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  1. the only solution is restart your game, it usually restarts with quest completed, and yeah its been there for ages
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/ apply from here to whatever clan you find suitable for you.
  3. Octavia kinda is strongest frame for here, then Mesa. You can also sonar banshee if you wanna be just support
  4. it should be only like 5-6gb, atleast that was the size on pc, maybe try restarting your ps4?
  5. using 737 atm i think or was using 777 dont rly remember, its been ages since i done eilodons as well xd
  6. this is what i used, kinda changed a little after replacing 1 of her abilities but this should be enough for you xd
  7. I like using Savage(augment) Silence on most of my builds, its kinda too op for no range + melee builds. Also using Xata alot too, other abilities kinda pointless after their transfer nerf :/
  8. Yeap it does award his BP. his chasis drops like oberon parts xd not his main bp :D
  9. ah yeah, you can't type in official WF discord from what i heard
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