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  1. While there are indeed a lot of players complaining about not being able to do get 25 kills in T3 Granum void to spawn a sister, there is always the same flaw with their argument: Fighting a lvl4-5 sister has a significantly higher gear requirement than T3 G.V. So if they can't spawn a sister on their own, they would certainly have much more trouble killing her once spawned. And if they expect to be carried through fighting the sister once she's spawned - they can also ask someone to carry them through spawning the sister. So I look at all of these threads as simply a replacement for the "I can't get rid of my lich and he's stealing my stuff" threads we've had all over these forums before the last update. As far as making the Xoris unsellable - I think it's a really bad idea. If you make it unsellable, its blueprints would need to be removed from Simaris's shop - otherwise one would be able to build 10 of them and would not be able to get rid of the 9 he doesn't need (serves him right, yes, but there would still be people complaining to support about it). And I think we should be able to make multiple copies of our weapons and frames (as long as we're willing to pay for the slots)
  2. I have since stopped trying to make sense of DE's decisions. Long-term isolation due to WFH makes people have odd ideas: unvaulting Chroma, waverider quest, Yareli in general, making lich hunting even more tedious... I'll just go kill my 9th magnetic sister (maybe the 10th one will have the ephemera?). Aphrodite, Ishtar, E-gate, stab at Venera... Sharpless, Memphis, Roche, stab at Skyresh... Carme, Thebe, Adrastea, Carpo, stab at Ananke... I'm really curious what DE had against us having at least some variety when lich hunting..
  3. I strongly doubt there is going to be a way to merge accounts - in a collection game like warframe, that could get way too messy. More likely, you're just going to be able to select which of your multiple accounts you are currently playing across all platforms. Also, there already are rules against communicating between your different accounts (although I'm not sure if/how they are enforced) - there's no reason those would not apply just because the accounts originated on different platforms. As far as plat is concerned - we're likely to just have multiple plat wallets, one for every platform. Platform owners will still want their cut of the plat sales! What I'm really curious about are tennogen skins - how will it be handles when someone buys some tennogen for plat on a console and tries to load that save on PC, where the skins are real money-only.
  4. That's the point OP is making - Baro has brought Prisma Machete on PC in the past, but he has never brought it on consoles (yet) - there's a delay (usually 4 weeks). So it is not clear whether or not he'll bring it into the Tennocon relay on consoles this year (unlike PC, where he's supposed to bring it).f not Last year, there was a similar situation with Primed Rubero Lined Barrel - and Tennocon Baro did have it on consoles. So there's hope for the Prisma Machete to be available. If not - we'll just have to wait for another few weeks
  5. you DO realise Tenno are really quite old (even if you disregard the time they spent sleeping)? While their bodies indeed stopped aging when they were children, the outward appearance of their bodies really doesn't matter much - especially to beings who spends most of their time controlling other bodies!
  6. The quest mentions the warframes finding peace, it does not say anything about their original personalities. Since operators control (almost) everything a warframe does, the personalities are likely theirs too. Note that this does not contradict having different personalities in different frames: there is likely to be an effect similar to how bilingual people sometimes have slightly different personalities depending on which of the languages they are speaking (switching bodies is likely to have a more profound effect than just switching languages). The personalities are indeed very different, but they do have one thing in common: they are all grown-up personalities! Being experimented on as a child and then living for thousands of years fighting in an endless war will do that to you! "Kawaii" (the Japanese fad) is the opposite of being grown up - hence it does not fit the theme.
  7. Pink can be good camouflage if the entire environment you're working in is also pink! And there is a fair argument that emotes are expressions of the Operator's personality, not the Warframe's - hence making it reasonable to swap animation sets around. But "Kawaii" is not a personality trait likely to apply to a thousands-year-old supersoldier who, as a child, lived through a hugely traumatic incident/experiment and then been forced to fight an inter-stellar war!
