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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Warframe Cloud A Frame Suit fitted with it's own Cephalon (Like a ship with it's own Cephalon, sure it can speak, but it can't man the entire ship alone. Just like Jordas trapped on an infested ship, this is a Cephalon stuck in a war machine just collecting data as it flies by. She can only detach so far before being pulled right back to it). Cephalon Cloud projects herself with a passion for the round swirly free forming shapes of Clouds. Just like the frames digital clouds. Cephalon Cloud communicates with her Tenno through shapes to express her emotions rather then Dialect like English. She believes it to be more efficient and productive. She wasn't always like this. Passive: Killing Enemies causes them to drop disapproval Data Cubes. While allowing your teammates to kill Enemies for you drops Approval Data Cubes. Abilities. 1. Sneak past your enemies by mimicking Objects that have been fully scanned in your Object Codex. (Or troll with your friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 2. Use the internal scanner on Clouds wrist to scan an enemy and learn personal information on them. Then Lure your foes away by mimicking that very idea. (A randomly generated quirk system would need to be implemented for this, but I think it be so funny to lure a wave of grineer because they idolize the hottest Ballista in their ranks or even worse.) _ 3. Disapproval Kills build up Cephalons Clouds Negative Data Base. Watch as your Cephalon detaches from your frame and decimates the health of enemies around you in one clean wipe. (Advised not to use with other fellow warframes around). 4. Approval Kills build up Cephalon Clouds Positive Data Base. Unleash this data at max to give your fellow warframes a holographic copy of themselves that will copy their every move. Even their damage output. However, Warframes that die or fall in death pits will lose their privilege to this copy until used again. If it's not clear. Cephalon Clouds true nature is letting others do the work for her. She's not impressed with the do it yourself. But rather the latter. Believing that it's only wiser to be able to do so little and, yet gain so much. Cephalon Cloud admires the tactic of observing and replicating the most efficient ways of all to reach her true end goal. Giving wait to why warframes that fail by dying or falling into death pits lose their privilege of such a replicated copy. They are not worthy or efficient in Clouds perception. The Quest to obtaining this warframe: Ordis receives a message of simple shapes on a toy. Ordis can't make anything of it. And, gives it to the Tenno as a toy in their emote wheel. Putting this "toy" will cause you to sit down and start playing with it. Much like a rubik cube, you can choose to leave this puzzle unsolved. However, if you attempt to solve the puzzle. Success will grant your a holographic star chart from the toy. Accept, that one of the planets seems to be missing. Venturing to the planet with the toy still in your emote wheel on any mission. But upon entering the mission, there will be no goal or way point. All enemies appear to be only holographic copies with no clue of your presence. Will you explore to find what brought you here through subtle clues? (The END!)
  2. While doing a Regular Cetus bounty. Me and my friend learned that Grendel could use archwing while having an enemy in his stomach. So we flew to the very top of the Cetus sky box where the Tallest mountain was. And watched as Grendel in ball form plummeted down to earth only to bounce and fly off at amazing speeds. So then we added volts in the picture. and I literally got turn my friend into a ping pong ball. So what funny moments ever made your day while playing warframe?
  3. I don't know. I just enjoy getting on and rocking out to Daft Punk while spamming Octavias Resonator while watching Grineer run off a bridge as I try and scan them.
  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my friends been playing allot of ember.
