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  1. 17 minutes ago, --Q--Traxtorm said:

    This ad is so dank. I need to get in on this. Leaving Quasars for ponies on fire, yes.


    Thank you for the admiration, but no need to call out clans over some ponies on fire...yes it's fun to look at but you can't touch. Much like what we have here.

    Send me an in-game friend request and we can discuss getting your name back to your original desired aesthetic.


  2. On 3/21/2018 at 8:39 PM, Cardiiakk said:

    Hi, quick question. Is the 300% extra hotness additive or multiplicative? Also, is the clan active in in-game clan chat, or just discord? I do enjoy random clan groups from the chat as I sit there arranging ornaments in my liset.

    If active in the in-game chat, I would love an invite (IG name Cardiiakk). 


    300% extra hotness is beyond additive or multiplicative...it's quantitative! We talk in game, in discord, and behind each others back!


    Welcome to Flow!






  3. 19 minutes ago, insane99 said:

    This is a re-post, since this I'm a bird brain used the wrong account to post.

    By far the best clan recruitment page I've seen yet:clap:, I was hoping to be able to find a fun and interesting clan like this, I've recently returned to the game after taking a break for a couple months, if you are still recruiting I would love an invite.

    IGN: insane99

    Hey thank you for the compliment, yea this recruitment thread has served the clan very well in bringing the absolute best players to our fold. Unfortunately the Warframe forums have changed, and this thread will eventually get locked up and hidden away.....*sniff*....memories....

    But don't worry! We have a new recruitment section now in the forums, it's not as impressive by the restrictions of the new system but we're hoping to make it just as effective! Hopefully....(

    On a side note to the developers:

    Dear DE: Allowing CLANS and ALLIANCES to advertise on the same page, and having those with the most players rising to the front page is totally not cool. Alliances need their own recruitment section!! Please split the difference! We "CLANS" have enough competition, especially since you forced us all into one hole of a selection pool over at the:

    And back to you Insane99. I'll have your invite sent right away, and if you could please "register" on that link above.

    THank you!


  4. 12 hours ago, petergreenboom8 said:

    I have recently gotten back into warframe and i would love to rejoin the clan if possible

    name is same as ingame - petergreenboom8

    ( 200 plat for name change, WHAT'A STEAL)

    Hello petergreenboom8,

    I'm 2ply, I know it's not a very fancy name but hey...it's got a number in it...that's all that matters right?

    I've sent you an invite!

    Welcome to Flow!


  5. On 3/25/2017 at 0:21 PM, XinyuSs said:

    I'm interested in joining.

    IGN XinyuSs

    Hiya XinyuSs,

    You are already in a clan, if you want to become 300% Hotter, you'll need to leave your current clan before you can Go with the Flow!


    10 hours ago, tophxoxo said:

    I'm interested in joining.

    IGN: tophxoxo


    Welcome to Flow! I see you managed to get your invite!

    7 hours ago, Spikey844 said:


    Jumped into game today and found I was suddenly no longer a member of FLOW. Could that be rectified? I love this clan and have had fun here.

    Ta very much.

    Welcome Back Spikey!

    We love you too, and are glad to have you back. My apologies for your removal from the clan, we are experiencing high volumes of new members and had to purge many inactive members to make room.

    See you in game!

  6. On 3/19/2017 at 4:33 PM, GamingMunchkins said:

    I'd like to be apart of flow.

    IGN: GamingMunchkins


    7 hours ago, Kidarmando said:

    I'd Love to join!

    IGN: Kidarmando

    Hello friends,

    It appears you both are already in a clan, you will need to leave your current clan before you can become 300% Hotter!

    I have sent you both Friend requests in game. If you see me online, send me a message, and I'll give you the warmest of welcomes into the FLOW.

    Your 4 Key Prime awaits!

  7. 19 hours ago, MudaMunsta said:

    Nice ad 12/10, but really this clan sounds fun, and I would love to join!

    IGN: MudaMunsta

    And we would love to have you!

    Welcome to Flow! Come have fun WITH us!


    6 hours ago, Bored3 said:

    Like the vibe of the clan. IGN @Bored3. NOW SHUT UP AND RECRUITE ME! 

    Welcome to Flow Bored3,

    Other clan's restrictions may keep you from entering...but not at FLOW!

    We'll accept anyone who is wise enough to seek that which is 300% Hotter!

    At Flow we believe that "with quantity comes quality"...

    And besides, if you aren't performing to the very least of our already low, low standards....we'll just kick you from the clan once you've proven yourself useless!

    It's just that simple!


    Now, come along! We have an Awards Ceremony tomorrow!



  8. 4 hours ago, Featherdraw said:


    I'm a new player and this clan looks loke a fun place to be.

    IGN: Featherdraw

    Hello Featherdraw,

    I like your name, it's going to be easy for me to remember you!

    Flow clan is the most FUN clan that was ever created for new players who aspire to be space ninjas!

    We at Flow want to ensure that you become the very best that you have time to be, we will provide you with the knowledge and community that will assist you along your path, with an atmosphere that is light and relaxed, yet capable of becoming competitive when challenged, we are a very diverse Clan. All we ask of you and will eventually expect from you in return is to TRY to make time for the Clan when it needs YOU!

    Welcome to Flow, and may the 4 Key Prime light your path.






  9. 4 hours ago, Ernestasx said:

    Wow, that was the best clan advertisment i have ever seen! o_o

    I would love to join this clan. Also, voice chat isn't a requirement since i didn't see anything about it, is it? (Shy person right here. :D )

    The name is the same as in the game: Ernestasx

    Hello Ernestasx,


    Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the advertisement, I'm glad you liked it.

    Voice chat isn't a requirement, however when we are running Raids, or Warframe events you may be asked to join voice channels in Discord to at least listen to what is being discussed and planned. 

    We don't have any entry requirements but we do expect everyone in the clan to participate in activities, most importantly Warframe events, and we expect our members to assist each other in Clan projects when they arise, such as farming for resources for expensive Dojo related research or expansions. Our Dojo is 100% complete at the moment, but that may change in the future as more content is added.

    Most importantly, being that you aren't inclined to use voice chat, keep an eye on clan chat, contribute where you feel comfortable and never be affraid to ask for help!

    An invite has been sent to you.

    Welcome to Flow!

  10. 14 hours ago, VinnothAlabama said:

    I'm interested to join your clan dude basically i play every and so addicted and my IGN is VinnothAlabama MR15 i do talk and my voice kinna funny hahahaha and being honestly i do send request to other clan too but no clue :( hopefully i become your one of the member :)


    10 hours ago, augustus1318 said:

    yo can I join?

    Invites SENT!

    I got mine early....but yours will be ready to duplicate soon!




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