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  1. Loving Sevagoth so far, between the frame, shadow, claws and Epitaph his signature weapon I've dropped 12 forma (including 2 Aura forma.) So I'm definitely invested in this frame. As some have mentioned, when in Shadow form he feels sluggish (likely due to how the camera pans out to give a wider view.) Not altogether sure what can be done to remedy that feeling, but he could definitely benefit from some snap to his step. This may be nitpicky, but when you return to Sevagoth from his Shadow, he often turns from the direction you were facing when you swapped back. The effect can be dis
  2. Just noticed that myself with the last patch. Go figure. Let's see how long before it breaks again. LOL 😁
  3. Didn't get drops again today. Yes, I re-linked the accounts. Yes, I watched the whole stream, from countdown to waves. Yes, I checked my Twitch account and it shows 0% of 30 minutes. Listen, not the end of the world but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I watch the streams because I enjoy them. The drops are icing on the cake. But what the hell good is cake without icing anyway? LOL Anyway, could someone look into whether this is a more widespread problem with the "new and improved" drop system? Thanks.
  4. In the patch notes for update 29.10, there was a line under DOJO QUALITY OF LIFE ADDITIONS, CHANGES & FIXES that read: Am I correct in understanding that the smaller halls are no longer required? Is there a downside to removing the smaller halls (capacity, clan affinity, etc.)? When I first built the dojo, I just stuck the smaller halls into the basement and then walled off the door since they served no purpose. Can I now just delete them, keep the Grandest Hall and finally recover some real estate in my dojo? Because if so...hells yes and about dang time! Can anyone confirm w
  5. It seems this was an issue way back in March 2017 when Octavia first launched, back before they put in separate sliders for the Mandachord. And for some reason, almost four years later, it's still an issue. For whatever reason, Octavia's Mandachord is tied to the Music slider. I would have thought now was a golden opportunity for DE to address this, since they just dropped the Prime version of the frame. They REALLY need to de-couple the Mandachord from Music and make it its own channel. Like the OP, I turn the Music for most games I play either way down or off completely. No hate for the soun
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