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I liked your concept, so I tempted to draw her. I'm not good at making frames. But I'll put my 2 cent in. Plus I love Steel Meridian. "She is meant to be a support and a heavy hitter". Being a heavy hitter is I think a bit hard when your being a support. As a support your there to help your team be the heavy hitter, not so much the frame itself. On another note. "Armor:145/Shield: 340/Speed:[havent decided]/Energy:200". Why not jack that armor up. She is near grineer and grineer strive in Armor. Yank off those shield and let this be a beefy armor frame. After all this is like steel meridians knight in shining ARMOR and whats better then a giant walking marshmallow with airbags for shoulder pads. "Passive:If Alvinua is near Grineer, there is a 36% chance for 2 grineer to become allies, and attack enemies. They can still be killed, and give double the energy." I like the idea of turning over Grineer to be friendly. Sadly being able to kill them contradicts the whole idea though. A.R.X.A is right that they'd be deleted in a heart beat by other frames attacks and weapons. I think you should try something else. A fun suggestive Passive would be: Using Squad Health Restore (Large) with Alvinua doesn't consume a Health Restore consumable. Or Killing enemies with Alvinua has a chance to drop a Squad Health Restore (Large) consumable for your allies. Hint you should be using this frame around others. And who doesn't like free stuff. "Switches from 3 gadgets, rolling grenades, Turret, and Wall." Multi use frames are fun. So much choices for situations. The Turret seems real cool and fun to hop on. I like the rolling Grenade idea. The set down Blunt/ wall might be a bit of an eh. Allot of players shoot to kill and a single wall may be more trouble then worth. Players cant shoot through it. Trolls would put it down in the way/ someone using explosive rounds would hit it and receive knockback further pissing them off that it suddenly appeared. Most players probably wouldn't go behind it because in any mission of defense or Survival - enemies are EVERYWHERE and spawn in a general "ALL AROUND YOU". In personal opinion I couldn't see it being used unless it had a major damage buff just by standing next to it. It make for a good troll power though. Someone looking a locker in a small corpus room and you just put the blunt down and trap them in there since they cant damage it. XD (Just a no go I think). "Alvinua sends a shock wave that boosts the damage, speed, and weapon speed to allies, and boost the health of pets and sentinels. This will also apply to herself." Not gonna lie. There are already a few frames that boost speed, damage, and health. Like Volt and Wisp. Maybe stay away from this and give Alvinua something unique. My only Suggestion to this would be to bring the Blunt wall here. Instead of setting the Blunt down though. Give Alvinia a mobile Blunt. Like a Rectangle-r Shield. Let her take front line in a Survival and Charge down Infested enemies like chargers, explosive runners and disruptors. The Blunt shield protects them against being snagged by Disruptor hook wires and blocks energy drain, while knocking them down for easy clean up kills. If you want heavy hitting there is nothing better then charging head first into a hoard to knock em all down. "Send a shock wave that jams weapons of enemies, and stun infested. It also disables the nullifiers of those stupid corpus enemies, so they'll be vulnerable." Sure! I like this idea. But maybe we could up this a bit. Sending out a shock wave seems a but eh. Why not put down a Roller Specter that does the shock waves for you. Course it has a duration time. But While your roller is doing the Disrupting, you as Alvinua can do help the team clean up whatever your Roller disrupts. "Alvinua becomes a temporary Kuva Lich, boosting her and her allies hp. Alvinua's damage, speed, and armor become heavily increased. Downside? You gain weaknesses the more times you enter the ability." I like the idea of a buff for sacrifice. Being the Hero and Steel Meridian protector that Alvinia should be. On the other hand. This buff for weakness is would probable get you killed faster then you can buff for some time. Depending on the enemy scaling. Plus the Boost to her damage speed and armor would just be yeeted by the fact you gain weakness anyways while in it. A suggestion would be a more Tank set up. While allies are around Alvinua. Sacrifice team movement speed for a buff of immunity to all damage and status types for a duration. Sure your squad will be slow. But on something like Defense or Survival, moving fast isn't necessary when you have immunity and can let your team mow down enemies for that short time. This also requires a team though. So in order for this ability to proc you need at least 1 or 2 more other people around you to commit to this Buff. The other idea I head for this concept of sacrifice speed for Immunity would be for Defections missions. Since if this frame was made. I'd suspect it would be for a Defection mission. You are protecting the lesser that wish to join Steel Meridian, the Kavor Defectors. And to make it even more ideal that this frame would probably do good in this mission.The steel Meridian Mod for this frame would most likely be that you AI's such as the Kavor Defectors, and even your own sentinels and pets can contribute to proc-ing this buff. What better way then to give Kavor Defectors immunity from Infested damage and status effects. But that's it. This was fun!
