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  1. sadly they are never fast at answering 😄 usually problem is solved by the time they contact you -.-"
  2. depends. you should contact support to hear how long your punishment lasts *for support to contact you most of the time takes some time. it should take 2-3 more days probably
  3. what do you mean? are you confusing Archwing mods with archgun mods? or what @trunks013 has said*
  4. you buy bp for imprints from market then craft an empty 1 then copy your kavats dna(can copy 3 times). so if you are first timer only way to get imprint with DNA is to trade with other players or start random incubation there 50% chance is either Smeeta or Adarza( Vasca cant be born this way)
  5. you can gift slots too. Also buy platinium when you get 50-75% of coupons from daily login, saves alot of money 😄
  6. Where is it for PC >.> everyone besides PC seems to got it
  7. "Use this 3-Day Credit Booster with the code WEALTH before Monday, May 25 at 12 p.m. ET." It ended at 4pm to your time zone i think
  8. Dm me on discord if im not responding ingame. Benjamin 윤도운#5763
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