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  1. Sounds good to me
  2. Welcome to Warframe. Let's try to stay on topic. Then again this is Warframe so have fun. Anyway, yeah. My opinion is that a slight buff to his base speed would be nice. I appreciate everyone else who has shared their opinion on the subject.
  3. Is slow. Please buff at least a little. Especially considering he is all about the sword. Of course I'm referring to all versions of the poster boi. To preemptively answer some possible posts: Yes, there are mods, thank you. See title
  4. I loved Ember's Overheat back in the day. And how it looked. Would be cool if they brought it back somehow. I kinda understand since it was mildly redundant with WoF though
  5. Is there any more you can tell us about new Kavat breeds? Is there anything you can tell us about your internal discussions concerning giving our companions (kats and doggos) a "weapon" slot? (This would definitely make it easier to use the various offensive mods and give them enough defensive mods to survive.)
  6. Khora Fierce V2 please. Instant buy
  7. Thank you. It seemed odd as I saw them all over the map before and did a race at a different starting point than the only one that is currently visible to me. So some additional change must have occurred that I missed EDIT: Already made one. For some reason I though you were meant something different. Obviously I haven't done much with the Kids. Anyway, whatever the problem my friends and I were having is gone because all of the race points are back. Oh well
  8. Thank you. Don't forget the missing K-Drive Race starting points though. Its a decent chunk of standing that I am unable to get as I can only see one. See PC Bugs > Missions. Some have made posts there
  9. Pretty awesome idea. Could be fun (Deleted my next comment. Missed that it was already mentioned. My bad)
  10. I have this as well and its the only one left for me to do at the moment. Again
  11. Yeah, its pretty old unfortunately. Hopefully they fix it with everyone talking about it
  12. Thank you for posting. This bug is more than a year old so the more posts, the better. Even though there shouldn't be a difference, maybe more console players reporting this will help.
  13. Yeah. I'm still hoping they fix this. Don't know why I still bother to hope seeing as this has been an issue for more than a year. For fear of being accused of spamming, I won't re-quote it but if you look into my post history you'll find a recent post where I quoted someone who gathered up a bunch of topics on this matter. I also gathered up a bunch myself a few months back. Almost makes it seem like no one at DE reads these often if at all these days and they just fix whatever "minor" bugs they find internally. There are so many visible and common bugs that have gone unfixed for a year or more. But I'd almost prefer that it's been read and ignored or forgotten than never to have been read at all. Anyway, thanks for posting. If anything is going to be fixed from things on the forums it will be because people continue talking about it so keep it up!
  14. Not a stupid question, no worries. 75% is the ability efficiency cap. Less energy consumption while using your ult at 75%. Unless you're using Blind Rage which reduces efficiency, you only need rank 4 Fleeting and Streamline as mentioned. EDIT: I was slow to post. Anyway, yeah, what they said lol
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