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  1. Per Lascar's recommendation: "1. There is no such thing as a "sneaky nerf". 2. Balancing just happen. If you disagree with the nerf and think it wasn't required, then you should probably talk about it in the feedback subforums while bringing meaningful arguments and solutions. This conversation leads nowhere. Closing." 1. Yes there actually is. When you as a development team claim to be backing down on nerfing and instead deciding to focus on buffing frames, and then immediately nerf popular frames or weapons (Even though in Khora's case her main farm was killed off in the updat
  2. Because the Devs didn't like people doing endless runs with her and thought people were using macros and AFKing (Even though you can't AFK missions like Disruptions), so instead of dealing with the people who they thought were problematic they just killed Khora, presumably because it's less work than figuring out if people are using Macros or not. (Macros themselves aren't a bad thing though, as per the aforementioned users with disabilities)
  3. So as the title says, my monthly Twitch Prime rewards aren't being given despite claiming them. Now, I've tried the usual advice of unlinking and relinking my account, but I'm still getting nothing, and I've tried this on both my Amazon page and my Twitch Launcher. I'm not sure what's causing is but I was logged into WF at the time I claimed the rewards (Something I usually don't do), so maybe that's causing it or is related? Either way, it's annoying.
  4. Update! Ok, after collecting enough resonance to really get evidence, I was able to get the duplicate model glitch to randomly appear. And guess what? It happened twice. (The screenshots below were taken on 2 different occasions) For reference, my piece of evidence is the empty model, but both of the models are appearing to be full. And yes, I did fail both tries and lost 10 resonance.
  5. As the title says, the puzzle you have to go through right before the Nihil fight is seriously glitched. Basically what happens is that every time I earn enough resonance to get to the fight arena area, the clues are constantly bugging out. Notable bugs include 2 of the same clue model appearing as different options (So there's a 50/50 chance that you're screwed and are going to fail through no fault of your own) and a clue being incorrect or getting mixed up with what I actually have as evidence (I have the dagger as my weapon but ~1/2 the time the game thinks it's the wrong option and t
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