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  1. I like the battle cruiser idea. Doubly so, if it gets build with the captured loot from missions that players never get to see. E.g. in some mobile defense missions we get our shields suked out from our buts, all for our cause, to snatch zhat prototype...but ehat being done with it remains a mystery. Rerout those loots to battle cruiser in construction and voila! complete new mode of coop. The same principle maybe applied to destroyed relais or similar btw. As for orokin lab...if rumurs remain true sentient tech could be coming up. sentients are pretty much the only faction that dont have a lab yet...
  2. well...now u got me confused? what power are you refering to Sir Gimli?
  3. I dont mean to bump my threads, yet this fits just to nicely. Back then i got kinda denounced by the argument that "the dojos are meant as safe havens for players, be at ease and trade" To get the dojo trashed due to inactivity is kinda counterproductive to that goal. However, i do still believe that dojo-procs could be aligned to clan activity. As in: if nobody is online, no procs occur.
  4. I think that answer is rather tough to answer cause it involves multiple factors... to start with: An weapon that drops opponents dead immediately, unlimited ammo magazine/no reload time is ofc. every players dream (aside from becomin boring fast). since this ideal can never be reached other ways open up all with pro and cons. some are: status effect: one shot and the enemy just bleeds to death over 10s or so (itd meet the requirements). however that time might easily be enough to kill u. standard? idk... rapid fire rate: if one bullet wont do the tric, severall surely will. thus the shorter ur magazine fire time and the higher ur magazine size +total ammo the better. standard? not so sure... extremly short reload time: great you just killed one mob. but that wont help much if ur magazine is empty and no other weapons equipped. thus u require to reload fast or you are a goner. standard? well.... In the end its the mix of all those and others yet still to be named that do the tric. that does set the standard. that is y everyone has their own standard.
  5. Well it sure is an interesting concept. Kinda overread/looked that shes got 4 arms at first. Would have been kinda a problem animation wise with reload and such. However her having an additional pair results in other problems: 1) what does she do with her additional arms if no 2nd riffle/pisistol pair is in use? I imagine theyd be kinda suselessly hanging around... 2) what of mellee combat case? in theory she could fend of mobs with melee, and simultainously gun others with her rifle. With only 2 hands its somewhat feasible, to coose one or the other (e.g. with onehand pistol) with 4 hands? thatd need a solid background to be feasible. other than that...i do like the idea. wed basicly have excalibur for melee, mesa for secondary and garuzea as primary gunny.
  6. Hmmm...i get where you are both coming from... How about a compromise? Matrix starts out with 50% stability in mission. One use of an abillity gives say...5% or so. Nonuse of skill while energy avaible will cause to drain stabillity at 1% per 10s. The effects Cold spirit spoke of are being gradually added. Like at 60% bullet reflection, at 70% multishot of the refected bullets and so on. However, not using skills/falling below 50% will start to drain ammo, shields, armor, life. Again in ettappes. at 40% Ammo, 30% Shield and so on.
