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  1. Before i do anything else, i want to acknowledge that Blinding Reave does indeed exist. Not the best mod, but it does exist. I also want to come out and say that i main Revenant. I love the lad and he needs some love (where are the skins for him? there's so much to do with such a cool concept!). This being said, he's a little clunky to use... Most of these Augment concepts are going to be more QoL than anything else (you know, something DE would make). Without further ado, my Revenant Augment concepts First Augment: Enthralled Fervor Text: Thralls become up to 50% faster and deal up to 100% more damage as their Health lowers. Passive: Thralls become unkillable for 7 seconds. What it does: This Augment will make your Thralls unkillable (not invincible) for 7 seconds and gives them more strength and speed as their health lowers. Granted, enemies don't deal a lot of damage to each other, but as the levels pump up, so will their damage. Plus, lasting for more than half a second is always a plus! Second Augment: Mesmer Core Text: After a cast of Mesmer Skin, drop an orb that grants 7 stacks of Mesmer Skin to any Warframe that picks it up. Any mods affecting your Mesmer Skin affects their Mesmer Skin. What it does: Well, the text above says it all. This one is to make Mesmer Skin provide support to your allies, which is always welcome imo. Third Augment: Reaving Vortex Text: Pulls in enemies and enemy drops within a 10 meter radius. What it does: It gives you QoL, what else is there to say? Not very Sentient-like, but you can't deny the usability it'll give. Fourth Augment-1: Crissement Spectral (Spectral Screech) Text: Three waves of increasing power are fired from Revenant, dealing more damage towards the center and less at the edge. What it does: Revenant will release 3 powerful waves of Sentient energy. Each wave will deal more damage than the last and stuns enemies for the duration of the ability. The waves still retain damage adaptation and deal more damage at the epicenter and deal less towards the edge of the ability's range. A smaller and spectral version of the Teralyst will appear for the duration of the ability. Fourth Augment-2: Tourelles Spectrales (Spectral Turrets) Text: Concentrates Danse Macabre into 4 orbs that target the closest enemy. Press and hold to have a turret stay and defend an area. What it does: It takes your disco dance show and allows you to put it all around the map! The laser turrets retain their damage adaptation and allow you to tactically use your 4th ability. Naturally, the turrets do 1/4th the damage they would normally, but that's the price for Sentient turrets. (Before anyone goes and says that this isn't a Sentient ability, it is. When you attack Eidolons, they start releasing orbs that split up and chase after you). Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? By all means, let me know and comment below.
  2. Just on tonight and a user by the name of 'Mickoytheoggod' had an issue with their controller. Turns out, their right stick was broken, barring them from throwing on formas and orokin catalysts, among other things that they wanted to do. In previous updates, this wasn't an issue since you were still able to scroll over what you wanted to do and select it. I'm not sure if there's an option or something, but from what i could tell, there's no way to get around this. Other than getting a new remote.... So, i was wondering, is there any chance that you, the devs, could perhaps fix this by re-implementing the old functionality or maybe make it so we can rebind what buttons do what when it comes to Orbiter functions?
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