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  1. Nova/Trinity going in the vault. For those of you who says its Mesa you are wrong, Mesa will go in Vault when we get new Prime, AKA most likely Nezha Prime
  2. if you want I can help to farm it, im kinda bored atm :D Mesa would be best option for most of POE bounties
  3. Magnetic Nukor is second best option after Heat Nukor, idk about Seer :D
  4. it will lower the amount of bullets it will fire at once, unless your multishot stat itself hits 0 it will keep firing
  5. they will probably change it but it will take longer for answer, i would say make another one
  6. Speedva For defense and Survivals(farming) Slowa for Mobile Defesense, Defection and Boss fights only using her for those
  7. I wish to find a sugar daddy to buy me more Tennogen skin
  8. Кажется, у многих возникают проблемы с загрузкой нового патча. 😕
  9. For Frames most of old builds still work, with helmith now that you can fuse other frame abilities that can force some new builds for frames, for guns most of them same just most of them are viral now isntead of Corrosive/Gas, and for melee 7-8month guides. 1. Status change happened somewhere in the middle of winter (2k20) dont remember the date :D . Atm Melee is best option for high lvl stuff. The Primary is mostly just carrier for Amalgam Serration 😄 2. Zaws not that much anymore, there are better options out there. Kitguns are pretty good option both secodary and Primary kitguns. 3
  10. You can trade even if it isn't your MR but you can't use it
  11. happening to me too for the past few days, only option is Alt+f4.....
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