  7. Hello Fellow Tenno, got another raw Idea of a frame spinning around. Since I am a huge fan of Combining universes that are meant to stay seperated, this one has a Discworld Vibe. Witch vibe to be accurate, with a lot of Headology (had to look that up xD Here you go: https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Headology ) Name: Gytha (after one of Pratchets Witch Characters, More commonly known as Nanny Ogg) Shape: Relatively Volominous, one can easily see her with grendel together at an all you can eat buffet...with Grendel full to the brim and her still snacking away. Base Values: 150 Life 100 Shield 100 Energy 125 Armor The goal here is to put the values in such a way that she either becomes tanky with her 3rd ability or squishy with her 2nd, thus a borderliner. Passive: Fade out As long as Gytha doesnt move/turns around, attack or otherwise engages with the world, she fades over 5second into the background. Abillity caps out at...say 10%. As soon as she moves she is instantly back to full visability. 1st: Spread Rumours cost 40/30/20/10 energy Gytha is a blabermouth. She either talks her opponent to sleep or is badmouthing her opponrnts companion so bad that he attacks his allies into a brawl. So upon activation in a 6/7/8/9m Radius one of 2 Procs happen to mobs. 1) fall asleep and open for finishers or 2) mob attacs his allies in sight for skill duration in mele (10/15/17.5/20s). Only one proc per mob occurs, but the skill has an overall 100% proc chance. Procs cannot be selected by player. Doesnt work on boss mobs. Augment: Rhetotic Allows the player to chose which proc occurs preferably. Proc chance turn from 50% vs. 50% to 80% vs. 20% in favour of the selected proc. 2nd: Distraction cost 25/20/15/10 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s During skill cast the mobs attention is redirected in a 5/10/15/20m radius. As a ressult gythas visabillity goes down to 20%. However as it needs all her focus she gets extremly clumsy. Thus her armor will be reduced by 75% during cast and 50% during skill. 0.5s cast time. Augment: Bulglar Plenty of practice allows Gytha do reduce the Armor reduction down to 25% (cast) and 10% (skill). Additionally, her sneaking allows now for only 15% visability. 3rd: Attention center cost 25/20/15/10 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s Gytha redirects attention yet again. This time however with herself in the center. This does not only draw all mob attention in a 5/10/15/20m radius but also increase her armor by 25% on cast and 50% on skill time due to mental preperation. Augment: Ressourcefull Each activation of Attention Center Consumes 10% of the overall, in mission collected, common ressources in exchange for 100% Armor, additional to what the skill gives, during Attention Center. 4th: Borrowing cost 50/40/30/20 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s Allows Gytha to Take over a Mob that she targets at in 10/15/20/25m distance. During the skill the skill the camera switches from gytha to the mob, enabeling the player to act as the mob for some time, pass barriers (e.g. in spy), hack (without cipher)...etc. Also attacking other mobs as a npc may redraw the attention for some time after skill ended. (As long as the overtaken mob life lasts anyway...) Harm to gytha (the frame that stands around somewhere), premature death of the mob, or reactivating the skill will cause Borrowing to end and return the camera to the perspective that enables the player to controll her again. No other skills are avaible when acting as a npc, unless the npc brings those abillitys along (e.g. propolsion backpack). Augment: Empathy Gythas Empathy Abilitys have improved so much, that she is now able to use all her other skills from the mobs point of view (her warframe itself doesnt do anything=>passive wont get disrupted)
  8. Since a german movie team was so nice to create a comercial song (performed in the movie/story "Shoe of manitu", watch the song here: ), i thought "Lets make it a digital reality". So: MR 16 Type: Secondary Puncture/Impact/Slash=150 Mag. Size: 6 to 10 (after all its a wild west gun) Fire Rate: 2-4 Trigger: Semi Auto Overall Bullets: 210 Reload: 0.8 Accuracy: 50 (mid range)
  9. Well, to be honest i skipped most of the replies (and only read the original post weeks ago...), so feel free to ignore me if im talkin nonesense^^ That being said, i just had the idea that cirrus could actually benefit from enemy gas procs in form of energy, while at the same time energy balls would get nerfed for him to some extent. Like, Can u imagine the situation? Everyone in game:"OMG! THEY USE GAS! GET THE HELL OUTA HERE!!!" Cirrus:"GAS?! TELL ME WHERE I NEED ENERGY!!!!" Ofc. if this where to get implemented similar stuff ought to be done for frames like mag, ember & co.
