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  1. Do I just need to stay in https://www.twitch.tv/warframe to get both the gun and Hydroid? It's nearly 2am where I am and I honestly am really too tired to stay up any longer.
  2. Does it effect Simaris blips, Tranq blips, Mining flashy circles too? I hated that option as it made exploding containers just explode all over my face. Turning it way down made my game friggin bearable.
  3. Tried some hunting, scanning, mining and all that since last post... everything is just frustratingly harder now since the 'blinks' are so faint. Please revert this DE... it's really not a good patch.
  4. Oh god exactly this. I can't see any of the lines on Octavia's 3 (which I used to use white, was so bright it almost blinded me) anymore. Nor I can see any of the wild animals through the Tranq scope or Simaris target spots because everything is so dark / faded now. I thought it was me changing options but god it was because of an update...
  5. There is sort of a workaround for this, or at least for me. When I cast Octavia's 1 in pubs (with 4) the mallet just doesn't do anything. Draws aggro, but does nothing. When I cast 3 while doing so, it works. When 3 expires and 1 and 4 are still standing. 1 just stops. I did post this in the bug megathread, but also as an Octavia main, I really find this irritating too.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Octavia's 1 doesn't work if you are not the host and do do not have 3 up. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: While not being the host, cast Octavia's 1. EXPECTED RESULT: Octavia's 1 works regardless of what she is currently using. Regardless of party. OBSERVED RESULT: Octavia's 1 does draws aggro, but does not attack. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always when I am not host.
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