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  1. @Fire2box I was wondering the same thing. Cant wait for the changes to go live.
  2. I made my above post so that other players with more experience than me in the game could not only educate me, but others who I have come into contact with who I will call toxic/uninformed instead of bullies at this time who have little understanding of mr ranking/obtaining Kuva Weapons. Since I had come into contact with a couple individuals who interrogated me during missions for having Kuva Weapons. Also a post within this thread had also stated confusion on the subject showing that this topic seems newer, and is not very well known "Did some refresh lookup and here (pertaining to the wiki) it says (not is) the minimum requirements for Kuva Weapons is mr13" The post then proceeded to follow up this false claim stating "So if you are lower than that how are you using them?". I had opened up the Kuva Lich excerpt at the Warframe wiki as well reading the entire excerpt word for word, and it started within the wiki that "Upon defeating a Lich the player can either vanquish, or convert a Lich. The only requirement to summon Lich lavalings was to have finished "The War Within" quest." It does not state in the wiki that upon defeating a lich you need to be mr13 to use the weapon/obtain it upon defeating said Lich. So now that the information is up here for everyone to see, and not only what "I have said, but also what the very helpful community of other players upon this forum have said as well" Then everyone can now see that I have every right to have my Kuva Weapons. I defeated my liches fairly, and had failed missions at times learning on the way while doing so in the early stages of my Lich Hunting days. It was an uphill/downhill battle full of anguish, and at the end of it I was rewarded with the Legendary Kuva Weapons I now have in my possession. Again it has been stated by many within this forum thread that mr rank has no hold over weapons that are obtained fairly through either events, missions, from market place packs such as (ex.premium access pack/limbo pack), or through means of defeating Kuva Liches. Trust me I was even confused myself on defeating my first Lich when I looked up the mr ranking of my weapons for the first time, and that is why I turned to the forums since I had a question about this current newly introduced system since I began to believe in my head that something was broken. Although this is just how the Kuva Lich system seems to be proving that I have every right to have my weapons like everyone else. With that said in the future I will be more aware to educate others that I play with who seem to flip out when someone mr10 (myself) has a few Kuva Weapons whilst ignoring them if they continue to act with a brash immature behavior twords me, or attempt to interrogate me mid mission. I understand that people are people, and it was not my intention to use the word bullying in a throw around type manner more so than just pointing out the overly toxic nature of these individuals I came into contact with would be a better wording than saying they bullied me (since you are correct they did not break down my door, and are not coming after me) since they were just speaking quite a lot of frivolous garbage in chat. So in the future I will do my best to ignore those individuals and keep on having a good time as I was before these incidents. I will admit that within the moment of writing my first original post above I was a bit overly irritated with the situations that took place, and so I felt it was the best course of action to reach out to the community in answering this question once and for all, so that I could feel a little less anxious about running into this kind of behavior from those who are toxic in the future since the truth would be out in the open of how the Kuva Lich system actually works. Which is why this was originally a question as to why weapons from Kuva Liches, and from packs such as the prime access vault are not locked behind there mr ranks upon obtaining them as rewards/purchases in the market place. Therefore at this time I now feel better about the situation, and I have calmed down a bit. Again it was not my intention to throw around the word bullying in a casual manner. At the time of these happenings I just felt as if the only way to describe the erratic immature chat behavior of these individuals was the behavior of that of a bully. So I had used that word since the post was a very in the moment thing since this behavior that does occur had challenged my integrity as an upstanding player/Tenno of this fine game. Which not only at the time hurt my feelings, but made me feel that the work I had done as a player was a bit worthless since they had stated they would be reporting me. Although it could have just been a few common trolls who were trying to get a rise out of me. Anyways the situation has been resolved, and my question was answered by the community so thank you community. Also sorry what I said about the community in my original post. So now that the information is out in the open for all to see (Also I feel that if mr rank does not count twords obtaining a Kuva weapon than that information should also be added to wiki more clearly to further clarify how the system works since its sort of stated, but in a fairly vague terminology that may be difficult for some to understand.) so that in the future this does not happen to someone else since it was quite jarring/out of the blue what I had gone through being once again a semi new player who is just trying to have fun, and enjoy this amazing game. Thank you all for your answers, and again I apologize for the wording that I had used to describe these individuals. Have a wonderful day, and again I will be more aware of the words I use in the future when making a post about a question pertaining to an issue I may be having at the time. Although I can say for the most part playing this game has been a good experience overall. So I feel the best course of action to take at this time is just to ignore these individuals, and keep on gaming.
