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  1. En 10/10/2021 a las 9:42, MqToasty dijo:

    Well, I rather enjoyed Railjack because it's less monotonous to me.  Instead of just tapping E and watching everything die mission after mission, I actually get to fly a spaceship, shoot a few things, kill some enemies on foot, hack some consoles (though I usually "cheat" with Perspicacity) all in one mission.

    But to each their own, and I'm sure there are modes that I cannot stand that others enjoy...

    I like rj for the first day.

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  2. hace 2 minutos, Tesseract7777 dijo:

    That reminds me, did you know there is a church somewhere in rural Kentucky in America, where people dance around holding poisonous snakes to "prove they are in Gods favor"? They figure they won't get bit or die from a bite as long as they aren't living in sin, it's an arrogant way to show they are "holy", also dangerous and foolish lol. 

    It's pretty wild. The world is a loony places sometimes. 

    In my case is a reference to frank herbert’s dune:

    God created Arrakis to train the faith.


    good books.



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  3. hace 14 horas, AJAL8000 dijo:

    Well this topic is made a bit of a joke and initially I had planned to put it in the Feedback forums, but on second thought, I think it looks better here. Also, first I thought about putting a huge text, but I think that with basic ideas you understand what I'm going to say.

    Before starting I want to clarify that I love all the ideas that RailJack offers us and I think it's great that [DE] tries to innovate with new game modes, but there are serious problems in RailJack that seriously, I want them to be more seen in the community.

    Everything that is in RailJack can be in normal missions.

    I like how you play with the RailJack, you move in a ship and destroy enemy ships, simple but fun. But then they got missions like RailJack Survival. The idea does not sound so bad, but when you enter you find out that it is a simple survival with objectives that waste your time before properly entering the mission. This could easily just be placed in a "Special" Survival in the normal type of missions and that's it. This is for complicating the life of the player more?

    If RailJack is the same as a normal mission, but slower and rewarding than at one point, they are useless. Why does it exist in the first place?

    I think RailJack is a game mode for another game.

    As I said before, I love the concepts, but I hate how they were applied. RailJack does not seem to work well and it also does not bring out its full potential when the game is about repeating the same mission at least 100 times a week (or day lol). RailJack need to be more efficient.

    I feel that RailJack is poorly focused, the missions in RailJack should give better rewards so that going there makes sense, of course many will say that you can get Endo and Credits there, but the truth is, if I want to endo, I go to Sedna on Steel Path. If I want Credits, I go to the Index or do a Profit-Taker Orb in 3 minutes. Why would I want to go to RailJack then? If they wanted to give better rewards, why not buff the rewards of existing missions then?

    I think to improve this, it would be better if they improve the rewards so that they make sense with the longer time it takes to do the mission.

    RailJack has caused [DE] a lot of problems, both financially and in the time they spend in their own game. Honestly, if the RailJack is never going to stop being just a taxi to the main mission, why don't we just use the Orbiters?

    I feel like RailJack shouldn't have existed and it would have been better if [DE] spent all that effort and money on something that was more productive and better for the game. RailJack was more work than profit in my opinion.

    What do you think? Obviously I am not saying to remove RailJack, it would be wasting effort, time and money, both from the players and the developers. It's too late. But I would like to know if you think if it actually should have existed in the first place.

    Also, it should be clarified that I am not mentioning the amount of problems caused by bugs or how the materials or rewards that come out in those missions seem to take forever to come out. I should mention it, but this goes beyond whether this game mode should even exist.

    God create railjack to train the faithful.

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  4. hace 15 horas, Xaero dijo:

    No no it actually makes a lot of sense.

    Just look at it. It's impossible to insert Paracesis into the sheath, the curves won't allow it.

    I like to think of the sheath decoration as a failure of its craftsman to properly think over its design. He crafted it, then realized his mistake and now it's just a decoration.


    Maybe it open for the blade.

  5. En 2/8/2021 a las 21:31, (PSN)GingyGreen dijo:

    Fully agree, but for different reasons.


    Played solo, you are the captain of your little Corvette, and you don't have 3 other jackasses breaking your immersion or spamming the hell out of everything to insta-complete your missions. You can actually enjoy flying around with a crew and have adventures.


