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  1. On Dev stream it said we are suppose to have the new Nightwave intermission start??? So far I see nothing
  2. [DE]Rebecca Will we be able to get Lavos after the Event has finished?
  3. I totally agree that the lighting on certain items during game play & admiring on the obiter are just TOO bright, The coin in the middle just blinds me a lot & those pictures as well.
  4. Thanks so much DE, you have made the best game in the world for me & love playing every chance I get 😁
  5. Firstly thank you so much for the New Steel Ess reward! Feels like a way better reward for completing all the planets! But they still haven't fixed the Mire melee weapon. After a few mins into any mission it just stops functioning as i can't Melee attack at all.
  6. I have the same issue. My Mire won't melee attack after a few mins into any mission i select.
  7. Is the Alchemist not going to be in the update for Deimos arcana as shown on the dev stream??
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