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  1. It's cool i just resold them, not my problem anymore, *evil laugh*
  2. So i just spent 300p on kitgun rivens??? So will these labeled Shotgun Rivens always be kitgun rivens?
  3. So will the bugged shotgun rivens be fixed? I just spent 300p on potentially nothing but kitgun rivens?
  4. I'd be cool with that but i don't have multiple accounts lol. Looking at it again after seeing your comment i think you may be right. Fingers crossed this all goes well. Hopefully they don't rush it. Thanks for your reply mate :)
  5. I really hope that Steve is implying that the platinum you have now can only be traded to players on your platform. If he's saying that the plat you have now will become non tradable and market only, then they need to start telling people that now, and put that on every plat package they sell. Legally speaking i don't see how they could do that since plat is advertised now as being tradable player to player, they can't just up and change that it would be false advertising right? People who have bought every Prime Access and multiple packs, a lot of us have sizable amounts of plat, and if one day that plat loses half of its advertised function, that would be pretty messed up. So hopefully he's just talking about plat you have now can only be traded player to player on the platform you bought/earned that plat on. As for a combined trade chat among all platforms. I just see that being a huge dumpster fire. Trade chat is busy as hell as it is now, adding all platforms together would be chaos. And logistically I'd bet it would be a nightmare, tho im just imagining that i have no in depth knowledge of how any of that could or would potentially work. As for Tennogen i hope that DE changes the way it's sold on pc. I'm on console myself, i would hate having to pay cash for tennogen. I also hope DE changes its way of paying the creators. They should be paid for the work they do, not just if it's selling or not. The amount a certain skin sells should have nothing to do with how creators are paid unless it's like an added commission on top of a flat fee for doing the work, and selling said work to DE. Hopefully that's how they're paid now, but honestly idk, if they aren't then they're taking advantage of the creators. Anyway that's my two cents. Thanks for reading my thoughts on the subject. If anyone at DE is reading this, you guys did such a great job at Tennocon this year, it was really phenomenal. Can't wait for the new lore!!!
  6. All of this coming from the guy that put an ad in WTS for an Ignis Wraith BP FOR 49p. That's just low dude. You're blocked.
  7. Nvm it really doesn't matter anyway cuz you've already proven yourself to be a liar. Nothing you say is credible.
  8. Try it whenever you get the steel path unlocked. Lol I've got 4k hours in the game how many do you have? My ps name is same as here you can check it out for yourself. And i never said anything about gladiator mods on anything being op lmao. Quote me where i said that. Stop lying about things I've said only because you can't come up with a good argument against them, it's sad really.
  9. This is supposed to just be for bugs bro please stop cluttering it up with replys and trying to troubleshoot these things. That's for DE to do. Thank you.
  10. Same, my stick works, but holding X on the Slider to move it does not. 100% of the time.
  11. Topic: In-Game Description: Using Volt to Eidolon hunt on Plains of Eidolon. Put down a shield (activated his 3), immediately went into operator mode and Volt picked up the shield. Visual: N/A Reproduction: As Volt, put down a shield (use your 3), immediately go into your operator, and Volt will pick up the shield. Expected Result: Volt should not pick up his shield. This has never worked like this till post-Sisters of Parvos update. And it's spooky. Observed Result: Volt picks his shield up when i go into operator mode and he shouldn't. Bad Volt. Reproduction Rate: 100%. Happens Everytime. Thank's guys 😘
  12. Yet again you show your inexperience. Using the random button you can in fact put the Deconstructor on other sentinels.
  13. Oh and please do tell us all about when you fought level 10k+ enemies without using melee, and a sentinel lol. What game mode were you playing? How long did it take to reach level 10,014? We all want to hear how you Excalibro'd your way thru lvl 10k's. Please, teach us your ways Obi Wan...
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