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  1. i had this issue the other week, what worked for me was going to your warframe folder under tools and then run the "Launcher.exe" as administrator and let it run
  2. It doesn’t matter what the players want anymore, entire forums dedicated to feedback and they don’t listen to a single word of it. The Devs on Twitter have even confirmed that they’re going to keep cramming this terrible controller setup down our throats despite the backlash hoping that “new ui’s will soften the blow” . I’m beginning to think the only way to get their attention is to flood the steam community page with negative reviews but I alone am not enough to make a difference so instead I quit playing until they fix the controllers situation.
  3. I agree, however not because they came up with the idea, ideas are good, but because of the amount of complaints that have been generated as a result of this forced change and the 0 effort being done to fix it.
  4. Well if you did you would realize that you cannot change it, despite there being an entire menu dedicated to it, the point that I'm trying to make is this: why release and force an unfinished "experimental" controller scheme, which restricts players when there was a perfectly operational system in place previously. I am all for change and moving forward HOWEVER only when it is done correctly, to introduce a system with so many bugs and give players who use exclusively controllers no other options but to use their new broken system is just...stupid. As i said before, the mouse pointer and lack of d-pad in menus can be dealt with, however, when looking around with the right stick looking left/right is significantly faster then looking up/down. When you have around 300 hours put into one controller scheme and then to have that controller scheme taken away and being forced to use a less optimal one is not only difficult but extremely discouraging. Muscle memory of that time frame isn't easily rewritten I went from playing this game everyday to not playing it at all, if you think I stand alone in my opposition to this new controller scheme, think again, they created an entire Megathread to feedback about their new "experimental" controller scheme and it is completely filled with negative feedback and requests to give the option to return to the old controller scheme. The real kicker is that its been a few weeks with no acknowledgment to those of us who have issues with it, 4 hotfixes and no improvement, a thread THEY created filled with negative feedback and NO effort to rectify the issues created by forcing an "Experimental" controller setup.
  5. Have you tried moving the ability menu from RB? Cause every time I try it tells me I can’t change the configuration.
  6. Have you actually played with a controller since the update? It’s legit unplayable, the cursor navigating and lack of dpad is annoying, yes, but it’s broke in missions as well, it’s completely unnatural to “adapt” to your x axis for the camera moving at a much faster speed than the y axis, that plus the inability to remap controls such as the ability menu takes away hours of muscle memory that were developed under the old controller setup. You say improvise and adapt but you’re missing the point, the game is meant for enjoyment not as a job.
  7. Amazing yet another hotfix with no fix for controller.... why would you force this on your controller players? It’s unbelievable that you would introduce an “experimental” mode and make it mandatory. My mind is seriously blown, the mega thread dedicated to feedback about this mode is completely filled with negative feedback and every hotfix is loaded with people BEGGING for it to be returned to the old way and patch after patch it’s just more forced implementation with no actual fixes being made, the game is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE for controllers right now. As mentioned by SEVERAL other players, navigation through menus is a hassle, it’s now impossible to remap keys in an efficient way, for some ungodly reason the x axis moves at a higher sensitivity than the y axis. This game is supposed to be for fun and enjoyment but every time I get on I get so flustered to the point of getting off PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION OR GIVE US THE OPTION TO SWITCH BACK AND LET THOSE WILLING TO TRY YOUR EXPERIMENTAL MODE GIVE YOU FEEDBACK.
  8. Still no controller revert or actual fix for it in any way, I’m done, 3 hotfixes now and you refuse to even acknowledge the fact that it’s completely broken. Why is it when you look left/right the sensitivity is way higher than up/down? Why can’t we navigate menus with dpad? Why are you forcing everyone to use this Terrible awful cursor? Why are you forcing the ability menu to the RB button? WHY DID YOU COMPLETELY CHANGE THE CONTROLLER LAYOUT WHEN IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE?
  9. I am upset about the changes made to controllers and would like some indication that my concerns along with many other players concerns about the same issue are being acknowledged.
  10. They don’t even “hope” anyone will be happy, they’re just nonsensically changing stuff for no reason, “oh the controllers are working pretty well just a few bugs to iron out? #*!% IT. CHANGE THE WHOLE DAMN THING WOOOOOOO!!!!” “ HEY YOU HEAR THIS BANGING FOREST CONGO DRUM BEAT?!?! YAH FORCE THEM TO LISTEN TO IT BEFORE EVERY MISSION WOOO!!!” “ the players are angry and would like the choice to disable the new controller mode and the banging forest Congo beat you say? Well let’s give them dpad support in the market but only the market and turn down the forest Congo beat a scotch, that should please them juuuuusttt fine”
  11. I’m so confused, anyone could have quickly scrolled through the replies on the previous hotfix update and seen that every person who said anything about controllers did not like/approve of the simulated cursor or disabling the d-pad in menus and your solution was “oh give them d-pad in the markets that should be good enough” are you serious? I’m not joking when I say that controllers with this emulated mouse, no dpad in menus, and the inability to remap the ability menu are broken. Please just give us the OPTION to use this “experimental” controller mode it’s seriously TERRIBLE. Not only that but to blatantly ignore the please of at least half the people that replied on that post is just stupid. People who use controllers don’t want to be forced to use a fake mouse, if I wanted that I would have booted up xpadder and mapped my joystick to mouse and keyboard controls, the fact that this “feature” is still being forced on the controller players is just asinine and really a reflection of how much the devs care about their player base.
  12. I agree however I’m not a fan of the cursor, maybe if it were optional but in my opinion it’s much slower and actually makes it difficult to select things such as mods or colors for your frames. My confusion is that they have a fully realized UI on console but for some reason won’t port it to PC. As for the unplayability, I actually have switched to KB+M until something is done to fix the controllers, I can live with the UI changes even the cursor, albeit annoying to use, but the fact that they made the ability menu forced to the RB button just completely messes up my controller setup.
  13. I just dont understand why you changed controllers, for one you have a fully realized controller UI on xbox/playstation, yet the one for PC is just beyond broken, the previous one was usable atleast with a few bugs such as when selecting mods with multiple quantities the RB/LB function didnt work, but now its completely unbareable. I prefer to play with controllers and im not even overexaggerating when I literally am unable to play with controller with this new setup, ship ui aside, you've forced certain actions to certain buttons and now I cant play in missions with a controller either.
  14. Please make this whole new controller mode optional, also the forced ability menu to RB...why? you've made it completely impossible for me to change my ability/melee buttons and the emulated mouse with the controller is just....terrible. please please please please please please please change this
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