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  1. While it is fair to be disappointed, I think you should look at the situation a bit differently: Events in warframe are always there to reward people that invest a lot of time. They are never for the players that barely invest any time into the game. They punish you if you do not have enough time invested into the game in its entirety. Deimos content required you to have played through Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. This event requires you to have played through Deimos. If you can not invest enough time to play through Deimos and get a mech, why would you have enough time to
  2. I haven't read the entire thread, but imo the worst part about OV is that it doesn't reward skill beyond a certain point. You have to wait for the next condrix, instead of getting the next one as soon as the old one dies. Their size makes it more annoying to shoot them. It's not really hard, but due to how you get pretty much blinded by the guard mode of the necramech you have to just remember where to shoot. Not being able to heal your mech with basically any source that isn't the new necramech healing mod makes preparation irrelevant. Same with not being able to use warframes.
  3. That would imply that a lot of people play octavia. Most people hate her for her playstyle.
  4. Octavia still hasn't seen a fix for the bug where if you pick up the mallet with the resonator, enemies shoot the resonator, making it impossible for the mallet to be charged with damage with anything that doesnt do AoE. I highly doubt they will "fix" the reflection of the mines either. While I understand the nerf, it's still somewhat sad as most people don't play octavia because they don't enjoy her playstyle. This lead to her being actually useful and desired in ONE paticular mission. We still haven't seen nerfs to chroma as it can do profit taker extremely well, nor have we seen volt n
  5. Corrosive is still better than viral on pure crit builds, as the damage multiplier still helps a lot. I am personally fine with most damage types, i just think impact, blast, magnetic and especially gas need some buffs.
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