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  1. Side Gunner Issue: When using side guns the ship will disappear and you can swing around whatever way as if you were in the middle of space and you won't see the ship at all. Sometimes there is a black box where you ship's interior should be seen. I'm guessing the black box it where the coding is telling the game where the ship's interior should be but it's not loading in correctly. Pilot issue: Sometimes when someone is piloting it looks as if they are just standing in front of the pilot station and shows the option to pilot although if you click square to pilot it won't let you. Also another minor issue, sometimes door animations won't work and it just looks like you are phasing through the door. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading 🙂
  2. So the DE team has said that they will eventually give us the ability to have a npc team on our railjack and I am not sure what they have planned but I was thinking it would be so cute if we could have a companion railjack team. I think moas would make the most sense like image a little moa engineer or moa pilot. How cute would that be! Maybe even other sentinel or furry companions. An engineer kitty or doggo would be cute too 🙂 Anyways what do you guys think?
  3. I play on ps4 and I've been having issues in missions where I can't see my UI at all which includes enemy health, railjack engineering issues when omni is out, enemy markers( the diamond marker thingys) when using a gunner, my teams health, my health and etc. It looks like when I am taking a captura and have turned the UI off completely. It usually happens when I try to use the forge and the animation happens but I dont actually go into forge like I don't see the screen where I can build stuff, after I click the use forge again it will work but then I come back out of the forge screen and the issue explained above happens. Sometimes it has randomly happened seemingly without cause. Hopefully I have explained it well. So far I don't know of anyone else who has had this issue. Also if you have any questions I will try my best to answer them. Thanks for reading 🙂
  4. Ya I agree. Your idea is much better than mine and hopefully they can implement somwthing like that because it would be super helpful and an awesome feature in general.
  5. So in railjack missions playing public can be fun and I have met some great players on public however I've also met some not so great teammates. When I'm in a mission with my friend and leave it on public I hope for the best yet we got two guys who just flew through space the whole mission and didn't really help. It would be great if the host could kick players or appoint a new host because my friend, the host, died completely and I had too many enemies to revive him. This lead to me not being able to access the nav so we could leave even after the mission was done. We had to host migrate and he lost all his rewards. I understand why letting a host kick people could be problematic but maybe if we had an option to appoint a new host that would be beneficial to everyone.
  6. I wish I could help. I've been in missions where I've glitched and can't cast abilities or even shoot anything even if I die. When I reload the game completely it goes away. You're best bet may be to contact support. Sorry wish I could help more.
  7. I've been in missions where I've gotten stuck as well. I'll be in a mission with my partner and it will say to shoot the second radiator but there isn't one or it will say to hack a panel that we can't find. We always end up having to abort the mission. I suppose it's just another glitch sadly.
  8. So glad this update is finally out! I'm in love with this new railjack update :)
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