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  1. Just came back from a solo 20m session in Orb Vallis, my Velocitus earned well over 75k affinity in total and I ranked up my mech from 27 to 29, when I went back to Fortuna my mech had only earned a few hundred affinity and was still 27, definitely not isolated to clients. Edit: Went for another run, got my mech maxed, it then got destroyed, it still showed up as maxed on scoreboard, then I died and the necramech completely disappeared from the scoreboard, upon returning to Fortuna no affinity had been gained. Went for yet another run, maxed out both mech and Velocitus, got me
  2. This bug is still unfixed, previous description of the bug can be found: here Equipping a maxed Overextended for -60% str as well as a near-max Umbral set (Vitality+Fiber+Intensify) for +60% str grants a listed total 100% power strength but causes abilities to weaken by 1 flat damage or 1 percent. As additional examples over the ones in my previous thread: Saryn's Spores will have 49% status chance instead of 50%; Toxic Lash 29% instead of 30%, and Molt/Miasma will inflict 1 less damage.
  3. I just went into the 2nd isolation vault and got hardstuck as the Necramech died while my ability usage was blocked and the blockage never went away so I couldn't 'potato-mode', had to go back to the surface to find an enemy to die to which unlocked my warframe abilities, but if I potato'd I was stuck in potato-mode every time til I died in it and had to go back to the Necralisk and leave Deimos completely to fully fix it. Please just remove this buggy feature.
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