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  1. Not quite - you need fewer hacked ambulas when you have fewer players. So the only speed-running method available here is "go solo"
  2. There is more than one side to this. On the one hand, having some sort of drops does bring viewers (the top Warframe streamer online right now has under 200 live viewers, DE's streams tend to have around 50K or more). And since DE use Twitch as one of the main promotional/communications tools for Warframe, bringing in more viewers (and eventually players) is the whole purpose of the streams. So having drops during the streams is an overall upgrade for what the streams are. On the other hand, receiving a drop should promote positive emotions, not negative ones. So a grab bag sh
  3. Better summary: Blessings are fine, they are doing what they were designed to do: letting MR30s show off a bit. If the statue is bugged for some players - maybe look into that. If you ever even consider spending 3 hours waiting in a relay in case someone blesses it - you need to: Do the math and see how inefficient that is Re-evaluate your priorities Before you use the term "opportunity cost", figure out what it means and how it is calculated in the situation you're discussing. Otherwise you will end up sounding silly.
  4. My Kuva gun collection suggests that they are not as immortal as they think they are! But I can understand wanting a designated greeter for anyone wanting to take a tour of your railjack!
  5. Can we get those as buildable blueprints, like the fish trophies? I'd farm another Grendel (or 10) for that!
  6. Have you actually tried using the RJ crews for ship defence/repair? On my RJ, I have 3 NPC crew (not liches), with 2 set to Gunners and last one set to Engineer (i.e. repair). I gave the engineer an Ignis Wraith with a reasonable build (although I suspect a Kuva Nukor would be a good option too). So far, she's been perfectly happy murdering anyone foolish enough to try to board my ship! And she also repairs any breaches in her spare time! I'll admit, she has been downed a few times when I did something particularly foolish (like parking right in front of the missile platform in Grineer Ve
  7. The issue with this timer is that Steel Path Incursions were supposed to be there to promote matchmaking on the SP starchart. But if you have to play in a certain way in order to manage this timer (to get the acolyte to spawn), you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage by starting an Incursion mission in public mode - since you can't rely on whoever joins to make the effort to manage said timer. So the current timer system for spawning acolytes goes directly against the purpose of the SP Incursions - and therefore needs adjusting.
  8. Judging by the fact the player is talking about replacing their starting Excal, I have a feeling that they may be quite a far way away from unlocking the Helminth system.
  9. As mentioned above, you usually don't want to replace frames - you want to be getting more warframe slots and collecting different tools for different tasks. There are some exceptions (you can usually ditch the standard variant once you get the prime), but your situation you're in is not one of them. Specifically for switching to Wukong - be a bit careful. Wukong is a very good generalist frame, but he does teach you some bad habits. Starting to main him too early may end up being detrimental to you as a player.
  10. Defence is not my favourite mode in the game, but it's usually OK. The issue is that the specific new Corpus ship defence tile highlights all the issues that exist with that game mode! Enemies spawn too far away - Corpus ship is the biggest defence tile (or feels that way), with enemies spawning further away than on any other! Enemies get stuck in weird corners of terrain - this tile has more such corners than any other tile in-game! Enemies keep hiding in a far corner of the map - again, biggest defence tile, with furthest away corners! And no, this is not a complaint about missions last
  11. Judging by how Nightwave series / intermissions have been getting longer and longer, this one will probably end somewhere around December 2022
  12. What you are actually seeing is not a dilution of the playerbase, but a concentration of it. The truth of the matter is that there is very little reason to revisit most of the starchart's nodes after you've completed them once - so the majority of players don't. So there are some nodes where there are very often open public squads (Hydron/Helene, Ophelia, index, ESO), and there are other nodes, where you'll have a hard time ever finding anyone. DE tried to partially remedy that on Steel Path with the incursions, but I'm not sure how successful they were (you have to slow down most mi
  13. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the actual main purpose of the blessings is to allow MR30s to show off their fashionframe on the big statue in the middle of the relay! Sending a small booster to everyone in the relay is just a way of telling them to go look at the statue!
  14. The wheel would have an explicit button for "select item to link". That's actually much easier to implement and much less fragile than trying to parse free-form text, looking for phrases that refer to known linkable in-game items
  15. Ok, I did not know that part - thanks for clarifying. But in that case, you are trying to fix the wrong part of the of the system. You need to look at the chat system, not the matchmaking system. A solution here is actually quite simple and quite common - you have a selection of "canned phrasses" that you can use in chat (In many games, you see this as a sort of "communication wheel") Once such phrase is posted, each client will display the localised version of it. For example, if someone selects "hosting"->"[relic]"->"radshare", you would see the message that they want to host a ra
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