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  1. Don't get me wrong - I'm on your side here. I completely agree that Eidolon hunts need to have much better rewards. But I don't think making more exclusives is the right way to go. I think it would be better if they were a good source of some items/resources you can also get in other places. Make it a choice, but make Eidolons still worth the effort. As an easy example, DE could make a Hydro capture give a decent amount of endo: make it high enough to be worth it, but comparable with the amounts you can get from other "good" sources with a similar amount of effort. That would give pl
  2. Right now on the Switch Market a rk 5 Energize seems to be selling for around 700-1000p, while a rk 5 Lockdown for 150-200p (on PC - around 800p and 120p respectively). Both have a very healthy numbers of registered sales in the last 90 days. If anything, I suspect Lockdown sales on PC might be safer because smaller transactions are less useful for laundering dirty plat. This would make farming Toroids for Lockdown (or other similar arcanes from the same shop) at least as profitable, probably more - since toroid farming from PT/Exploiter involves zero RNG (35 PT takedowns guarantee you 21
  3. PT and Exploiter are quick and reliable ways of getting Vox Solaris standing, which can be converted into Magus arcanes. You can get a max-rank Magus Lockdown (as well as many other rewards) in a week with 35 PT takedowns (without boosters). These can fairly easily be sold for decent amounts of plat. While a max-rank Energize would yield a lot more, eidolon arcanes have a lot of built-in RNG and take a lot longer to obtain. So PT and Exploiter communities are not asking for new rewards because their current rewards are already very monetizable.
  4. Have you ever fought an Eidolon Gantulyst? Or did you think Terry was the only Eidolon? That fight is not available from the "staging area" (Cetus) either. You have to capture Terry, then go to a certain point of the Plains and start the Garry mission from there (and then repeat for Harry). Or are arcanes not "relevant drops"? Arcana bounties requiring an iso vault is just a slight development of the same system. All they really added was the rotation of specific missions that are used as part of the bounty. But such rotations have already been used throughout other bounties in all 3 open
  5. Wait, were you trying to play a specific Arcana Bounty rather than whichever one of them happens to be in the vault at the time? Arcana Bounties are just Bounties, they rotate around just like those in the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. You just do whichever one is available. The system is pretty self-explanatory to anyone familiar with the other two open worlds, not sure what else DE could have done to clarify it.
  6. If I remember correctly, I was running Rhino with a Fragor at the time I was passing that junction (don't remember what mods, but couldn't have been anything advanced). My "strategy" was usually to do a ground slam into the specter, knocking them down. Then just continue putting the hammer down so they can't get up and kill me. If they do manage to get up and cast something - run away and hide until the spell expires (and then repeat). That said, this was a while ago, so I might have had do use something else on Valkyr specifically. Edit: Just noticed the OP was from 201
  7. There are only 3 specific "Mother" points in the Cambion drift that give you access to the arcana bounties - each to its own tier (and only after you finish the vault itself in the same session). These are the points nearest to where you do the "prepare the bait" phase of the respective vault. These are the same Mother points that you can use for starting the Iso Vault missions without going into the Necralisk. There are a bunch of other Mother stations but they do not give you access to iso vaults or Arcana bounties. My advice is to put a Loc-Pin next to the specific Mother stations
  8. Just to double-check: did you already put a Forma onto Octavia Prime? As far as I know, second energy color is only unlocked once you forma the frame.
  9. I actually try to avoid survivals for relic cracking. I usually run relics in pub squads, and there always seems to be a player who insists on bringing a Saryn (or similar) and nuking all the enemies before they turn. As a result, there's often a struggle to get 10 reactant. Similar for excavation - someone always decides to start the second excavator ASAP and not wait for enough reactant to drop. While I see what you are trying to do, it might be worth considering that DE are not exactly known for promptly fixing issues in the game. So with your plan, the mission type might stay at th
  10. Currently, DE's history suggests that unfinished content tends to stay unfinished for quite a long time (just look at the Valis's third Orb - it's still taking a bath in a coolant lake). So I would be very much against any sort of system that puts them in a situation where they are incentivised to release more unfinished content (they do it often enough already!) I understand what you are saying, but making system more tightly intertwined with each other is simply a bad practice from the point of view of software engineering. Delay do occasionally happen, and the more systems are depen
  11. Chemical processes in its cells and electric discharges in its neurons. You stated that without really providing any justification. You really need to give a bit more than that. You clearly transport it somehow. And it is clearly not taken off your hands immediately after you catch it. That means the fish is (a) a living organism (b) that you can somehow carry around (c) while using any warframe powers (d) that survives the process. For your points to have any validity whatsoever, you'd need to explain why a different living organism would necessarily not survive bein
  12. Look at it slightly differently: Imagine DE were PLANNING a "Tempestari Nightwave" to be released now, but were not able to do so for some reason (for any reason: assets not ready, the Nora Night voice artist took a holiday/was busy on another project... - anything. Life happens!). But the update itself is ready on time. What would you expect DE to do? Delay the mainline update to wait for the Nightwave "trailer"? Release the "Tempestari Nightwave" after the mainline update, when the "campfire story" is no longer relevant? Scrap the work done on the "Tempestari Nightwave" and start workin
  13. Don't worry about the "current meta" and just build whatever sounds fun! Most content in Warframe can be done without "Meta" weapons/builds - so just go try something out! As long as you mod the weapons correctly, they will all perform well enough. When I was at MR7, I remember building Tigris and Sobek. They are both primary shotguns, but they are very different styles of shotgun. I found both of them really fun to use (although a lot of people do dislike Tigris's duplex trigger). Other notable/amusing primary weapons available by MR7 include (in no particular order) Rubico, Baza, C
  14. What are you on about? Of course there is no animation for a mechanic not currently in the game If the mechanic were to be introduced, so would an animation! The defence target not being affected by the vortex, however, is an example of it not being damaged by warframe abilities - hence negating one of your objections. Well, try making a conjecture! Or any sort of a guess! Or proposing something constructive at all. Your current position of "I don't know how this works but your suggestion is wrong because I say so" is not exactly conducive to a conversation! The voice lines jus
  15. Can you currently target the rescue target with weapons or damaging abilities? Don't think so! (unless under radiation proc). I just did a "protect the idiot" sortie defence earlier today as Vauban, and the target did not get sucked into the black hole (collapsed bastille). Then using abilities while carrying them should not be a problem either (according to your own logic)! Your opposition to the idea seemed to be not in the range of in-game mechanics, but in the range of lore (or game world logic). I am giving you a similar example (allied kavat in the path of a Fire Blast) that suggest
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