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  1. Yeah I agree 100% with this, sometimes when host it’s perfect but too inconsistent. Make it like an ability and this problem is solved, similar to switching between day and night with equinox. It’s part of the experience it show be that smooth. It’s a really cool system that deserves being utilized fully.
  2. Thanks so much Helen & send our appreciation to the Switch Team! This game is a huge part of our lives and the community is like family at this point. We appreciate you always working hard to make Warframe the best it can be. Your response means more than you could imagine!
  3. Occasionally when going to trade rivens it will say “must be MR 8 to trade” I am MR 22 and never has the person I’ve been trading with be MR 8 or under. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason behind when exactly it happens, it’s quiet random but also quiet annoying! -Goku
  4. I’ve spent the last few days working on grinding up my Vox Solaris rep(which I really had been putting off because of stability issues in Fortuna in the first place.) The instability of Orb Valis has gotten to be completely insane, especially considering there has been “fixes” put in over the months. In less than 30 mins, my party and I experienced between 7-12 crashes total where the game full on crashed. Almost every single time I have to go into Orb Valis I or someone in my party crashes. It’s getting to be quite unplayable. WHATS EVEN WORSE... is a couple of times the Orb Valis crash has completely locked a few clan mates out of the game. They get the bug that I’m sure you are aware of by now... where when you get back in game it shows them online, but when invited it says this player is offline. This is a multiplayer game that is based around community please fix these issues as many a people will be heading into Orb Valis to do Nightwave Challenges and should not be subject to crashes and potentially being locked out of the game. I personally love Orb Valis, I just want it to be playable. -Goku
  5. Whilst out farming Thumpers (see my other post), I noticed something odd. My camera kept getting stuck/ lagging when I went to the left (not physically, but with camera). This issue was also happening to a few of my clannies as well. I thought maybe this was my controller at first but went back to my Orbiter and it was not doing this. The issue was only happening in the Plains and in Cetus. Thanks! -Goku
  6. Hey DE- Went out on a nice weekly Thumper hunt today and noticed a few issues that made things.. well.. difficult to say the least: 1) The Tusk Thumpers would occasionally spawn as invisible for one or more people in the group. 2) *the most annoying* Tusk Thumpers are not spawning correctly. They were only spawning once per bounty level, which caused us to have to reset every time we killed a Doma or Bull. In addition when they would spawn the movements were very laggy. This is meant to be a fun alternative to mining and cutting up fish and also offer some chances at rare mods, however this caused our Thumper farm to be not so fun. -Goku
  7. You’re the man thanks! Lots of safe vibes sent to you and the team in these times.
  8. Think it could be possible to sneak this one in a hotfix? A lot of days I just don’t donate to the Quills because it’s terrible clicking right bumper so many times.
  9. Hey DE- I’m in the large group of people that use my operator a lot in regular combat, I mean why wouldn’t you utilize all those wonderful goodies you have given us (Focus schools, Arcanes, etc.). I love to gather up enemies, lock them down and transfer back to my Warframe, however... This mechanic seems it’s extremely laggy on the Switch. I watch streams from PC & even other console and just drool over how quickly they can transfer in and out of operator. This latency carries over to a couple of other buffs that are intended to be “instant” as well such as Rolling Guard. While it doesn’t happen every time like transferring in and out of operator, occasionally when I do a roll with the mod attached it takes a second to pop up. With some builds in late enemy content this spells absolute disaster! Just wanna also say you guys have been doing a wonderful job at listening to these forums and your community. Thanks for continuing to make my favorite game even better! -Goku
  10. Thanks for adding to this thread and making Warframe better everyday! Appreciate the reply’s to know you’re listening Sean!
  11. I believe this was on purpose as to not leave the gun/pilot and not immediately hop back on the gun 🙂
  12. There is quite a few things I’d like to see the app utilized for however I like to view weapons on their. The last couple of days the Melee page in the in app codex is not loading up. -Goku
  13. Hey Devs- Like most people in the community I do a lot of trading, most times, it’s in my own or the other persons Dojo. Lately it will place the person who is invited into the other persons Railjack, this is extremely annoying. In most dojo’s, the Drydock is quite far away from the Trading Hall which is causing trades to take unnecessarily long. Please fix, ASAP! -Goku
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