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  1. Am back, haven't been as active since I have a new job. Most of the time I'd be on the forum was when I was working there, unrelated to why I'm somewhere else though. Hope everyone has been doing well and been enjoying Warframe or other games/ whatever people have been doing.
  2. I see a lot of people being nice to each other in here and having civilized conversations, general has too many serious topics so people get salty with each other over various things. This is also off topic so there are no real rules, but no one's deliberately causing trouble or misbehaving.
  3. It's between aiming, or closing distance to get in melee range which is also effort. And if they nerf melee there will be a S#&$storm that I don't think anyone wants. Most of the time I start fights by shooting, then end it with melee. It's a good way to finish fights in this game.
  4. Radiation also frenzies enemies so you can cast his one and two and basically turn a mob against itself. Four is good when surrounded to keep enemies from attacking, dealing damage and making enemies frenzy with radiation. That's his strength more than stripping armor.
  5. I got the gun and riven without spending anything, why does it have to cost thousands of platinum? If they make guns too good don't you think people will complain they made the game too easy again since now they don't even have to melee to kill entire groups at high levels? Melee is easier to use and it doesn't take ammo that runs out so obviously people will melee. It still takes building up melee weapons in the right way and using the right weapons against the right enemies. Buffing guns without nerfing melee means we have even more ways to easily kill our way through hordes.
  6. Get some then. Yes cinnamon I say.
  7. My Tiberon Prime with a riven seems to handle pretty well. I like to put a few magazines out then melee through some enemies, but both forms of attacking work. I'd also say this isn't a typical looter shooter where you expect to find new guns in just about every mission and you have to constantly equip new weapons as you level. This is more of a character action game where your powers are as necessary as weapons. Maybe try a different weapon against the Corpus, something with more impact and fire rate works better against them. It's rare to find one gun that's perfect against ever
  8. Have some cinnamon rolls and you won't be cynical.
  9. Yes lol And since I am Dough Boy have some cinnamon rolls
  10. This must be the oldest and longest thread that's still alive, other than developer posts.
  11. I'll send you some noods. \(^-^)/
  12. Oh hey what's going on in here? Oh.
  13. I'd pay a few dollars to skip a couple hours of working.
  14. I mean when she speaks mute, then unmute when she's done. Not perfect but it's something.
  15. Augments are a nice option to make some abilities better, but others feel like they should just be part of the ability instead of taking up a slot. Phoenix Renewal is one of my favorite augments, and it feels like it makes the ability better while not feeling like it should be in the ability to start since it gives Oberon what essentially feels like Wukong's passive with no limit other than a cooldown. While one of Nezha's old augments related to the chakram felt unnecessary after the rework.
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