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  1. Those of us who are fond of our bunneh ears are not amused... 🐰
  2. Really enjoying Hildryn a lot, played her exclusively over the weekend and forma'd her several times. I've skimmed over much of this thread and find much to agree with. She could definitely use a quality pass, and since she's new would benefit from one sooner rather than later. The short list of things I wouldn't mind seeing addressed ASAP include (but are not limited to): Ensure the Auger mod set works (or at least works properly) for Hildryn. The consensus of folks I've talked with along with my own experience says the benefits are (at best) inconsistent. Same could be said for Taxon's "Molecular Conversion" precept, which either wasn't working/scaling properly or returned such a relatively small benefit as to be virtually indiscernible. Shield Pillage should work at least somewhat consistently regardless of enemy type. Right now, Hildy is a Corpus hunter, who is weak or useless against other types. The energy drain on Haven seems excessive, particularly in a high-density enemy environment. Reduce drain significantly, or make it a purely beneficial skill for allies. The "arcing" sound effect for Haven is really annoying. Like "gnat in your ear" annoying. That needs to be toned down considerably. Aegis Storm is great in concept, but mobility seems to suffer quite a bit (both laterally and vertically.) Things need to be tightened up by a large margin here. Aegis Storm also should not be limited by the underlying terrain she is flying over. If there's a bottomless gap over which she needs to fly, she should...well...FLY over it. Simple. Thanks, DE, for another great frame concept. I'm sure once the wrinkles are worked out, she's going to shine. Lovin' my "thicc bae" bunches!
  3. The only difference (aside from the cost in plat) is the Winter Bundle includes the Mirage frame and Glaxion (including slots and potatoes.) They are otherwise identical near as I can tell.
  4. I may or may not have bought all the stuffs last night. In a possibly related story, there seems to be about 1000 plat missing from my balance. What a coinkydink, right? 😉
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