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  1. I agree with the OP 100% on all accounts. The rework of the clan recruitment forums section is atrocious, unfair, and deceiving. It's a real slap in the face to clans that actively WORK to keep their rosters full, it diminishes honest recruitment efforts down to ZERG style tactics, buries clans with healthy activity under alliances of who knows what. I used to be on your forums everyday, I used to use your recruitment section to find new players and I had great success in the past...but since the rework it doesn't exist anymore. The forums recruitment section is useless as it stands. But my clan is still full...but how? Because instead of having a nice legit automated system of request and confirm...I have to monitor recruitment chat for hours daily, wade through TONS of copy/paste "join our clan adds" to find a player asking for a clan...I spend TOO much time doing this, I don't really even get to play the game itself much, that is if I wanted to keep the clan at full roster. I can hardly even interact with my fellow clan members as my attention is fastened to a scrolling wall of random texts in a recruit chat window for the majority of the time. This is tedious at best and soul sucking. CLAN RECRUITMENT PEOPLE...why are alliances allowed in the same area as CLANS when the "front page spot" is determined by NOT the number of actual clan members in a group but the number of times someone (alt accounts even) have hit the "join clan" button. Who in their right mind decided this would be a good idea. This is completely just wrong on many levels. I simply do not even bother using the warframe forums for recruitment anymore. But, that's fine, I don't think we need it, If we had a better in-game system to work with. As for the INBOX in game, I understand that there are probably a lot of back systems, server space...etc etc etc that have to be taken into account, this INBOX system was not designed for p2p communication. I get that...but I think it should be priority to make a functional mail system for inner clan related communication. For YOUR health DE. DE, we keep your game alive. We the clan leaders, and We the community managers inside the game and inside those clans. We find ways to teach your new players ways to ENJOY your product. We produce community, friendship and a home for players to come back to. We educate them, we equip them and we hold their hand through the sorted progression that is the new player experience. Can we at least get some decent logistics to make it easier for us to manage your player base? For the future of Warframe we need a better system to monitor, inform, engage and enhance the player base in our clans. The majority of players who don't find a good home won't stay in the game long. The great clans of warframe produce that home to come back to, and in that home the players find the other half of the game they were missing. The idea of making a new UI for clan communication and management seems like a dream, but so did Warframe itself 7 years ago...so lets make this better clan UI our 2nd Dream, sound good? Ok, off my soap box, thank you everyone.
  2. Clan name: FLOW Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord
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