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  1. The helmets are just there to fill the area, i really couldn't come up with a suiting helmet for the design so i just picked one of the helmets and put it there, that's why it's not colored.
  2. If you want to follow my work, here's my Deviantart Idea of the weapon: Initial shots start with 5 fire rate, when fired for 5 straight seconds it gradually reaches to 30 fire rate. These 5 and 30 fire rate values are not affected by any mods, only the 5 second wind up gets faster/slower with fire rate mods.
  3. The idea was to make the metal coil things on the arms out of bone so it looked like ribs or something, it gives a shamanic look which i find really interesting.
  4. Here's a feature i always wanted, the ability to tag items based on what you'll do with them later. I'm currently keeping a text file with the names of items i'll craft later (trying to get other parts), and items i'll turn into ducats (i don't want to visit a relay inbetween opening relics just to turn them into ducats, i do that in bulk later). This is very impractical i think, having the ability to tag the items would be great! Here's screenshot i made showing how it would probably look like: Another idea: The ability to tag the item at the reward screen of relic missions, basical
  5. A concept skin based on bones and warm colors with somewhat organic curves. Couldn't decide on a good helmet so made some random designs :p What do you think ?
  6. Here are two weapon designs i came up with. btw the SMG's dual wielded variant should be named Twin Grakor since it's a corpus weapon, so that's a mistake on my part. Would love to hear your opinions on the designs! I haven't thought much about the stats and such, but if you have a good suggestion about how they should function, please comment below, i couldn't come up with anything other than this :p
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