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  1. thats why I only generate a lich if im gonna grind the weapon that day lol
  2. Khora I used to run kuva bramma before ammo nerf, and sure I could run a build that can cover ammo, or I could use a kuva bramma with more range, scales with melee mods, and feels better to use! also, if I lockdown an entire room, no need to tank because I dont get hit, and her 4 + 1 is pretty much a nuke only issue is I have problems with energy cause no energize and sometimes have to sacrifice combo counter(naramon), duration, energy, or range depending on my mood to find a balance.
  3. Recently tried saryn with resonator, it works PERFECTLY, and since long durations you can run blind rage, to get max range and 200% strength which is pretty pog, its like the infestation evolved to infect their mental state as well, mindlessly walking into the plague. I shall call it, Plague Siren Saryn.
  4. id recommend try out resonator, since xaku plays relatively stationary it will keep you alive with range(no need for conductor augment, the ai tries to search out uncharmed enemies, so keeping it in place would only be for defense protection 100% or lowering effective range) then you can try blind rage + umbral intensify + growing power for 200% strip, use zenurik and flow for energy, as his durations are long, primed cont for 155% duration + vast untime freezes over extended + cunning drift for a good amount of range, then rest can be option so blind rage, umbral intensify, prime
  5. in my experience it happened on corpus tilesets for me, and no it wasnt nullifer
  6. if DE is watching and their response is to nerf then they didnt want us to enjoy helminth system in first place kekw
  7. wait blood altar can build combo counter? that could eliminate a need for naramon on stat stick frames...
  8. resonator khora, im trying this out today, but the idea is to charm enemies into ur strangledome for an even more effective range dome. Also the resonator has a bigger effective range than listen since the ai's first priority is to move to enemies that arent charmed, then its 2nd priority is to go to you, so with 42 meters itll try to move to enemies outside and itll grab even more enemies.
  9. I do get what you mean, in normal star chart, guns are more efficient(and fun) because you can kill enemies in one hit from range, and you can actually use maneuver mechanics and shoot same time. melee just does more damage, and when it gets to the point guns dont do enough damage then melee would be more efficient. Though I do want to point out that the only reason why is because armor... against corpus and infested even steel path(assuming when endurance though melee might be better... but they are so weak it doesnt matter as much) guns seem to be better cause good builds oneshot those two f
  10. melee? guns? I speak in whipclaw, the equivalent of if you gave the kuva bramma melee mods
  11. One thing about balance I want to point out, as a khora main, is that theres a sort of threshold to effectiveness in an ability. Lets observe whipclaw. Whipclaw is effective at killing enemies, as it is a damage ability, and that is what it is supposed to do. It does damage and can kill enemies effectively. If you nerf the damage a bit, either you lower the damage, in which its still going to be effective since its a range explosion that scales off of melee mods, or you nerf it to the point in which its not effective anymore. In which, simply the ability is going to be shafted(or n
  12. I actually created a thread about the mod precept for the Panzer Vulpaphyla, [Viral Quills], and bugs it has with Khora and Saryn, if someone at DE can see this it would be highly appreciated, I was hyped for combos with the Panzer Vulpaphyla, I grinded it out and then there was the bugs and that left me kinda stumpted cause I usually dont do open worlds but this got me to do them. I post information and pictures on how to replicate, if I have to record a video it wouldnt be a problem, just tell me what I got to do.
  13. Title, I have no idea what to put on her, thinking dispensary(with equilibrium and panzer, once they fix the panzer bug), spectorage(spectrosiphon would provide energy would be pretty cool), resonator(while strangledome, this would charm enemies outside of strangledome and double on survivability due to max range), quiver(invisibility is better than cc lul, though makes you stationary, but thats not really a problem. Also wonder how noise arrow works). Wanna hear some ideas of what you guys put on your krazy kavat lady 😄
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