  3. Hello my in game name is H3XW17CH, and I was concerned with what a bunch of high mr rank players had told me while I was playing a defense fissure mission. Well in a way they were rather rude to me, and quite judgmental questioning my integrity as a player while calling me a cheater when I have no reason to cheat in a PvE game.. They had noticed that I had Kuva Weapons, and one of them said that because I was mr rank 10 that I should not be able to use my Kuva weapons? They also kept questioning me as if they were some kind of detective so now I am reaching out to the forums since this seems to happen to me quite a lot since I use my revenant warframe which as the cool disco ability, and my kuva ogris. Yet when I was mr 7 and I went to the kuva fortress after I beat The War Within quest to find the soma chords (had no intention of summoning a lich) for the song that comes from the kuva missions I accidentally parazoned a kuva larvaling (have parazons mods [blood of life] and [ammo for life] so parazoning enemies was commonplace). I had to fight my Kuva Lich after that with no way to opt out of fighting it, and failed quite a lot of missions trying to defeat my Lich which messed up my overall profile stats, but we live and we learn. My Lich almost made me quit the game but I stuck with it since I didnt want to let a bully push me out of the game. Although now bullies are pushing me out of the game. Upon defeating my Lich I was given a Kuva weapon. I even shed a tear since the Kuva Lich almost ruined my entire gaming experience. I earned all of my Kuva weapons fairly, and went through the same anguish other players have to defeat the liches I had fought. I fought them bravely and faced my fear of them now fighting them more often without worry. Yet players are challenging my integrity as a player when they see I have a Kuva Weapon while bulling me? I even read in a reddit post that a player had made about how the kuva weapons are not locked behind mr rank, and if you defeat a kuva lich you get the weapon that is in there possession regardless of mr rank. If that is the case why is this not common knowledge? Also why are players of a high mr rank telling me that I should not have a weapon that was awarded to me? Yet as of now I have these angry high mr players saying to me that they are going to report me since I have Kuva Weapons which is getting really old, and is starting to anger me so much that I am starting to really not trust this community as a whole. I have gone through the same anguish, and the same trials and tribulations as everyone else who has fought Liches. I hunt them, and it takes me a while to do so, but I enjoy hunting them even though they beat me senseless. Not only that but I had also bought the prime access pack with ash and vauban prime, and that had come with weapons that also are at a higher mr rank. I go into a defense mission and play a few rounds. Then the players leave the mission calling me a cheater, and saying that someone of my mr rank should not have fragor prime. Yet I was able to buy it for 59.99$ in the prime access package, and get access to the weapon right away, and all the other items that came in the package. Why do I have access to the weapon if players are going to leave the mission every time I use it? Its my right to be able to spend money how I chose, and I should not be reviving such hate, and being bullied by high level players for using a weapon that I own, and paid good money for. Can someone please tell me why players are constantly doing this, and why it obviously seems it is not common knowledge that a player can obtain a weapon of high mr rank from I.e either defeating a Kuva Lich, or from Prime Access/Market packs? For example if I buy the limbo pack from the market place will players say I am a cheater for having the Opticor even though I paid for the pack that gives it to me early? Or will I be banned for spending hours/days of hard work farming thermia fissures to get the opticor vandal? Just because I am not a super high mr rank although I went through the same anguish as other players as well to do that? I just want to have fun and play the game yet I have to get on the forums, and make a long post because I am worried that some high mr player is going to report me for weapons that I obtained from either buying them from prime access/market packs. Or even because of the weapons that I have obtained fairly from defeating Kuva Liches. Personally my feathers were only ruffled today because these individuals had finally gotten to me. I dont understand why it is not common in game knowledge that these things are allowed. When they are in plain view. I mean I even saw a forum post of a player saying that these weapons should be locked behind mr rank, and people should not be able to get them through prime access/kuva weapons should also be locked behind mr rank. Yet other players wanted players like myself who actually pay a lot of money for convenience in this game to spend our hard earned cash so the game keeps going? I mean profits are good so I dont see why prime access is such a issue? I mean if its really going to be this much of a problem why not lock the kuva weapons behind mr rank, and only allow high level players to be able to parazon lichlings. I have seen other people around my mr rank (mr10) that also have these weapons, and they too say that people call them cheaters at times when they are using them. Although these players also got these weapons just from defeating Kuva Liches fair and square which anyone can summon after completing (The War Within Quest). Anyways I am going sum up my very long post. I would just like to play the game, and I am sick of always having an anxiety attack when using weapons I obtained fair and square that I either bought up front from the in game market/prime access/defeating kuva liches. I.e I will possibly buy the limbo pack, and I had purchased the prime access vauban/ash pack. Or for using Kuva Weapons that I obtained fair and square. Most players are cool and just ask me about the weapons, but others just seem to have a serious chip on there shoulder, are rude, and, seriously judgmental of others. If I want to spend 400$ on a game, and I want to purchase weapons from prime access with money that I earned from my job then I should be able to. If I want to fight my kuva lich at low mr and get beat senseless before getting a Awesome weapon then I should be able to. As a semi new player to this game since its been quite a bit of months now I should not be bullied just because I am not mr13/14, but have weapons that I bought from prime access packs/ gained from defeating relentless kuva liches. So can someone please educate me on why these weapons are available yet have a higher mr rank than my warframe? Or as to why players are bullying me for being fortunate to be able to get prime access, or for having a kuva weapon that I obtained by spending hours/days/weeks fighting each lich I summoned? Also should I stop fighting Kuva Liches although its fun to me since players keep having these issues with the weapons that I use? Should I stop the fun I am having because a few players that are bad apples, and literally making my experience in game worse? I would just like to know why this is happening? If kuva weapons are supposed to be locked behind mr rank like these people say then why are they not locked? I just want to get back to having fun, and playing the game. I am just so irritated that people have to do this. I have a disability and play this game to kind of escape from reality ever so often. It just sucks that occasionally I run into people like this who think I should be the worst player just because I started this game a few months ago. I just dont get it :(
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