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  1. I know you guys are working on the 3rd orb mother but deimos dosent even have a world boss will you guys ever add q world boss to deimos because id like to see what it is
  2. Every mission has a chance to give vidar and zetki as rewards levan is from elite enemies and crewships
  3. No there all different vidar is more focused on armor, Livan is hull health, and zetki is balanced, Livan can go to 6000 hull 2100 armor, vidar 4900 armor 2500 hull, zetki 4000 hull 3100 armor
  4. Thats a good idea for now untill they realize gunner rank 10 is horrible and change it to somthing more awesome like at gunner rank 10 you can launch a turret out into space and it becomes a fighter ship to assist you
  5. This update keeps getting worse and worse the gunner rank 10 is crap, infinite loading screens are back, crashes are back, gliched entering and existing corpus ships if the time runs out if a members of your team are anoying and won't join you in the entrance or extraction, there is NO LV 10 FOR COMMAND, ect..... I can go on for hours on how bad this update is and how stupid some ideas are for railjack like the new plating component which is just stupid the mods for railjack that added health, armor and shealds were just fine and didn't need to be changed but like everything some came up with the most stupid idea to take that away and add a stupid new component whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired ITS AN EXTREMELY STUPID IDEA And with the RNG I thought you guys were going to lessen it a lot of the stuff you did in this update did nothing for that and made it even worse
  6. This update is the worst out of all updates you guys at DE could have came up with with the amount of bugs, the massive RNG ( which you sead you were going to reduce !) And many other things im surprised the bug team wasn't severity punished for not fixing 2 year old bugs now and the people that came up with the rng system and lied to the players about reducing it weren't fired and blacklist from any job that had to deal with loot tablets The plating is un necessary its super stupid and should be reverted back to the mods increaseing the health and armor and plating removed along with the constant relics you can get so many other places in drop tables and resources you can get THOUSANDS of reality easily WITHOUT THE DROP TABLE make it like bountys were you get actual rewards more often than stupid rewards like relics
  7. This update is prity stupid when it comes to drop tables and RNG sitting there trying to get the new extremely stupid plate component and only get relic after relic after endo after endo its just stupid adding a new component to the railjack Id rather that railjack stayed the same than add a new stupid component to railjack now we gatta have more farming RNG on our side to get this stupid plating because your RNG settings are more ridiculous than anthems loot tables and thats ridiculous
  8. Yah now we have another realy anoying thing to grind for a new Levan, vidar, or (cant remember the name) hull matrix to get Why can't you guys leave the components to the ship alone id rather not half to grind for another realy rng based components for my railjack when you could just use the hull and armor mods
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