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  1. Picked up the "Artemis Bow" package as soon as it was available yesterday. Within a few minutes, I was in a public group, all randoms, and everyone had an Ivara Prime. It was...GLORIOUS! There were more dashlines crisscrossing the space above the cryopod on Hydron than you could shake a Kraken at. Nothing got even close to the pod. Almost hated to see that session end, it was epic!
  2. Finally got my GV a few moments ago, so they are trickling through it seems. I watched the main Game Awards Twitch channel last night, for what it's worth.
  3. No drop again. I didn't get the formas last week for the devstream either. I've un-/relinked my accounts well prior to both events and nothing. The formas are no big deal (although I'll always take free formas) but supremely disappointed about the weapon no dropping. Hopefully it'll come through over the coming hours or so.
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