  8. Do games have morals? No, not really. Do games have personality? Depends what you mean by "personality". But games definitely do have themes. And Warframe's theme has been established a long time ago. And Yareli does not fit in it! And neither does the "Angel Wings" ephemera! Nor the "Transformers" Zephyr skin! This complete break with the game's theme is not the only (or the worst) change DE have made to the game in recent years. But there is nothing wrong with people who have invested lots of time (and money) into this game voicing dissatisfaction with such a turn!
  9. If you want someone/something to be a guardian to children, mobility and "spinning blades of death" do not seem like sensible powers to give them. Running away and slashing everything around you sound like really bad ways of protecting targets that can't run very fast and will try to bunch up around you. A guardian would be more focused on targeted attacks and area denial - see Protea. And if you want "bubbly" animations - there are ways of doing those without completely breaking the theme - I would say Wisp's ones come quite close to that. Yareli is clearly just an attempt on DE's part to appeal to the wider Asian market (same as Zephyr's deluxe skin) - I just wish they tried to keep it within the game's theme (like Wukong and Nezha). Speaking of... did anyone else notice that Yareli's story was really close to being a copy from Nezha's Leverian (with the exception that Nezha could actually handle himself in a fight)?
  10. I find Vauban to be one of the best frames for defence objectives. Build for decent range, slap a wormhole next to the objectives and a couple of flachette orbs around it to deal with nullifiers and other nastiness. The main downside is that on some tilesets enemies get squeesed into really odd gaps and corners as they are sucked into the wormhole.
  11. Depends on the region you're in and the time of day. On NA, you almost always have people in trade chat, (don't know about region - I've switched it off since there's nothing but toxicity there). The EU server is much more quiet, but you still wouldn't usually be alone in there. If you look at other servers (e.g. Asia), that chat tends to be completely empty.
  12. For nullifiers, you can just pop the bubbles from far away with your primary/secondary weapon. Just bring something that fires quickly and silently. Then either quickly get past them or kill them before they re-engage the bubble. Or just walk around them - their big blue bubbles make them quite easy to see from far away! Scrambuses are slightly more anoying - but would they even send out that wave unless they detect you? If not - just make sure to kill/CC them first! Pretty sure they don't send out waves while they're napping from Ivara's sleep arrow! Ancient leeches are probably the most unpleasant ones of the three - but again: just kill them first and (preferably) from far away!
  13. Kuria: so instead of 0.001% drop chance from an enemy you prefer a 0.001% spawn chance for a room? Not sure how that is better! Sibear: At the time when that weapon was released, the meta affinity farming spot was Hieracon (Pluto DS Excavation). So everyone was absolutely swimming in Cryotic and the amount required for Sibear was relatively trivial. I would prefer items that are interesting to use once you get them, not just hard to get
  14. Exactly which frames (plural) are you talking about? The only frame that's been vaulted longer than Loki is Mag (who was unvaulted just before Loki's last unvaulting). So the fair course of action would have been to have the current (or at least next) prime vault as Loki and Mag. And if you are trying to mention Volt or Hydroid - both of them were available during last year's Tennocon (from Baro and from stream drop respectively). So they haven't really been in the vault for all that long.
  15. You don't need any mobility on her 4 (which is why I don't run that augment on Mesa - get rid of it and add more power strength instead!). Just move around, (avoiding the laser, bullets and anything else that you don't like), and when you see something you want to kill - press 4, spin around (wiping everything in sight) and press 4 again (disabling regulators). Then keep moving. Just make sure you're a little bit clear from the laser, making sure it doesn't catch up with you in the 1/4 second you'll be stationary! Warframe is game about movement! If you're standing in one spot - you are likely doing something wrong!
