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  1. If you are in a public squad, you should be going in with zero expectations about what other people are going to be doing (or not doing) during the mission - except that they will be working (or trying to work) towards successfully finishing the mission. If you want to decide what does or does not happen during the mission - recruiting chat is your best hope! So if you want to make sure other players in your squad don't load up the mixer - you should be the one using recruiting! In the same way as how if you expect everyone to contribute to the mixer - that should also be discussed in recruiting chat! And if you do decide to load up the mixer all by yourself - you should be prepared to carry the rest of your squad if necessary!
  2. Absolutely! Except that you forgot to mention that the Flechette orb can also attack nullifier bubbles, eventually popping them.
  3. It is good that you are dropping any sort of pretence again. You simply don't want to be matched with you unless they are "worthy enough" to be graced with the honour of your presence. There is one real problem with the game's community - it is you and people like you!
  4. which part of "any set of rules having unintended consequences" did you fail to comprehend? Yes "any" does indeed mean "any"! But the conclusion from that isn't "don't even try" - it's "avoid the ones where exploits are absolutely obvious" - like your suggestion. I thought this would be blindingly obvious to anyone actually trying to analyse the problem, but I guess I'll have to spell it out for you: try googling the phrases "warframe limbo trolling" or "warframe limbo avoid" (both without quotes) and reading the results on the first page. Is that clear enough for you? If you were not able to find the results there - you were clearly trying not to find anything! Looking through the threads there gives you plenty of context as long as you are willing to actually analyse what you are reading! There were many more threads around this, but they tend to be deleted due to the inherent toxicity of the suggestion that you should be able to exert control over other players' actions and gear in a public squad. If you truly managed to not notice any of these threads over the years - you must be the only person on the forums who did.
  5. No, I am talking about any set of rules having unintended consequences. Same as how the rules DE set for affinity sharing were not intended to enable Hydron farming - people just discovered how they can work within the rule set to maximise the speed of reaching their goals. This has nothing to do with bugs - just with understanding the rules and realising how to use them to your advantage! And finding ways to exploit such edge cases for trolling is actually easier than doing it for constructive purposes - since the goals are much more flexible! How about you do some of your own research? Have you even tried googling things related to your suggestion to see if this has been discussed before? Sure, the forum threads are getting cleaned up, but the redit ones are all alive and well! And even some of the forum threads are still there! Before demanding that other spell everything out for you, have you even tried figuring things out on your own? Nobody is obliged to spoon-feed the most trivial deductions to you - you are expected to do some of your own thinking too!
  6. With excavation it depends on the faction you are against. It tends not to be too bad solo past the first couple of excavators - by that time enemy spawns start picking up. Survival actually works really nicely solo (better than with pub squads). I was recently farming Ambassador, so I've done plenty of them. And non-railjack ones are also just fine. You simply have to be a bit proactive about managing life support capsules. By about an hour in, you can easily stabilise at around 80-90% life support. Interceptions - are you talking about steel path? Because on the normal starchart solo Interception missions are actually really easy precisely because of the low spawn numbers! Sure, it's slightly less trivial than full squad interception, but it really isn't a problem if you know how to do them! Disruptions do indeed get harder as you get further on. But you just don't stay quite as long solo as you would in a full squad! With Limbo specifically, only disruption is really problematic. For some of the other mission types, you just need to play the less stationary version of his playstyle.
  7. They are toxic for the dosens of reasons already mentioned in the previous "I hate limbo and am too lazy to use recruiting" threads. There is absolutely no point to rehash them all here. They pop up every couple of months like clockwork! Have you ever written any code? If you had, you'd know that what you've described is at best a vague concept of an idea! If this is implemented and a troll decides to exploit it, what they do will depend on the specifics of the implementation. Since you have not provided any specifics - an full description of a possible exploit is not yet possible. But as a vague concept - recall that timed events tend to have meta frames (Hildryn for Orphix Venom, Titania for Plague Star, your hated Limbo for Scarlet Spear). Without them, the event is not impossible but definitely much harder than it should be. A troll could block that meta frame, jump into a pub squad, stay until new players could no longer join and then leave (moving on to another squad) - leaving the squad undermanned and without the most effective tools for the job.
  8. There is no secret plan - you simply screwed up and wrote what you actually though. Then you re-read it, realised how bad that makes you sound and tried to hide it. But failed. All I did was call you out on it! Or are you trying to claim that your edit amounted to fixing a couple of typos and a bit of rephrasing? And people don't need to take my word for it - they can read both versions of your post (I quoted both of them in case you try and make a third one) and judge for themselves! And once they read the initial version of your post, they will know for a fact what sort of toxicity drives requests like yours. And why they need to be shut down for the good of the community!
  9. Interesting edit! Did the original version betray too much of your true motivation? Don't worry, I quoted that version in my above post to preserve it!
  10. This has been discussed countless times, and you've been on these forums long enough to have seen dosens of "let me have the option to not be matched with frame X" threads. All these threads get eventually closed for one simple reason: what they (and you) are asking is inherently toxic and must never be implemented! Do trolls exist? Sure! This is, after all, the Internet. But every frame has perfectly legitimate uses to it. And a setting to not get matched with a frame of your choice is much more easily exploitable than the fairly limited ways any given frame could be used. How? It depends on the specifics of the implementation. But any viable implementation of this opens up a much bigger gap to exploit! So your problem isn't being matched with a specific frame or with a troll player, now is it? From what you've said here, it seems that the issue is that you don't want to be matched with rookies! You only agree to tolerate them as long as what they do does not affect you, but you want to make sure you don't have to adjust your playstyle to what they are doing. Read your own statements again and think about them for a bit! With an attitude like that, the only suitable game mode is solo!
  11. Player blacklist is something I would be in favour of - as long as the blacklist is very limited in size (say you are only able to blacklist 50 players at a time) and players can only be added there temporarily (say, for a week at a time) to prevent trolling attempts by large clans. Blacklisting of frames - just no! Whatever toxisity you are trying to get rid of, this adds ten times more of it. If you want to make sure you're never matched with a particular frame - play solo!
  12. Seeing this bug every time I play railjack. You can also sometimes see it when entering/exiting Grineer Missile platform objectives. It looks like they are not clearing the input buffer somewhere - so if you press "use" several times when you are entering the artillery, the second press registers immediately as you exit - pulling you through the animations again. You can mostly avoid this bug if you are really careful with only pressing use once as you are entering - but that tends to me even more annoying than sitting through the duplicate animations.
  13. I don't have the source for this handy (and all I ever saw of this was a single screenshot - so I can't vouch for that myself), but when someone asked this question on Twitter, [DE] Steve apparently said that merging the accounts "was the goal". However, I would take this with a huge grain of salt - since there has not been an official confirmation of this. At the end of the day, we will only really know when crossplay/crossave come out (whenever that may be). Until then, nobody is gong to tell you for sure either way. If I were you, I would assume this would be an override unless DE officially states otherwise (and I'd be a bit careful even then).
  14. I use AI crew all the time too - since DE have made it impossible to force host in railjack, I tend to go solo to avoid ending up in the Veil in a railjack with MK-I components. I just don't use a pilot at all (2 gunners + engineer who's good at for killing boarders). My comment was more along the lines of "why would you want an AI pilot?" If an AI is piloting the ship and the side objectives are complete - what am I supposed to be doing? As for EU switch servers - they seem to be quite empty even during the normal hours (I'm in the UK myself). I tend to just use the US servers - my connection is still decent and it's actually possible to find a squad for the missions I want to be in a squad for,
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