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your Tenno's face would go in place of the face on the warframe. Much like Natah. Abilities: 1. Void Dash - Bullet Jump into a vicious cyclone of void energy. Knocking down enemies and opening them up to ground finishers. 2. Void Mode - Turn invisible while status effects are dealing damage to your warframe. Gain a 20s immunity to those specific status effects. 3. Void Blast - Create a blast that fills the room with tiny void lasers. Dealing damage to enemies passing through them. 4. Void Beam - Cycle through four void status types: Void Fire, Void Cold, Void Electric, Void Toxin. And, blast down enemies with this large beam. PASSIVE: Picking up FOCUS increases this frames damage out put on Primary, Secondary and Melee for a short time. _ Signature Weapon: lāthian - Kill enemies with this Great Lance to steal their energy. Perform a Perfect Heavy attack which launches the frame forward to completely restore energy pool. _ Explanation: (If you care). Oddly enough. Couldn't come up with a name. So it's just _____. ______ Was created by accident. As most unbelievable things are. _____ is a gone wrong Tenno and their AMP fused with a Sentient. I saw that Tennos were immune to Infested. But I also know that Radiation has a heavy play in mutations. And Finding inspiring from a forum about how the Tennos can kill/radiate each other. Thanks "How Radiation Proc Works Against Friendly Tenno. by Enmity666". Here is the conclusion of how this Frame came to be. So some sort of accident happens where multiple Void Laser would radiate a Tenno and a Sentient. (This probably takes place when the Orokin were messing around with making frames, this just happened to be a side secrete). This Sudden accident is like a blast, to quick for the Sentient to proc it's Resistances in enough time. What should have killed the Tenno somehow morphs them and the sentient together instead of out outright obliterating them to nothing/mush. It's life or Die now. The two minds together with this elder AMP forming the lāthian on their arm. This frames mind is completely static anger. An angry million year old child mixed with an angry million year old bone body. It's a mess. And, going with what Loza said, it basically overrides and just starts nuking everything with Void Beams. The mess of a frame runs itself dry of energy. It spends god knows how long as a depressing confused mess. Growing more confused, lonely, insane as the ages pass. Trapped on a section of Lua so radiated from the initial blast that fused them that almost NOTHING can come close to it. (Again probably an Orokin cover up at this point. They don't want to smudge there perfect ego). This broken mess of a mind and body walks aimlessly. Eventually coming out of their radiation pool. Walking the halls of Luas crippled buildings. Meeting its first outsider Warframe. And, then absolutely destroying their frame. Ripping the Tenno through Transference and killing the child. End of Lore. _ This would be the WORST frame to ever be made. In making this concept. I realized that not only would this frame not work for the team, it would outright kill others. Even a passive version of this frame, would still kill others just because of how Radiated the frame is. This warframe would literally need to be used in Solo. On top of the lore that built up this frame is all about rage and hate. An Out casted Tenno, not fitting in merged with an angry sentient. I thought it would be interesting if DE in some way made a game mode where if you truly wanted to play as a the bad guy, with a frame that kills other warframes. (Kinda like stalker I guess). They made a map like earth. Where you use this frame and instead of killing AI Grineer, Corpus, or Infested. You hunt down an AI Warframe. Much like fighting them on the Junction. This time you Fight them on a map. Maybe even 4 of them. Destroy the warframe, and like an assassination move with the Parazon. Rip the AI Tenno through Transference of it's frame and kill it. Focus increases these rough frames strength. Double the focus amount gained from killing the AI Tenno. _ Just an idea though. a Tenno Warframe in my mind would be a whole game changer if possible, and I'd love to play or think I'm playing the bad guy once. Just seems like fun.
  7. I still haven't gotten mine. But I thought I'd ask since it's the only thing I'm doing right now. If you know, then how many missions did it take for you to get Harrows systems? Or did you buy him? Update: 28th run! I finally got him!!
  8. I didn't see a way to. I only saw New controller options, but it wont let me change anything for the keyboard. It only changes for the controller.
  9. I should have clarified. I know it's Q. But once the wheel is up. I cannot click on any of the other consumables. It wont let me scroll through the other options.
  10. I'm on PS4. I plugged my keyboard and Mouse in the console because it's more comfortable for me to use. However the gear wheel doesn't seem to respond. I looked and found that the gear wheel is suppose to sink with the number keys, but it doesn't. So I assume that it's not plausible to play with keyboard and mouse on Ps4 then? Or am I missing some golden article about which keys sink up.
  11. I'm surprised with the topic gathering some traction. With good and bad opinions towards the captura. It's nice to get some idea into the minds that are playing the game.
  12. I like the Killing Operator the most! Thanks for sharing. Its nice to meet others that spend time in the captura lol.
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