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  1. I did 3 back-to-back missions while solo-mode in the Earth Proxima, I used my forward artillery to blow up 4 crewships, after the mission was done I went to my Forge; crafted 4 Dome Charges; refined; then returned to the Drydock. Once I was back at the Drydock the 4 Dome Charges were missing from my stockpile; worthy of note is that I have 8 in Engineering so I have both +25% crafting perks so the Forge gives me 2 Dome Charges per crafting.
  2. Aurani

    Warframe Builder

    Archwing mode arch-guns seem to list damage values that are higher than normal. For example the Imperator(Vandal) should have a total of 22 dmg but the builder says 40.
  3. My friend hosted an Infested Invasion on Cinxia, Ceres (Shipyard), in the mission I encountered a tileset with toxic sludge leaking out onto the catwalk, it did not inflict damage to either of us and it did not appear on his side.
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