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  1. I know these so called "workshops" are not really for gathering player feedback (and read them), but only for early announcement of changes. But still, this is a massive disappointment right here. DE should have realized that nobody in their right mind likes to earn tokens that have an expiry attached to them in a F2P game, such as Warframe. The very concept of them expiring is an insult to the business model and players' time spending on accruing these tokens. Instead, these tokens should be automatically convert to the tokens/creds of the next series. Let's face it, there's no "first timer discount" or "more expensive when you buy more" type of stuff in the nightwave shop that remotely warrants the expiration. In conclusion: the direction of Nightwave is squarely set to heading to disgrace and forced relevancy. Where do you get your feed back, DE? Do you really think people want to play the game and earn the chance of wasting their time and rewards? Is this kind of feed back prompt you to implement Solaris United/Vox Solaris ridiculous time gating the Profit Taker fight from new/returning players?
  2. The answer has always been very simple. Equalize archwing stats, disable skills, and make them like frames in archwing mission: purely cosmetic (apart from aura mod). Allowing archwings to use skills are pretty bad oversight and now they have to "remove features", in order to the right thing.
  3. The revive mechanism sounds fine on paper--for organized squads. It is however a breeding ground for toxic and trollish behavior in random joins. The design philosophy should not be to punish the surviving members even more after one person dies. I'd suggest reviving would cost the player who died the reward for current round, and of course, limit it to one possible revive per round.
  4. Last time I checked, this is a natural consequence I expect when I'm paying for a service. You seem to shun the rights of consumers and customers, and I wonder why.
  5. First of all, reek. And yes, I'm aware of change of rivens would affect everyone who use such rivens. I was merely making fun of the most unreasonable salt that seem to have come from speedrunners when they seem to think their needs is above all balancing efforts from DE. If DE thinks you spamming something too efficiently, they have always demonstrated that they will nerf it. It's a simple process with nothing to envy, and if you have a good argument on why you think tridolon spams should be easier/more rewarding, you can always start a thread in suggestions forum, and I think it'll look a lot more sensible than this tear urn of a thread.
  6. It's not about punishing. It's about design a piece of content while having a scale of time/effort vs reward ratio, and devs will change this ratio by making the fight to take shorter/longer, and making the reward better/worse. Obviously, when the devs change to make the fight last longer while leaving rewards untouched, it means they felt you were getting the reward with too much ease. There is nothing complex about this process, and there is no need to get overly emotional on it.
  7. So many people failed to realize this when they decided to "invest" in rivens, whether in plat or time or even emotions. To me, rivens are like those fortune cookies you get after eating in asian restaurants, yet people started playing Magic: The Gathering with these cookies and I'm like yo bros wth 😂
  8. Either me or DE Megan has trouble telling the Orbiter and landing crafts apart.
  9. Without /s, this is exactly my sentiment when I laugh at "elites" have their most meta gun's riven nerfed and somehow they have the audacity to cry in this thread like their most beloved meta gun should be protected from the fundamental and basic intended change.
  10. Kinda funny that people who should have realized that having Riven mod system itself is a lazy and bad design, should insulate themselves from the eventual "fall out" when depositions change. That includes all the min-maxers accuring tears when they should have already realized them min-maxing things is a key contributing factor of the changing meta. Can't have the cake and eat it too.
  11. Sounds like it will lengthen the Tridolon bounty by 2~5 minutes. Is it a big deal?
  12. No mention of pet's unable to switch polarity issue... i guess that's not fixed
  13. The dream has ended and we celebrate this incredible feat of genocide.
  14. Right now having the same bug on my Orolo moa. DE pls fix
  15. It's a weird way to say "time-gated". If it's meant to be accessible then Hildryn BP would not have been locked behind Vox Solaris, resulting a long wait and standing grind to new and returning players getting introduced to Fortuna late. If it's meant to be accessible then it would not require Thermia to spawn the boss, an event item that no pug is doing now. If it's meant to be accessible then players would easier find each other to do the boss, or the pre-requisite Thermia Fractures, via bounties like Eidolon and the Ghouls. If it's meant to be accessible then having a high dps veteran players would fasten the boss fights because god forbid now fashionframe requires grinding.
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