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  1. nice i don't knock another man idea but i still like it mines better it to give her better abilities and makes her feel kinda refreshed instead of same old abilities while keeping the 3rd and 4th the same with improvements ik it'll be weird to see banshee in her current state she's too squishy also was the reasoning for why i gave her the 20% health 10sec invis passive because it could help her out alot in near death situations same thing as her for blind ability i thought about her releasing very loud sound waves that temporarily causes all nearby enemies to be blind
  2. New Passive: When Banshee falls below 20% health, gain invisibility for 10 seconds. Sonic Boom - Now (Retina Wave): Instead of knocking over enemies, Retina Wave now blinds them. The augment for this ability will reveal enemy weak points with each cast, identical to Sonar's current effect. Drain will remain the same Sonar - Now (Frenzed Aura) Instead of marking enemies and revealing weak points, Frenzed Aura banshee releases an aura from her body that gives herself deflection allowing her to avoid incoming range attacks while also making enemies go into a frenzy meaning they'll attac
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