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  1. Na, i only fire my modded ignis and with pacience it kill it. nezha resist a lot.
  2. In my case there is only french kids screaming all the time.
  3. I think that all moda auras must have the same capacity, the same as steel charge.
  4. There is so much suns, so much as starts in the sky. maybe is not our sun.
  5. I use nezha for steel path. Acolytes are so easy.
  6. “God (DE) created Arrakis (railjack) to train the faithful.”
  7. DE should give something to those who complete all levels. i love nightwave, and i’m close to finish the new levels.
  8. I use something like this: https://overframe.gg/build/81408/nezha/link-to-nezha-prime-build-in-description/ remove reaping chakran and put streamline, maximize blind range and forma streamline. Adaptation with nivel 6 is enough in this build. i dont subsume my nezha. I think that umbra fiber is a waste, health conversion do the job well. I don’t have arcane energize, use the arcane that give life and zenurik.
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