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  1. Just played through the new Awakening quest, the long awaited New Player Experience. I love it! The bitrate for the video seems to be really high, it looks fantastic! The Switch's Screen Burn-in Reduction option from the system settings will dim the screen after five minutes without controller inputs, coincidentally this almost exactly lines up with when the Warframes go into their deep slumber. Dimuminati confirmed. I thought the Lotus girl would have an actual role but she just vanishes, that seems like a shame when she's the first character new players see. The Warframe
  2. Since The Deadlock Protocol I sometimes get an infinite loading screen when joining others in a mission (both mid progress and when starting as a squad). The landing craft flying screen has the little loading circles fill up and then it just stays there without entering the mission proper. Sometimes I see other players get stuck in the infinite loading screen too as they continue to move their landing craft about long after their loading circle indicator has filled up. One time I wondered what would happen if I put the console into sleep mode for a day, so I did, and afterwards it success
  3. I've just noticed a terrible mistake I've been making now that there are only two months left and the previous month boxes are starting to push in from the right side on the page. My previous months have both "No longer available" and "Claimed" rewards in the mix. Oh no. I've gone onto the Twitch/Warframe rewards page every month, signed in my Amazon, signed in my Warframe and then three out of seven times (almost four out of seven times lol) I thought I was done at that point and left the page without clicking the boxes to actually stake the claim 😭
  4. #2185500 No collision detection on submerged ship (Orb Vallis) I noticed today that the Corpus ship in the large pond at Orb Vallis doesn't have collision. I fall through in different sessions. The game still counts it as solid and sometimes tries to place me on the ghostly ship trapping me in a constant loop of falling through the ship and into the water. Fun times.
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