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  1. Those of us who are fond of our bunneh ears are not amused... 🐰
  2. Also happened a few days ago while playing a mission with a buddy. He got trapped on the wrong side of the door, but luckily I had made it on the other side (only just made it), and was able to get to the end and finish the mission. It's almost definitely tied to a faulty script on the alert status/hacking terminals/door state mechanics.
  3. This is apparently still an issue, and I'm not entirely sure why. I just had to abort a mission (same place: Carpo/Jupiter) due to a bugged green door. In this particular instance, nothing was done wrong on my part. I've purposely been avoiding hacking the terminals until it gets to lockdown status to avoid any issues. This time, a general alert went up, and bugged the doors without my going near a terminal. Please, for the love of Pete...this was reported well over a month ago (and even further back than that in other threads.) Could one of the devs at the very least take a look at it and see if they can duplicate the problem? That'd be great, thanks. 😏 Tag: @[DE]Rebecca
  4. Update to the update: I aborted the above-cited mission (out of necessity) and ran the exact same one afterward. This time, I intentionally left the hacking terminals alone until it actually escalated to a lockdown. Once I hacked the console, I was able to proceed as normal. Now, two tests do not a conclusion find, but it does suggest there may be an issue with the lockdown status and hacking a terminal in alerted phase. Not sure this applies to all tilesets, or just to Corpus/Gas City, but it's worth noting.
  5. You may be onto something, @Urlan. I just ran Carpo on Jupiter, and I specifically reset the alarms after being spotted but before a lockdown. As can be seen by the image, I'm unable to progress, although there's a little shield osprey who can come and go by clipping through the door with no problem. So there may well be a connection between alert levels and the bugged doors. Thanks for the sharp eyes. Oh @[DE]Rebecca, can we have someone look at this please? Pretty please?
  6. Interesting @Urlan, thanks for pointing that out. I may run some test missions to see if I can't reproduce the conditions as well. Thank you! 👍
  7. I haven't personally encountered this much in a couple weeks now, but I've seen multiple posts/responses that indicate it's a recurring (if thankfully rare) occurrence that needs to be pinned down and eliminated. At the very least, if they can't nail the circumstances that cause this, then put in a once-per-mission special command similar to /unstuck that will either open the door or place you on the other side of the offending portal and let you continue with the mission. Place the same restrictions on it that currently exist on /unstuck so that it can't be used to exploit or cheese into otherwise restricted areas.
  8. Just to clarify: if you see an unbroken resource container, shoot it from a distance with a gun (outside the range of Vacuum or Fetch.) You'll see it on the ground next to the broken container. Put your cross-hair over the object and press your waypoint key ("G") by default on PC.) You will see a symbol of the resource you just highlighted along with text next to it, that's how you know it has been successfully marked. This also works on unclaimed mods, and quite possibly the little gold affinity lumps that occasionally drop (haven't personally checked the latter, but I think that's the case.) It does not work on ammo, credits, or endo/energy/health balls. I just did a quickie solo 5-round defense and was able to easily get all the items I needed. Sinai/Jupiter is great for this BTW. It's infested, and if you perch up on one of the barrels of the big guns behind and overlooking the cryopod the infested basically ignore you and you can kill them and mark your stuff with impunity. Hop down between waves to pick up your ammo and other items (make sure you mark the stuff before jumping down however.)
  9. Same scenario just moments ago (around 2:00 a.m. Eastern US time). Exterminate on Carpo/Saturn. Door bars progression, requiring manual abort. Photo included.
  10. Since the latest hot fix last night, I've experienced two instances where forward progression of the mission has been effectively thwarted by a non-opening "green light" door. The only alternative in both cases has been to abort the mission. The first was during a void fissure, cannot recall the location/planet or relic level although I believe it to have been an exterminate mission. In this case I was with one other person, and we both could not proceed. The second was during a routine exterminate mission on Jupiter/Carpo, which I was running solo. Refer to image below: You'll note by the mini-map in the upper left that it's the intended path, and that the door's condition is green (there was not a lock-down status.) Also note I'm standing close enough to trigger the automatic opening. Thanks for your time.
  11. Really enjoying Hildryn a lot, played her exclusively over the weekend and forma'd her several times. I've skimmed over much of this thread and find much to agree with. She could definitely use a quality pass, and since she's new would benefit from one sooner rather than later. The short list of things I wouldn't mind seeing addressed ASAP include (but are not limited to): Ensure the Auger mod set works (or at least works properly) for Hildryn. The consensus of folks I've talked with along with my own experience says the benefits are (at best) inconsistent. Same could be said for Taxon's "Molecular Conversion" precept, which either wasn't working/scaling properly or returned such a relatively small benefit as to be virtually indiscernible. Shield Pillage should work at least somewhat consistently regardless of enemy type. Right now, Hildy is a Corpus hunter, who is weak or useless against other types. The energy drain on Haven seems excessive, particularly in a high-density enemy environment. Reduce drain significantly, or make it a purely beneficial skill for allies. The "arcing" sound effect for Haven is really annoying. Like "gnat in your ear" annoying. That needs to be toned down considerably. Aegis Storm is great in concept, but mobility seems to suffer quite a bit (both laterally and vertically.) Things need to be tightened up by a large margin here. Aegis Storm also should not be limited by the underlying terrain she is flying over. If there's a bottomless gap over which she needs to fly, she should...well...FLY over it. Simple. Thanks, DE, for another great frame concept. I'm sure once the wrinkles are worked out, she's going to shine. Lovin' my "thicc bae" bunches!
  12. The only difference (aside from the cost in plat) is the Winter Bundle includes the Mirage frame and Glaxion (including slots and potatoes.) They are otherwise identical near as I can tell.
  13. I may or may not have bought all the stuffs last night. In a possibly related story, there seems to be about 1000 plat missing from my balance. What a coinkydink, right? 😉
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