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  1. It's hard to argue with either assessment. You both bring up good points. In all seriousness, congrats my guy, and I hope it turns out well!
  2. Does anyone from DE even glance at these posts? I feel like there are a few good ideas hidden among this heap of data... In any case, here's my idea for a potential quest or Operation which could expand the game a little more Ok, so every time Baro comes in with his subpar inventory of products, I think of this conspiracy I think could become a pretty neat quest which could open up potential alternate farms. Here's how it goes: We don't know what Baro Ki'teer does with the prime parts/blueprints we give him in exchange for ducats. Some theorize they're melted into the duc
  3. but that wouldn't fit within the definition of relic ("an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest."), and while this game has many fictional elements to it, it does try to keep at least a small amount of realism, and I believe relics, operating on "quantum superposition" (the wiki's words, not mine), meaning we cannot know what is inside the relic until it is opened; if we knew, then it wouldn't have ever had a chance of containing any of the other possible drops. I do appreciate your take on it, and did find it an interesting th
  4. As far as I know, we either just give them to Baro, so he has a huge stockpile of prime parts, or we melt down the blueprints and weapon parts (unlikely) and reform them into ducats
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