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  1. Yeah... the OP (and I agree) suggest that the actual drop percentile is much lower.
  2. Yes, those guides are out of date. DE released a rework for glaive weapons. It took me a while to learn "press and hold melee button" for glaive throw, heavy attack button for mid-air detonation. I use a controller, so the coordination feels a bit smoother for me. Xoris is "easy" for both reasons. You do not need to bring a specific frame (but tanky, fast, or evasive are VERY helpful). Also the Xoris itself, when detonated in mid-air, is effective at destroying the specters. When charged with three "specter ghosts", a mid-air detonation will create a huge explosion that kills specters and frees hostages (granting you 30 additional seconds). Those specters are weak against Gas-type damage (not the Gas-status proc). I like to equip Life Strike on Xoris because the mid-air explosions will heal me. In actual play/movement strategy, I run towards the hostages and the specters trail behind me (only a few appear in front of me). I rely on the fact that the specters have a limited attack range, I try to stay away from them and try not to get surrounded. If the hostage is really far away from me, I may take a break about halfway through to kill some specters and collect any time-pyramids they drop. If I think I won't make it to the hostage in a reasonable amount of time, I will focus instead getting enough kills. If that's how you want to run it, have fun. That's much more important. I tried Mesa, holding still (or walking) is a death sentence. But that's just me.
  3. I don't know about you, but for some reason my sisters literally appear in the very first mission. You are suggesting that I "guess" a requiem mod that I am likely to get wrong 23 out of 24 times (or 95.83¯%). If I know just a single requiem, it helps in the process of elimination. At that point, I don't hesitate to stab the lich-sis. If playing using a mechanic that DE integrated into their system is grieving, then make a case for DE to remove the "3 knock-downs and leaves" feature. If the feature didn't exist, then I most certainly would stab my lich because I don't want to rooster block other players from meeting their lich-sisters. Thanks for saying, "you shouldn't be in the system to be honest". It is demeaning and insensitive, and I expected more from a player with your reputation. I can play content with level 5 lich-sisters, but I don't enjoy it. I don't use meta builds and weapons, so I'm not in the "I already melt level 999 content, it's so easy and boring" category of players.
  4. I liked it better when you wanted a "Camero of Tyl Regor"
  5. Just chill. And why should I stab my lich-sis when I don't even know the first requiem?
  6. DE is finally killing the Inner Tube ephemera
  7. Please consider this article regarding the long-term use of immersion-breaking cosmetic items. The angel wings ephemera is also annoying 🦋
  8. #1 - Click EDIT on your post and remove the name of that player. It's against the rules. #2 - It is impossible to trade and/or buy those ephemeras directly. You can only trade for a lich/sister that has the ephemera, then you must kill or capture it. #3 - If you did not receive the sister with the ephemera in your trade, then you have been ripped off. Contact support at http://support.warframe.com/ to report that player and to request your 100p back. It is safe to tell the DE staff the player's name, just not publicly.
  9. Grendel only weighs 2? Wow, He must be doing some crazy squats and warm-up exercises! I expected him to weigh much, much, much more.
  10. Yeah... No date in sight. There's a chance that on Aug 4th when DE delivers Nightwave: Nora's Choice, they will also deliver on New War or Cross-save stage 1... but realistically it looks like you've got this bet in the bag. How long do you want to wait to release me from my glyph? I can't wait to return to SummerYuko
  11. The way I read the description of Invigoration Mutation, I was also under the impression that after 10-invigs I could always pick whatever frame I wanted. But that would be so game breaking. I understand now it is more like a coffee card "buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free". It's kinda funny, in an ironic-hypocritical way: Before Invigorations were released, players were shouting "its ruining the game!" and "warframe rivens are bad!" Now that they are released, we hear "invigoration system sucks!" and "not worth it" and "absuletely lame". I mean, it was just supposed to spice up our games a bit. It was intentinally designed to not be "the new meta". And of course any experienced player could adjust their builds to take advantage of this feature. I think encouraging players to change their mod configurations and use different warframes was the goal.
  12. Getting an un-owned blueprint is a normal login reward (random chance). You are correct that it is not a "Milestone Reward" weapon like Azima or Zenistar. (see https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Daily_Tribute#Rewards) Technically Cadus is not a new weapon, the Chinese version of Warframe has had it for years. You can't find it in your list of craftable melee weapons? If that is the case, submit a ticket to http://support.warframe.com/ as is could be a scripting error.
  13. I was making a joke. I didn't think I needed to add the "/s". Your suggestion has merit. Maybe it could replace Intrinsic Tactical 10. Join Warp is useless.
  14. I deleted Mirulina in favour of Vial Rush first world problems, I guess.
  15. I want the Wolf to be added to the start chart and I want him to be returned to his original super-tanky-bullet-spongy self the star char in any form. If DE wants to stick it behind Steel Path or Railjack, I can live with that. Now it's time for speculation: what will Nora's Choice contain as regard content? Will it be text based lore and activities like we have for Sorties? Will it be a new series of Nightwave Intermission with a different wrapper? Or something else? What DE revealed so far: In the "End of Nightwave Intermission 3" post, DE mentioned Duplicate Protection and focusing on The New War. So keep that in mind.
  16. Vauban already has Photon Strike. What more do you want?
  17. That data is no longer accurate. Bleed does not bypass shields anymore. There may be other out of date details. Read warframe.fandom.com for accurate info.
  18. My thoughts as to why: I think it is necessary. DE said they want to focus on NewWar. Any challenges related to the new content will probably need new back-end code to make sure they get tracked successfully. The same is true for any new rewards (like the Arcane Ash helmet instead of the Operator Wolf Hood).
  19. Hmm, my favourite ghoul is.... the one that saws your tenno face off! But I suppose Ripkas would be good too.
  20. That's pretty nice of you. I can see how annoying that situation is. At the least DE should program Kickbot and Answerbot to have those canned responces already.
  21. Yeah, IDK why DE hasn't been good with the nightwave messages.
  22. Ah, I get it. Yes I totally agree! I think DE is trying to find ways to make challenging content without forcing players to use the "meta" solution. Or, at least I think they are. Some of DE_Megan's comments in her streams have suggested that the idea of "use meta or you're doing it wrong" is discouraged by the staff at DE. I hope the upcoming "in their shoes" content will accomplish that with Veso & Kahl.
  23. I think you are saying min-maxing is bad? Or are you saying that putting new content like Sevagoth into medium-end player like railjack is bad? Or are you saying that it's bad when all you have to do is mash the melee button? ...at least I think I follow you... Clearly you have a lot of something to say, maybe do you have a TL;DR version you could share?
  24. No worries! You're in the right place. I am also wondering about this, not just for console exclusive items, but also weird Steam/PC exclusive items. An example is the Rubido Skins and Phased Skins, they are "Steam Market" items that can be traded via Steam but not tradeable in-game.
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