    My only gripe is how limited the crew are, how you can't elect to bring a few with your out into missions (why can't On-Call teleport your Crew to the areas?!)


    Course that really applies to most missions in general. Warframe in general is a whole lot more fun played solo. Especially when you play a non-nuke Frame, where your powers actually come into play rather than spending an entire mission watching your ass hole Mesa Nova Xaku and Saryn teammates insta-delete every enemy in sight before you can even fire a shot.

    I hate how I must fight for the ship control.

    if leave one second the navigator seat one random guy go fast to reclaim it.


  6. Hello tecnos,


    I can’t kill my sister, when I low her life, I can’t use the parazon, there is not option to use it.


    I noted that the parazon can be use only a second when her life is low, but is little time.

    I tried three times but it’s difficult use the parazon in a second when her life is low.


    my sister is level 5, with another sister don’t have this problem.

  7. En 2/6/2021 a las 14:52, Muzure dijo:

    after playing for way to long, this is just one of the micro things that can turn someone toxic after the 100.000th time sprint mode gets turned of for random reasons like using danse macabre, sol gate or holding tailwind, vial rush, deactivating prowl, of course sandstorm, undertow, awgis storm, pulverize,  starting a mission and other reasons i cant think of that are not abilities
    nothing huge or important. ik some of you will laught at how minor this is..... 
    also this would one extra button that serves no real purose right now and can be mapped for something more usefull

    I’m embarrassed to confess that I have learned about this the past week.

    i,m 23 mastery...


    this game have a worst help.

  8. hace 19 horas, Kaotyke dijo:

    Get adult Operators and the game ends.

    Why? Because we go from a sci-fantasy setting to Real-Problems genre: paying bills, going to work, depression, worrying about bills, using your money to pay the kids' school, divorce, bills, jobs, bills...

    But at least we get a horse.


    You can get a debt with the corpus to pay the house, and sell your body.

  9. hace 13 horas, TomCruisesSon dijo:

    Literally just got to that part in the stream, what timing lol. I too wish for Plague Star, never got to play it.

    I want to play it. Never see this event.

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  10. En 11/9/2020 a las 7:27, Hyohakusha dijo:

    I can pretty much guarantee you the only actual "secret" is that Granpappy Albrecht is in the ruins somewhere, but however we get to him isn't in game yet. Gramps is the "he" Mother disdainfully refers to during her opening speech at the start of the Iso Bounty. She says something to the effect of "and find out what He's been doing down there." implying that someones down there messing with things. It's not Loid, she knows what Loid does down there (annoy us with his slowness), and none of the other Entrati mess around in the vaults. Gramps is the only member of the family we haven't met, and Mother has some obvious issues with him. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being Deimos' boss is some way or another.

    Mother is talking about father and the necramechs... he says that we see what is father doing.


    albretch is dead, he choose not to take another body, he was afraid that he isn’t self, that he is the man in the middle.

  11. hace 4 horas, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan dijo:


    It always amazes me to watch players make excuses for the devs.  I've built everything that requires Kavat genetic codes twice, and I think I've target farmed them maybe once and I still have dozens in my inventory that I don't need.  They are easy to get, so there's no excuse for locking a quest like this to not be replayable because "It will make it too easy to get the materials if you can replay it."  even though you'd have to do that tedious ass jar over again if you replayed it.  I'd rather farm them passively while opening vaults than run that jar again.  

    As for the codex itself, I've come to agree with Voltage.  I was trying to get all the scans until I realized just how many entries are 100% not completeable because I wasn't playing 6 years ago or whatever.  There's also almost no lore or flavor text to be had in the codex like there is with other games where they would use something like that for world building.  It's the same sort of info you can get on the wiki, just...  a lot less of it for a lot more work.

    I have been curious though, if someone with a completed enemy scan can summon that enemy in the simulacrum and let someone who doesn't have the scans bring a helios in to get the scans.  I'd be willing to try it if there's anyone on Xbox with an enemy they don't have that I do or vice versa.  

    Don’t understand me, I want this quest repayable, I don’t have lucke with the kavats genetics codes.

    I think all quest must be replayable, I like do quest.

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