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  1. Is it possible to add a link called :join: to the chat commands in the Recruit chat. So people can just click the link instead of needing an invitation. Example: H [Axi B2 Relic] Rad 2/4 :join: Result: H [Axi B2 Relic] Rad 2/4 Join
  2. *Blush* that's correct I did, thank you sir. :D
  3. Did the last hotfix remove the possibility to unarm the secondary? The empty square is missing from my setup possibilities.
  4. Why are they showing a unfolded Flox syandana in the appearance and the description says it will unfold when taking damage? This is very bad marketing since i thought the unfolded version was the idle appearance and then it might just expand even further when you take damage. Now i spent 100 plat on a box, this is terrible communication from DE and i don't want the Flox syandana after this was revealed.
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