest on your own, then I can assure you that you won't be asking for builds on the forum. 7. You can visit the fandom.warframe.com and search for even the tiniest bit of information there. I would highly suggest that you go there and search for mods there, you'll find the location from where you can grind those mods. 8. Pets lose loyalty when you skip login or when they die in battle. But remember it's a bonus. I have provided you with two ways that you can follow. It's your choice which you wan to choose.
  9. I play Inaros alot since I am a solo player. I have some ideas. Ability 1: press to win. Hold to keep winning. Ability 2: press to win. Hold to keep winning. Ability 3: press to win. Hold to keep winning. Ability 4: press to win. Hold to keep winning. Passive: never lose.
  10. Yeah, so I looked into it more carfully. Umbra is my favourite frame but I hardly use his 3 because I thought it didn't match his play style because he's a fast moving frame standing still is asking for death. But to be honest survivability has always been a problem at very high levels, so I mostly used health restores. Currently 3 sends out only 12 javlins which sucks. That should be changed to circular light wave and hitting everyone in the range. And casting time and post cast animation should be reduced significantly. The ability is useless right now, atleast I don't use it. But that doesn't mean we should change it with something else or copy some other ability from other frame. Also I noticed that when you use slash dash in chain to evade heavy damage, the warframe is vulnerable to damage between cast(when the warframe stops moving and we have to press 1 again). Actually I noticed that Excalibur is only invulnerable when he's moving. When slash dash is used he brings out his skana and then charges and then he puts it away. He's only invulnerable when he's charging but not when he is taking out his skana or putting it away. So there is a period of vulnerability in successive uses slash dash. I have tried using macro for this purpose also so I know it's not related to perfect timing. Anyway, I think that Excalibur is a very strong frame and my favourite but when it comes to buffing him, hell yeah why not?
  11. Took me a while with wisp. A lot of runs tbh. But not as many as Equinox, which is on another level
  12. Plain and simple, make Excalibur 3 to bestow health(equal to damage dealt) to warframe and allies within its radius. Damage and restored health is buffed when exalted blade is active. Slash dash receives a large bonus(instead of small) when exalted blade is active. Radial blind is okay for now. When 4 is active, remove spin to blind mechanic completely, it's useless and instead add like a radius of 2m if anyone gets near Excalibur is automatically blinded. After all it's a blade of immense light. Passive needs to be buffed. 10% is too meehhh.
  13. Condition overload becomes redundant when fighting against boses, liches and sentients. Condition overload is best used when you have a gun that has AoE and high status chance and is able to apply multiple status effects. Same goes for your melee weapon. You can still use PPP with condition overload amd get a flat bonus. There are many posts that state that PPP+Condition overload give diminishing returns at very high levels 150+ but I disagree.
  14. That is the thing which is going to take the world forward, sir.
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