  16. The way I see it, getting to MR30 (or MR31 after the next update) is not a big enough achievement to reward it with anything gameplay-relevant. And continuous Baro access comes very close to being gameplay-relevant (as it is effectively a source of plat). I think the reward should be either QoL of cosmetics (like the extra loadout slots and the lander hood ornament we got for MR30). My suggestion for MR31 would be something like a "pet juggernaut" infested cat/dog skin. Or a "fluffy dice" decoration for the Railjack bridge
  17. Not quite - you need fewer hacked ambulas when you have fewer players. So the only speed-running method available here is "go solo"
  18. There is more than one side to this. On the one hand, having some sort of drops does bring viewers (the top Warframe streamer online right now has under 200 live viewers, DE's streams tend to have around 50K or more). And since DE use Twitch as one of the main promotional/communications tools for Warframe, bringing in more viewers (and eventually players) is the whole purpose of the streams. So having drops during the streams is an overall upgrade for what the streams are. On the other hand, receiving a drop should promote positive emotions, not negative ones. So a grab bag should not have items of wildly different value. That way, whenever a player receives one of the drops, they feel (a bit) happy for receiving the drop, not disappointed that they got the lower-tier drop instead of the higher-tier one. For example, this week's drops (floofs) are a good selection - they are all (more-or-less) equally easy to get, so there is no real way to "loose out" on the RNG. In contrast, consider the grab bag they had a few months ago - 3-4 planters for the orbiter as a common drops, a color palette as uncommon and one of the Peculiar mods as a rare. Here, anyone who gets one of the planters will likely feel (somewhat) disappointed for not getting the better stuff. And that is not what you want the player to feel on receiving the drop. And if you get the palette, there is also a good chance you've gotten literally nothing from it (if you already have that palette) So for the community to be happy with the grab bags, all the items in the bag should simply have the same (or similar) value. That'll both keep the "free stuff" appeal and avoid the "bad RNG" disappointment.
  19. Better summary: Blessings are fine, they are doing what they were designed to do: letting MR30s show off a bit. If the statue is bugged for some players - maybe look into that. If you ever even consider spending 3 hours waiting in a relay in case someone blesses it - you need to: Do the math and see how inefficient that is Re-evaluate your priorities Before you use the term "opportunity cost", figure out what it means and how it is calculated in the situation you're discussing. Otherwise you will end up sounding silly.
  20. My Kuva gun collection suggests that they are not as immortal as they think they are! But I can understand wanting a designated greeter for anyone wanting to take a tour of your railjack!
  21. Can we get those as buildable blueprints, like the fish trophies? I'd farm another Grendel (or 10) for that!
  22. Have you actually tried using the RJ crews for ship defence/repair? On my RJ, I have 3 NPC crew (not liches), with 2 set to Gunners and last one set to Engineer (i.e. repair). I gave the engineer an Ignis Wraith with a reasonable build (although I suspect a Kuva Nukor would be a good option too). So far, she's been perfectly happy murdering anyone foolish enough to try to board my ship! And she also repairs any breaches in her spare time! I'll admit, she has been downed a few times when I did something particularly foolish (like parking right in front of the missile platform in Grineer Veil before I've dealt with crewships/fighters and going outside to play around in archwing)! But she just enters bleedout, and that leaves me more than enough time to recall back to RJ and revive her. It would be nice to have a specific Lich defender crew slot, but only for the cool factor (and banter). In terms of survivability, a dedicated defender is really not necessary!
  23. The issue with this timer is that Steel Path Incursions were supposed to be there to promote matchmaking on the SP starchart. But if you have to play in a certain way in order to manage this timer (to get the acolyte to spawn), you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage by starting an Incursion mission in public mode - since you can't rely on whoever joins to make the effort to manage said timer. So the current timer system for spawning acolytes goes directly against the purpose of the SP Incursions - and therefore needs adjusting.
  24. Judging by the fact the player is talking about replacing their starting Excal, I have a feeling that they may be quite a far way away from unlocking the Helminth system.
  25. As mentioned above, you usually don't want to replace frames - you want to be getting more warframe slots and collecting different tools for different tasks. There are some exceptions (you can usually ditch the standard variant once you get the prime), but your situation you're in is not one of them. Specifically for switching to Wukong - be a bit careful. Wukong is a very good generalist frame, but he does teach you some bad habits. Starting to main him too early may end up being detrimental to you as a player.
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