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  1. Archwing grind? kill 300 of rare enemies? No thank you.

    It's not what it sounds like Monolake, some of us got it done in about 2 hours or less...the best part is each completion of 4 waves rewards you with 5 rare 5 fusion cores!

    It's a great time to level all your archwing stuff, compete for most kills and get those rare 5 fusion cores....even after you complete the 300...you still keep getting those wonderful cores!

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  2. Girls and Boys...please this conversation...


    Save your energy for the next event..and pay it forward...or something. 


    Good work though..this needs to be like hot topic every time. 


    (sitting in amazement that you are still bumping this one and they haven't locked it yet, good on you DE) 

  3. DE, I wish you were stricter on exploiters. You are trying to be too nice to everybody no matter what they do, people will always take advantage of you because of that. Control your game please!


    Just wipe the "old" leaderboards and hand out warnings and maybe a temp ban if you find that they are continuing to exploit in the future.


    I agree with this 100%   EVERY SINGLE WORD...








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  4. I didn't read through all these replies...my apologies..(this may have already been brought up)...but I wanted to bring something up....


    Many of my clan noticed:


    Tactical Alert score did not increase when running with members from the Clan


    It would increase when running with randoms in pugs just not when running with people from the clan.


    Did anyone else have this problem?

  5. Suburbs ~ but yes chicago area.

    We should get together and vaporize little green goblins found on lower whacker....

    Perhaps spend the day at a corner intersection selling a combination of tube socks, bottled water and fake roses...

  6. Haven't checked this thread for a while... What's with all the snuggly cute cat pics?


    Selective allowance of derailment by a mod....some other mod obviously cleaned up that clever attempt at diversion. 


    Oh the irony.

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  7. This is the one I tend to show people, even though it's a couple years old, it expresses my dumb-ness and sweaterswag. Might find a better one later but facebook keeps crashing so it's hard to dig through pictures I don't have on my hard drive...



    This is the kind of person I'd totally fist bump right about now...such an eloquent post good sir!

  8. Hello and Good DAY/Night/Morning


    I had a blast, blasting the Fusion Moas!


    I do however just want to mention I only got half that top 25 rewards for Mod Set B.


    The Handspring showed up in my mods inventory around 5-6pm CST. 


    The Thunderbolt is still lost in the mail I assume.


    Support Ticket has been posted!


    Fingers crossed...



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    Will there be any improvements to the Avatar Image selection?


    Such as the addition of the Prime Warframe Avatars


    The addition of special borders unlocked through mastery rank progression


    Custom Clan border creation options


    Or custom color selections?

  10. 13th place,


    I played as....NYX and LOKI....I am good with guns.


    I mostly played a mix of single player capture missions with LOKI, getting about 7-8 Fusion Moas per run rusher style thats why solo.


    Alternatively I played with PUGS on Endless Defence as Nyx, and dominated with my LATO Prime and AFuris. Mostly the big defence map with the 3 possible capsule locations, instead of the smaller close quarters maps.


    The smaller maps are totallly Banshee friendly as I watched 1 with max range mods equiped pretty much wipe everything in sight from the center of the map.

    TIme wise you consider if I can get 7-8 Fusion Moa kills in 10 minutes doing solo Capture Missions, it would be more effecient than having to wait until wave 5+ and fight for Fusion Moa kills with a group on endless Defence...so I did that, the large numbers of Fusion Moas really do not appear until after wave 15 anyways and that could be a good 20-25 minutes into a match unless you are playing as a Clan communicating a Banshee group on a small close quarters map.

  11. Anyone ever get this problem? Getting stuck on the menu screen when changing settings in a mission. No way to move afterwards. You can either shut down the game through task manager or just wait until the team finishes the mission.. here is a screen shot of what I mean, notice the menu screen is kind of up but in the closing phase just glitched and stuck. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143135065

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