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  1. I agree with this train of thought, considering the fact that people did choose a public co-op game over a single player match is an important part to remember when thinking of how we define courtesy in terms of progression and team cooperation. I am uncertain if the next assumtion I want to make is true but another thing you may want to consider is the scaling loot and enemy numbers. I've ran with groups where everyone is a naturally fast at everything they do, killing looting...full clears. I think it would be awesome if the community could have a trend in leveling up those stamina mods
  2. I kind of like this idea, I would also like to add that perhaps we could just have a set time limit for certain maps, not all maps but those maps that could actually have a time limit to completion, running out of time before the objective is completed is a fail...running out of time after the objective is complete equate to a loss of mission bonus only. So have individual escape pods..and a time limit on all maps so that you must move with a degree of haste but have the timer on these mission types to be resonable enough so that a mildly slow person could still clear all that the map has
  3. Hey, Thanks for your suggestions for the official WARFRAME player made Definitions book of many picutres bro... Anything you can add to the OP?
  4. The question is what is your definition of "cooperation". For agruements sake lets say 1 or 2 people decide THEY want to run directly to the end of a map and sit in spawn and start the count timer without regard for the other two possibly slower less geared in terms of speed modded players...Are the less geared players not cooperating with the two faster players who could care less about leveling weapons by getting kills...or collecting resources to build items and finding credits to fuse powers... OR...is it the two faster rushers that are just not cooperating with the other two that
  5. Even in a defense mission...with a group SHADE will be very useful..how many times have you needed to REZ up a fallen ally? Shade will cloak you soon after you stop attacking..allowing you to rez a friend without enemies trying to kill you too.
  6. Thats fine, But I can only assume you didn't actually read the entire post, perhaps the first paragraph where I said..team teleport and you stopped there and made a reply...as no where did I imply everyone should have the ability to just teleport around at will. Try reading the post again, take some time to digest what you've just read and perhaps then if you still do not like the idea offer a suggestion that could improve the topic situation. Thanks for the reply either way.
  7. If anyone wants to add to the Lore or give some alternate idea please feel free to add!
  8. I've noticed a difference, after 250hours played I favor doing alert missions for the loot over a standard mission...map size can play a factor in loot quantities of course, but find an alert and a standard mission of the same mission type and of the same level and run a comparison if you do a full clear...count up all the drops you and all the group collect...but be sure to collect everything for the sake of the test and hit me back with some numbers!
  9. I really like this addition to the OP, Having to actually pay for the convienience of the teleport with a fight that has to be completed after teh teleport is made...locking down extraction until the wave that spawned due to the teleport is all wiped out. Perhaps have the number of enemies scale based off the distance the other team members had to be teleported, for instance if the group teleported from a 25 kilometer distance have 25 badguys spawn and decend onto the group...in larger scenarios wave of elite enemies could poor in...this would make a single person trying to multi-box 3 oth
  10. The solution you proposed may just promote people to go AFK at spawn and still recieve rewards. Also you may want to consider that the loot found in ALERT missions including the rewards are some of the best loot in the game, Lockers, mob kills all of these things generally provide more resources and more credits and sometimes even better than average mod drops. So explorers in Alert missions are simply taking advantage of the oppertunity to clean the map for what its worth, in many respects they can obtain twice the amount of drops than found in a standard map of identical properties
  11. Yeah I dont avoid a fight either, I have way too many weapons that need to be level 30 and the enemies practically just die when I point my weapons at them. KageNoShini made an excellent post that kind of takes your idea and improved on it, by changing the stamina amounts for warframes. Giving less stamina to naturally faster warframes and more to slower frames, perhaps I would go as far to say have the stamina enhancement cards have a pro/con feature such as more sprint speed = less max stamina, and stamina regen = lower sprint speed. With a rebalancing of the stamina pools of the War
  12. Thats a good addition to the post. I like it and it would eliminate the need to reinvent the wheeel entirely by getting rid of stamina completely. There is no actual number value that I know of on stamina amounts like we have with health and shields...this is a great post!
  13. @ Story4, Good points man, not having stamina to worry about might make stopping to fight more appealing to rushers and like you said that pause would enable slower frames to catch up. To be honest rushers aren't really a major problem for me nor are the slower frames as I tend to be patient and take the time to loot stuff when I run, though I still manage to get things done quickly. I felt as though for the forward progression of th game and the amount of complaints that come from the community in this regard a nice solution would be a team rally or teleport feature would be rather ni
  14. These are great posts guys, thanks for the input on this. I would love to play as a male Saryn like warframe someday!
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