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  1. Yeah, I get why they did it the way they did. The issue is, so long as they were negotiating a deal for consoles how about throwing in the PC as well? Both DE and Epic have to know this is going to generate a lot of salt, and Epic isn't going to retain but a merest fraction of those new users after they get what they came for. Like me and I'm sure thousands of others, they endured it long enough to get free shiz, and then immediately uninstalled their launcher. I'm not on a limited data plan, it's the principle of the thing. Why compel people to re-download a game they already have installed? Aside from where it's stored, there's no difference whatsoever in the actual files. What I don't have currently is unlimited storage space, and while 30 Gig wasn't putting me out or anything, it was an unnecessary hassle. In the hour or so it took me to create an Epic account, download their launcher client, get it installed and set up, re-download the Warframe client, get that rolling, grab the free skins, fire up WF through the Epic Launcher once to ensure the skins were there, then back out and uninstall everything...in that time, I could have run 4 or 5 Gift of the Lotus alerts, only one of which I believe is needed on the consoles to actually get the skins. So not only was it unnecessarily tedious, it gave the impression that PC players' time isn't quite as valuable to DE and Epic as are console players' time. Now maybe they believe that, maybe they don't. But those are the optics of it. It's a bad message to send to what is arguably the largest segment of this game's playerbase.
  2. I tried that. It wouldn't load Warframe's launcher from Epic's launcher (too dang many launchers IMO.) It grayed out the button to launch the game, even though all the files were in the correct vault folder. It's okay, it's done now, the skins are nice (I really like the Stahlta one), and the Epic Launcher is now history on my PC.
  3. Speaking purely for myself and not for the community, my response would be, "Nah, I'm good, thanks." Not a huge PvP player to begin with, and Warframe's pvp is...putting it as kindly as I can...meh. I'd much rather they take the development effort to further build up the core game, work on quests, improve tile sets, give some much needed makeovers to neglected frames, etc. rather than taking time to rejigger an already flawed pvp experience. Again, just my opinion, for what it's worth.
  4. Actually, I can. Up until this morning I lived quite happily without one, and now that I've gotten their "exclusive offer", I can continue blissfully ignorant of their existence. I don't play any of their exclusive games (either at all, or at the very least on the PC) so there's no compunction on my part to continue on with them. If they offer another freebie for a game I do play, I'll consider how badly I want it and decide whether to re-download the Launcher, but until then I gleefully wash my hands of them.
  5. That's kind of what I suspected myself, which is one reason I didn't really want anything to do with Epic. They have what seems to me (again, my own personal opinion) to have some rather scummy business practices. I get the whole concept of self-promotion, but they go way overboard with it very often. Again, no longer my problem, the Epic Launcher is gaaaawn. At least until the next time some jackhole offers an "exclusive" I guess. LOL 😆
  6. Yeah, I just finally logged in and got them. They look sweet, but daaaaayum, what a circuitous route to have to get them! At least now I can uninstall both the superfluous copy of WF and the Epic Launcher and free up space on my HDD. Good riddance to bad rubbish, in my opinion (at least so far as the Epic launcher is concerned.)
  7. What in the name of Hildryn's hoop-skirts were you thinking DE? Why make getting those Unreal Tournament skins such a huge pain in the backside for PC players? This may come as a shocker, but not everyone has (or wants) an Epic Games account. But the only way to get said "free" skins on PC is to create an account, download/install their launcher app, futz around with getting that set up, re-download the Warframe client (because OF COURSE Epic won't bother looking for games in other folders), select and download the skins pack, and then log into Warframe via the Epic Launcher. Once. All that messing around to just get some skins. Whereas on the consoles, they just do a Gift of the Lotus quest. What the actual Floof guys? I tried shortening the experience by following Epic's own advice by starting the download, interrupting it, copying the Warframe files over from my Steam folder, blah-blah-blah. No soap. So I'm RE-DOWNLOADING the whole damn WF client all over again into Epic's "vault" (all damn near 30G of it.) So I can log into Warframe ONCE! To get some skins that other players just have to run an ingame mission to get. Do you see where I'm heading with this? I'm not sure who dangled the carrot in from of whom in this instance, but next time, just...don't. Don't do it. Just let us run our GotL mission and be done with it, mmkay? /rant 😤
  8. Loving Sevagoth so far, between the frame, shadow, claws and Epitaph his signature weapon I've dropped 12 forma (including 2 Aura forma.) So I'm definitely invested in this frame. As some have mentioned, when in Shadow form he feels sluggish (likely due to how the camera pans out to give a wider view.) Not altogether sure what can be done to remedy that feeling, but he could definitely benefit from some snap to his step. This may be nitpicky, but when you return to Sevagoth from his Shadow, he often turns from the direction you were facing when you swapped back. The effect can be disorienting and often takes me a couple seconds to get my bearings again. I would prefer to be facing the direction I am when I hit my 4 to return from Shadow form. Also picky, and I realize this is a first for Warframe essentially having two distinct frames to mod under one heading, but here goes: The forma I don't mind so much. But needing a separate exilus adapter for both the main frame and the Shadow seems a bit over the top. If we unlock it for one, it would be real nice to have it unlock for both without the added expense of a second adapter. Again, I know Sevagoth is unique in this regard, but no other frame requires that sort of "overhead" to fully unlock its potential. EDIT TO ADD: His skills overall mesh pretty well with each other. If I had one complaint, it seems Gloom is a little over-invested in its own animation. Speeding that up would be fantastic. He's thankfully been fairly bug-free, but I did encounter one tonight (this morning, technically.) Got overwhelmed and downed, and my Shadow was out trying to scoop up enough souls to rez. In the meanwhile, someone from my squad came over and manually rezzed me. When I returned, my Death Well was empty and appeared to be unable to be filled. However, it was a visual glitch only. While it appeared absolutely empty on my screen, I could transform to and from Shadow form as normal. It remained that way for the duration of that session. When I joined a new mission, it was back to normal. Overall pretty pleased so far. Am hoping for a handful of QoL improvements in the days and weeks to come, but have been very happy with both Lavos and Sevagoth. Keep 'em comin'! 👍🏽
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