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  1. This is happening frequently to a discord server that I will not say the name Im just curious why they hate me, i dont care so much
  2. Well i play on xbox, and i see A LOT of hate from pc players about console, why did u guys hate us so much? (Just saying that is not everyone on the pc that hate console players)
  3. Well I don’t have proofs or something that this is true.. but I think that the child’s get there by their own, but the Orokin like give them a way to enter there
  4. Well DE if u create a Nidus Prime, please don’t make a Cyst Prime that you need more time to put that ugly thing from my neck, pls no more cyst I begging you guys =(
  5. well I just curious does anyone have the translated codex of Excalibur Umbra Prime (CN founders pack)
  6. I think this is a important part on ember codex -The old woman gestured for the officer to take Kaleen away. The meeting was over. When Kaleen reached the door she twisted out of his grip and shot back, 'Why would you do that? Why would you put children on a military ship?' 'We didn't. That would violate procedure.' so how they managed to put so much children’s there or the child’s enter there without permission?
  7. And I don’t think so much that exist a lot of tennos because the for the orokin empire is prohibited putting child’s on ships, so they did that in a irregular way, putting a bunch of kiddos don’t is the best way to make it secret =p
  8. If sylvana created the normal frames that is the “bio drones” so we won’t have the Titania Prime? And I think every Tenno have they own characteristic and every frame was made with they own characteristics like One Tenno like music and one Dax girl like music so they made octavia for this Tenno that like music, like every frame have a lore on the codex with they own characteristics things they did, like the mirage laughing when it was time of her death, I think that they take compatible persons for each Tenno, not just bio drones made randomly with randomly powers, it’s like two persons connecting they mind, and the umbras maybe be the warframes that ballas on the vitruvian when they didn’t know the tenno thing, so they don’t have the tenno for control him or something they act with they own mind, like different things, uses they own fashion. But this theory have a lot of fails like why MC can use a lot of frames and some others thing 😛
  9. I see like the relics its like a time capsule made by the orokin and they put this on the void to the Sentients dont find and take (this id why u need to use void fissures) its like if anything go wrong tenno go there!
  10. So how warframes primes were created? Its just metal with the hellminth? (Jordas see the hellminth in every frame) or every frame has the dax there? (every frame breaks war in the game)Why Umbra is a Umbra its just a name for the special ballas frame of his enemy?
  11. Well first thing to say that i have a S#&$ english sorry for that second thing is SPOILERS from The Sacrifice só if u didn’t played yet just don’t read now let’s start this, in the Ballas monologue on the vitruvian he said every time “they” when was referring to the warframes, the “greatest” that was injected the reagents, the thecnosyte, so the first warframes was umbras, but the primes warframes is the first so every prime warframes is a umbra? Yes I think but the thing that Excal umbra have that the others prime didn’t have was that the tenno created every frame on the foundry with just blueprints, and we can’t put a dax on a warframe because we don’t have a dax to put there (well tenshin but tenshin is tenshin) this is the reason that umbras walk alone with no Tenno and the Other frames don’t do that well it’s that :p
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