  10. Sound hu? Well, maybe you guys could use this opportunity to reveal results of shanty contest? One lovely aspect would be to add the best to game content or release a pro version? maybe in cooperation with the winners, bringing em to the studio or so? PS: no i didnt hand in anything to the contest, so i am free to suggest stuff like this 😜
  11. Hello DE, salute Community and most of all: hi dear Marketing Team. I did happen to notice some...lets call it features that might or might not work in wf. However as they are in wide - and partly popular use by competitiors, I thought y not make a list of them so it can be filtered at some point...allthough chances are that there exists a list like this DE-Intern. I post this in fan concepts because the content is basicly finished, proffessional and used Marketing concepts - observed by a fan, but not developed by one. Thus all credit goes to...whoever came up with the stuff. Supermarket-Vouchers for Ingame Stuff preferably Currency Used by: Basicly all popular Plattforms in Germany: Spotyfy, Google-Apps-Store, Steam, Amazone...Gamewise: Again all majors e.g WoW, LoL, SWToR... Here is an example of Blizard-entertainment Target group: Anyone that has an account ingame - or knows someone who does, but unwilling/unable to pay online for whatever reason (e.g Teenagers without credit card, Security fanatics with paranoia...) Also if you know someone who plays but you do do not wish to create an account yourself = Perfect Present Process: One buys the Voucher in the supermarket and is granted a code, either on the bill or the card itself. Code is typed into a portal either ingame or on a website. Whatever is associated to the Code is granted to the respective account (e.g. Item, Ingame currency). I know that WoW-Ingame time is avaible this way Community Contribution to Science Avaible in: EVE Target group: All who are interested into performing science, but lack the intellect or the skills/knowledge Process: A rather repetive Science Process is being made avaible to the community in form of a Mini-Ingame Game. By performing, one gets Affinity items, etc. In eve this process is the search for planets in other solar-systems. To WF it could be e.g. the search for anomalies in Galaxies or the identification of mutations in DNA charts. This way science would get the "wisdom of the crowd" and the community another way of content, that links to reality, even more one can actually be a part of science. Potential Ingame Character: Cephalon Simaris would be one Candidat. Another one Certain Syndicats e.g Cephalon Suda or New Loka Community Contribution to the Enviroment Avaible in: no Game yet as far as i know. Plattformwise Ecosia is a good example. Target group: all who are trying to work against Climatechange, yet play the game Process: One idea could be that a (consumable) ingame Item is offered in the market. For offering game character(s) the npcs of cetus come to mind. An alternative could be New Loka. For each item...(or 10 Items or so) Handed out/bought by the ppl. A Tree is planted at the location of upcoming tennocon, so that ppl may check it out when they are around anyway. Another Idea: Each Item contributes to getting DE fully autonomus on renewable energy. (And to running the system with extra cost later on)
  12. I take everything on my critics back, claiming the direct opposite! Found that one can study the wf lore at least regarding unlocked wf's, provided one has scanned the propper fragments + brought them to lvl 30. However the other lore regarding fragments (enviroment, gear and so on) are still missing.
  13. Overall I gotta say the Mobile App is a job well fone, as it covers most most of the stuff you can do aboard the orbiter. It is also a great way to stay in touch when abroad, without access to your(/a) machine with wf. However, one (big to small) point of bother i have: The lore is not accessible. This is espacially bothersome, since right now one has to decide wether to indulge in the lore (while in game) or to unlock it by gaming, to be studied at another dste which may never come, since gaming will prob. have priority. My suggestion to this would be, to allow access to the unlocked law in the mobile app, possibly - including e.g ordis sound files- but excuding the animation as they are played. This would allow for a more direct approach, to unlock the lore at ur gaming times and to dig into it while on the move to your everyday busniss, say on train or bus. Anyway, thanks a bunch, it helped a lot as i was 3 days fresh in game, found a clan and went on holiday for 3 straight weeks right after 🙂
  14. Eaglebow10


    As for what content and plot....its true that the lore is all over the place and possible still full of holes. But thats also what gives a movie crew its in, cause one talent of the classical story telling (books, manga/comic, radio, tv, movies) is to grab raw outlines and spinn it into one coherent picture. As a start motive: the first days of the tenno and wf's would be nice, later on maybe how they came to vanish (provided it aint already lore...) Also: part may already be lore, but to what detail? what was said exactly, who where the character and so on....
  15. Eaglebow10


    As for what content and plot....its true that the lore is all over the place and possible still full of holes. But thats also what gives a movie crew its in, cause one talent of the classical story telling (books, manga/comic, radio, tv, movies) is to grab raw outlines and spinn it into one coherent picture. As a start motive: the first days of the tenno and wf's would be nice, later on maybe how they came to vanish (provided it aint already lore...) Also: part may already be lore, but to what detail? what was said exactly, who where the character and so on....
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