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  1. Not sure who vetoed the DnD tabletop idea for 1m Twitch subscriber, but I have to say I'm disappointed that won't happen.
  2. Don't be ridiculous. Who do you think are tasked about finding and raising awareness of bugs that are to be fixed by console patches? DE's in-house QA?
  3. I think it's a quite an exaggeration to claim cross-play between PC and consoles for games the industry standard 10 years ago, when most of those games weren't immediately available on the PC. Warframe was released first and foremost, a PC game, and it correctly remained a "PC-first" approach ever since the correct business decision to expanding to consoles. However, games getting released in 2020 definitely should treat the prospect of cross-play more seriously than games that were released 5 and 10 years ago. Consoles have and will continue to play by different rules than PC. That's why they have and will have their exclusives for the foreseeable future despite the "resurgence" of cloud gaming, Microsoft's buddying up of xbox and PC, and Sony's general defiance in this matter. It has nothing to do with you can turn on your coffee pot with your phone, which while totally off topic, should be something for you to think about the over-connectedness and network security implication of a post-IOT world.
  4. And I'm sure there will be more PC players outraged by the slower update than those who sees this change as a fair exchange of pros and cons. At very least, console players will have to endure buggier updates because PC players can't beta test for the console patches.
  5. It won't happen. We PC players don't like delayed update schedules required to conform the consoles' certification process.
  6. It takes a brand new account a non-trivial but not a terribly long time to complete The Second Dream, own an archwing and familiar with basics of this game before they can get on random railjack groups. If you want to invite your newbie friend to your railjack and get rekt by lv80 grineers, then it's your problem. Those of us who play with randoms and expect a basic level of common sense, don't want this problem.
  7. Warframe is a collection and horde shooter game. I think its current difficulty is fine for its intended genre.
  8. It's not that I doubt you, or anyone else in this matter, can come up with a better solution, it's just making blanket statements like the one below doesn't constitute a conversation starter in a place that's about offering constructive suggestions. Perfect roll is rather a concept of vanity, when the real question is something entirely else. My previous reply was addressing that, primarily. Nevertheless, if you want to delve deeper in to the hypothetical, then I can come up with a bunch of new battle/tactical avionics that have very low, zero, or even negative capacity costs, that can fairly, effectively, and meaningfully offer actual choice to the players in exchange of the lost avionics capacity from the reactors' RNG. These battle/tactical avionics would work more like highly specific warframe abilities that shifts the need to tank and kill enemies from avionics to abilities that can make good use of the excessive amount of flux capacity Zekti reactors offer. Obviously, solutions like this is much harder to implement correctly and satisfy us, the unpaid armchair game developers that both you and I and most others who come up fantastical blueprints of new mechanics.
  9. Valuable drops aside, I highly doubt the anomaly will spawn in its current form for long, given the fact a cinematic main story quest is tied to it, and this trigger for the quest is something can't be bought with plat, which something everyone could be farming at any time of the day.
  10. There needs not be an ideological aversion to random stats. The underlying reason why random capacity is egregious is precisely the degree of imbalance between a high and low roll would cause the player to lose several degree of power, a fluctuation that no other RNG on ship parts could match. In the end it's about enabling a player who spent a reasonable amount of time and effort to have a reasonably power level to complete missions in a reasonable amount of time and effort. Tightening the degree of randomness is a valid and logical approach, lest you want to risk DE kneejerking their fixes (as demonstrated by the recent patches with quite radical changes in modifiers) to the wrong direction.
  11. It's pretty bold for people to complain about Empyrean, as in its current stage, is confined and quarantined on its own so it doesn't f up other aspects of the existing game. "Integration" brought changes to hitscan archguns all becoming projectile should be a clear signal for these people to reconsider whether they're asking is something they really want.
  12. An easier fix, and also a compromise, would be set Sigma MK3 at +80, and all the MK3's of the three houses give various bonus from +80 to +100. I for one don't see why avionics capacity needs to be variable, and punishingly to obtain. But I guess DE is cooking something else, so while simply upper the number can't make everyone happy, it's at least will make most of the stuff more bearable.
  13. I think the issue is that some people have too narrow of a definition for "stealth", to the point they forget Warframe is a game about killing lots of enemies, fast, and loot their items from their dead, cold hands. Duration Loki rampage thru extermination is stealth, the old Naramon spin2win was stealth, and Octavia full squad invisibility is also stealth. It is ludicrous to demand non-invis frames to have the same efficiency in getting those sweet stealth takedown affinity bonus.
  14. Why needs there be a vacuum range at all? What do you and the players get to lose if all drops in space are automatically looted? Having to manually seek loot--now with huge UI markers--provides no meaningful addition to the gameplay, and should be done away with entirely.
  15. This one has been bugging me since the first day. Railjack side turrets sometimes, or rarely I should say, bug out and can't be interact with. The "console" thing appears to slide down all the way to bottom. Also not all the crew members get this bug, and some may use that turret without issues. No idea on how to reproduce, and whether the turret recovers from that bad state also appears to be random.
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