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  1. Ah, didn't get that from what you said lol But now I'd find it funny if someone changed their GT to last post just to win.
  2. Only a few people have "won," but they weren't permanent wins since the thread continues.
  3. Asking if you may ask a question counts as a question, rookie mistake.
  4. Procedurally generated enemies would be interesting, but there are only so many designs a game can realistically make. The Emissary showed a few different designs that I thought were pretty cool, so maybe if they added more variants like that or started fusing units together to make bigger enemies that you can tell are different infested organisms fused together into one horrible monster could give them a bit more of an eldritch horror feel. Dead Space had some pretty interesting enemies that you could tell were morphed from their original forms into whatever was needed. If the entire game was around fighting the infested then I could see a drastic change being needed but they're just one part of the game, though if we get a bunch of new Infested to fight I won't mind.
  5. If you're complaining about other players then just play solo. Or find some people to play with that don't use Limbo.
  6. Rigor evidently translates to anything strict or firm. Rigid and hard are synonyms too.
  7. Loosely translates to hard dead or death.
  8. "Nothing makes me harder than science and technology."
  9. Not those kinds of experiments, think more along the lines of what organs can be removed and replaced without causing a body to die.
  10. However, you get a bonus and a chance for some nice extra stuff if you do it undetected. And if you have a requirement of getting all vaults then proper stealth is necessary. And some will lock down preventing you from getting the vault open. If you want to brute force stealth then so be it, I prefer to use a proper stealth approach for actual stealth missions. Brute force for everything else. There will always be a meta, but that doesn't mean you have to play to that meta. Since shield gating has been added Inaros doesn't benefit from that, so other frames have seen a durability increase. I like Inaros well enough but I don't feel the need to only play him. The rare times I join randoms I don't see many Inaros players too, I usually see a pretty good variety. And that's one encounter not the whole game, if a Warframe is good on that encounter then it's expected to see them there more. Doesn't mean it's the "only frame people use."
  11. For me it's the quick pacing and the ability to finish missions in a few minutes or hit missions that will take a good deal longer. How the Warframes actually feel like something powerful, a bit like the Doom Slayer in a way. “They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done.” Feels like it describes Warframes just as well, and we stack even more bodies than the Slayer on some missions. One or few against legion, purpose built for endless war, and you are the thing the enemy fears. Gets a bit easy at times and I have taken breaks from this game, but it's something I keep playing because it's actually kind of relaxing just working on weapons and warframes. If I have nothing else to do or don't have enough time to really get into another game then I'll get some time in Warframe. A simple reason is because gore pleases me, and the detailing in Warframe is some I haven't seen in a while in other games. Being able to see organs and bones instead of just a red mass. Shooting enemies with a slash heavy weapon, or using a heavy sword and cleaving groups of enemies into parts.
  12. Every frame can go on every mission, doesn't mean they should. If every frame could do everything there would be no point in having so many different Warframes.
  13. Ivara Prowl Infiltrate augment ????? Grofit Other frames can do it faster but how many can just completely ignore lasers and move through spy areas without worrying about being spotted at all? And building her with streamline means you can stay in Prowl for a considerable time. She is decent for exterminate but that's about the only combat mission I'd take her on, otherwise Spy and Rescue with her.
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