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  1. Ah that works. I used to play warframe in 2014 nothing existed then. New acc just whaled it. What happens if I'm solo and this occurs though?
  2. decided to fish for the first time ever. Cracked a cold one and fished for about 2 hours. Along the way I picked up 50+ of that weird Grokowhateveritscalled stuff I've been looking for and 50+ irradiate then learned how to kill eidolons and did a 6x3 to find out I cant extract whatsoever. Everyone else could but I couldnt so I hit the pause button and saw return to orbiter and did that and lost everything. How is that fair. My dumb self decided to go again thinking it's a fluke... it cant happen again.... WRONG! not as long this time. About 2 hours instead of total 4 hours I was there last time. And same problem. Extract isn't a thing. Waypoint is for fashion and no real functionality. Someone told me to go to xbox menu and quit game instead of abort this time. Did that. Lost everything. What a waste of an entire day of warframe. Is there any way to fix this? I actually fell in love with the scenery and fishing and had a great time but it's useless if I cant do a F ing thing there that actually progresses me.
  3. I got the skiajati a few hours ago and finished it with absolutely no problem. Still mildly upset that I could've been mr 10 right now but it is what it is. It's done. But it needs to be fixed. Bottom line. Yeah I'm at a disadvantage but I've been a gamer since a child. I'd play competently even if I had no hands. Hell I'm still a grand champ in rocketleague with 6 working fingers.
  4. I'll work on wisp pretty soon. Just grinding out the rest of story atm. Yeah I get that you can get someone in recruit to help. I'm fine soloing everything but I stay public for the ppl who join randomly and struggle. Make their life easier since I'm aware most people at this stage are fairly new and people in recruit get bothered by them being so lost all the time. One major thing in wf is that most of it either requires someone to show you the path and mentor you for quite a while or for you to google it because good luck discovering that dragon keys are in the orokin lab unless you somehow stumbled upon it. Amongst many other things. On ds3 I did sl125 ng7 Never got done. Put it down and never came back a good ways thru. Idk why. It's mainly memorization on the pathing of said enemies / dont get hit cause u know u can kill him rn but he will one shot u if u dont dodge roll right now. Good to see another person who played dark souls. Not many of us out there.
  5. You are absolutely correct. It is very doable. But in the heat of the moment on the real qual... it's very very very hard. One tiny error and they get thrown into a cautious state and that's an easy fail. After said fail it's even harder based on where it spawns you since on the real qual they can detect you immediately or go into a cautious state. It's very difficult and I've finished the dark souls trilogy on NG6 which is the hardest difficulty you'd ever see in a video game ever lol. I am very patient. I just feel that I'm at a huge disadvantage here with multiple variables causing easy fails. I mainly made this post not to rant because I will get it done idc. I'm persistent. And skilled in stealth in the real world. But when it comes to the game.. I want dev's or someone to see this and I will keep roaring about it until someone decides to fix it for the new people and the future of the game. If I was new and encountered this I would call the game garbage, too hard, glitchy and uninstall.
  6. Based on how the missions scale... you have to be hydron taxid and acquire mods to even make your way to the sacrifice. I just did mot so I can open chains of harrow.... I did 94% dmg and the rest were mr6. They couldnt do anything and needless to say afterwards I gave them all mods and tips for their frames / weapon builds. 2 were limbo and 1 rhino. None of them had a grasp of the game yet and told me they struggled for months to get to MOT. Whereas it took me 10 days. There was no way they would've gone through Sedna if I didnt go with them or someone who is modded and completely cracked out to help.
  7. How can I send you clips? My MR QUALIFIER. Was failed without moving 1 inch from spawn. 3 in a row defections without even doing anything. Stand and sit immediately. Aside from the bugs it is just way harder than it needs to be. Nobody can say otherwise.
  8. I understand your pain. My right wrist is mostly man made along with several fingers on both hands. If you'd seen me play it looks quite odd since I have to play claw style like you'd do in fighting games. But more than anything this game keeps my mind occupied from when I wake to when I sleep. Always something to do and I just wished certain things were more lenient in wf. After all it is a video game. I feel like I'm trying to do a speed run with pixel perfect movements lol. But that's just because I'm a bot irl essentially.
  9. I appreciate you for this video! I attempted it using the EXACT loadout you have excal broken war. In the 3rd section I didnt get detected as much as I did before when I was using khora (I'm assuming she has a larger hitbox? Shes wearing kuva hunter armor as well so shes a blob of visibility) On the practice if I dont replicate this exactly it doesnt work. What I mean is... if I get detected 1 time. Everything goes out of whack. I start getting detected mid air and some nonsense as if they are omniscient and all knowing. Which they basically are. I will attempt this on the real test tonight... One thing I do know is that on the practice I had to attempt what you did a few times. So I successfully completed it after 4 attempts which is much better odds. Let's just pray the game doesnt start giving me some funny / obnoxious bugs like falling thru the floor cause why not? on the real test.
  10. I'm more upset on the fact that we have to jump through hoops and waste time farming cheese and days just to progress. Is this mastery test only expected to be completed by those with 300+ hours?
  11. Abilities aren't allowed. I have alot of frames Mods and weapons honestly. 80-100 sorties solo are a breeze so my weapons are fine. I've tried to nuke them all with a heavy slam and I get caught climbing up every time. I'm getting caught alot of ways that were unheard of when I completed this test before. And when I completed it in 2013/2014 it was HARD like INSANELY hard until I found out their pattern. Btw their pattern changes now. This is something I forgot to mention. After first fail I'll get some wacko RNG for their pathing. Is there a way I can show you clips? Some of these things happening are actual uninstall material. My point here is that the only way I've found to beat it is the skiajati which I think is totally UNFAIR!
  12. I was a founder (still am but dont remember password and have given up so I decided to get an xbox and run wf since pc hardware is outdated) I supported this game through the gamebreaking bugs and was there for launch. I left pc warframe in 2015 to join the army. I thought of this game in afganistan and hoped to play it again when in that mess. I dont care that the game is completely different than what I left it. I have come back, disabled, seeking enjoyment. Binging this game hours on end. I have played 9 days straight now (really binging. Nothing else to do) Spent over $175 at least to recreate what I had on my pc account. Primed mods frames etc etc. 3 of my buddies I made in rehab all got together on xbox and started playing but we've ran into an issue. We all recall mr 9 test and I have a quite popular tutorial on youtube for it. Issue... is... that.. unless invisible, the 3rd section of the stealth... is almost impossible. I've dont it normally. But I have at least 10 clips of me getting spotted through walls. Through ground below me. I've even been detected IMMEDIATELY after a failed attempt respawn. I'm talking nanoseconds here. My frame didnt even stand up and it was over. I wouldn't be here right now if it were easily done. I've asked multiple vets even the founder of my clan to try it again to see if they can do it. I had 7 people total attempt it 10 times each. That's 70 tries with no umbral weapon cheating. 3! THREE COMPLETIONS! That's a 4% completion rate from 4 mr 9s with past experience and 3 mr 20+s who have played and understood the game in my absence. This is unfair. Especially to new players. This is gamebreaking. Dont believe me? Go do the test now. MR 9. No invisibility. If you can do it.... please teach me how since as I said.... I am getting detected from the most absurd angles. The tracking is like trying to 1v1 a bot in a FPS whilst on the hardest difficulty and they consistently aimbot you. TLDR; mr 9 test is gamebreaking. It should be able to be completed without cheese or cheating it.
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